Deftones - Gore
Jun 18, 2022 (updated Jan 9, 2023)
deftones | chapter eight

For an album called Gore, this sure is gutless.

..I did see this coming, if that helps. I could just tell from how people described it to me that I wouldn’t like this record. And when I say this, I mean it: this is far and away the worst thing they’ve ever put out. When it’s not so muffled you can hardly pay attention to Chino (or the production is literally crackling), or taking decent notes from the last record, it’s mind-numbingly boring. Yes, boring. This album was so drown out and claustrophobic sounding that I started mapping out my next discography dive about three tracks in. Maybe I would’ve liked this more if the production were better, as most interesting things are washed away under crackles and guitar that overpowers everything else. It’s somehow quiet on top of that. And again you can hardly even hear CHINO.

I don’t know a word that was said, quite honestly. And if you’re trying to get an attentive listen of this record, you better not be doing anything else as that will assuredly drown out this mess of slightly quiet noise. Am I overexaggerating at this point? I don’t even know, I don’t recall 99% of my experience. I’m led to believe this has high of a score as this does due to the deftones name alone because this album is downright bad. The only good I can sincerely say is that there’s spots where it sounds pleasant, and that this is 100% their worst album by a mile and that the next album won’t be anywhere near as bad (I think). Oh, and the first track is pretty good. It was kind of a bait and switch as I thought I’d be getting a record that, while resembling the last album pretty closely, was still solid. But no, I got an album full of their most forgettable and sloppy material. It doesn’t make Pink Cellphone look like Digital Bath by comparison, but that’s only because all of the tracks (besides the first) are of the same quality and that quality is slightly above Pink Cellphone.

The worst part is I kinda feel bad for SNW, a record I like, because I have at least more to say here than I did for that. Regardless, stay away from this if you’re not a huge deftones fanboy.

Favorite Track: Prayers/Triangles

Okay Tracks: None

Least Favorite Tracks: the entire rest of the album

Great review and I definitely agree. Though for me it is Doomed User that is the only good one
i remember when i first listened to prayers / triangles thinking this album mightve been a hidden gem

Lollll yeah this album suckssssssssssssssss
Still has a 70 cuz it’s deftones
how can you give hearts wires a 40 smh thats an L
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