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IEnjoyMusic -
...where do I begin?

Let’s go back to the release date of “Look At The Sky.” I was sitting there, looking at this website, when I found a single that had hit #1 on the “highest rated singles of the year” section. I listened to it out of curiosity, and I was IMMEDIATELY blown away with the production on the track. As someone who never kept up with EDM, I was astonished at the fact that music could be so overblown yet beautiful. I’d heard that kind of thing ... read more

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IEnjoyMusic -
Spotify Adventures: Indie Pop 2010s #5

To be honest I have no clue how I never got to this album before. I’d heard great things about it, I usually love synthpop, and SGL is one of my favorite pop songs of all time. I just never got around to it until this series, and I deeply regret that, because oh my this thing is catchy as hell.

This album is filled to the brim with synthpop bangers, and there’s barely ever a single moment where the pace slips up. From that opening guitar on ... read more
IEnjoyMusic -
Spotify Adventures: Indie Pop 2010s #4

Y’know I was gonna save this for another occasion but I think I Love You took enough years off my life where I’m gonna try and review this album now.

Because OH MY this album is great. Lorde is an artist who I was only vaguely familiar with for a long time (due to Royals, which I used to despise), but late last year I gave this album a listen and loved it. It’s balance of being melodramatic (haha) and down-to-earth was very much ... read more
IEnjoyMusic -
Spotify Adventures: Indie Pop 2010s #3

I feel like I haven’t brought up my main issue with 2010s indie pop yet in this series: in short bursts, it can be absolutely incredible and has some of my favorite songs of all time. But in an album format, the formula tends to falter, with many 2010s indie pop albums being incredibly boring due to how repetitive they are. They can start off with a novel idea, but the overreliance on hooks can lead to songs wearing out quickly, or the songs can all ... read more
IEnjoyMusic -
Spotify Adventures: Indie Pop 2010s #2

Before listening to this album, I only knew The Wombats from their biggest song, Greek Tragedy, and just barely, as my friend loves that song so I’ve only heard it from them. And going into this, I expected that to be the main track I take away from this. And it was, but there were some surprisingly good songs on here as well!

I guess my expectations may have been lowered at first, however, because this album has a bit of a rough start. ... read more
IEnjoyMusic -
Edit: yep its a 100. I have listened to this album an unhealthy amount in the past month... I had this stupid idea for a review series. Basically, I find a Spotify-curated playlist, listen to 5 albums found on it, and review them. And I allow myself at MOST 3 albums I’ve listened to before I looked at the playlist. I mean at this point I’ll do whatever can keep me reviewing things consistently. Who knows, some good things can work. So this first section of the series is ... read more


Jan 8, 2022
We ever getting an IEnjoyMusic songs of the year list??
Jan 5, 2022
Thank you, you won't be disappointed with the result
Jan 5, 2022
Hey, is it ok if I steal your idea with you reviewing albums you found from Spotify curated lists?
Dec 17, 2021
beautiful roddy score <3
Dec 10, 2021
Blasted Float Along five times straight tonight, genuinely such a pretty song
Dec 4, 2021
Nov 26, 2021
nothing releases i just spend 5 seconds addind drumms πŸ˜ˆπŸ’€
Nov 20, 2021
Lmao it’s okay I noticed someone unfollowed too, found the culprit
Nov 16, 2021
Sorry about that, my album fell to 69


heyo what’s up music enjoyers I too enjoy music
sleep well beast by The National enthusiast
very cool

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