Deftones - Gore
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2016 Ratings: #286 / 926
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2016 Ratings: #341
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Pretty Much Amazing

Gore is a challenging, fluid, and wholly engrossing album from a band who, 28 years after their inception, should by all accounts be past their prime. But Gore ferociously asserts that Deftones haven’t lost any of their creative spark.

Consequence of Sound

Gore could be the Deftones’ best album, but you can earnestly say that about any album they’ve ever created and make a strong argument. If anything, it’s the most modern, and a statement that style and substance are not mutually exclusive.

The Skinny

What subsequently unfolds is easily their most stylistically varied record since 2006’s Saturday Night Wrist; relentless twists that turn into reasons to press play.

Yet again, Deftones have created a real beast of a record while still showing glimpses of its heart.
The Guardian
A complex and ultimately rewarding listen.

Continuing to age gracefully, Deftones deliver an emotionally divided release with Gore, one that will continue to endear and swing with your own mood — however you're feeling.

The Line of Best Fit

The results, which blend more classic metal and prog elements with that distinctive Deftones ferocity, are undeniable.


Art, aggression, intelligence and melody – they might have finally found their limits, but Deftones continue to refine.


A solid album, one which, given time to explore its layers and textures, justifies investigations tenfold.

Drowned in Sound

It feels like the lightest, airiest set of songs that Deftones have put together in quite a while.


Some strange production choices and a few safe songwriting decisions may bring down the experience for some, but Gore is Deftones further pushing their sound in a more melodic and rewarding direction.


Gore is easily Deftones’ most engaging record since White Pony, filled with carefully crafted hooks disguised as bridges and transitions.


Gore is a triumphant reminder that a veteran act can continue to grow and still remain relevant.


While Gore is far from impenetrable, it’s still evident that Deftones are the most interesting and esoteric thing the radio-festival circuit might dare touch.

Rolling Stone

The strange new demon inside them has driven the band to roughen up some of their mirrored surfaces and make a darker, more uncomfortable record than their last two.

Tiny Mix Tapes

If we pretend that on some level this album doesn’t contain the cringe-worthy hetero-male angst of early-2000s rock, we’d be lying to ourselves, but the technical quality of the work renders it engrossing nonetheless.

No Ripcord

Gore is a listen as complex and engrossing as we’ve come to expect from Deftones, and they continue to be a band that matures organically, becoming more and more fluid in their own craft.

Under The Radar

Despite the promise of first single "Prayers/Triangles," most of Gore sits in the latter category—a hillock of doomy pop that cowers beside the band's formidable peaks.

Although "Gore" isn't the most disappointing or worst album in the Deftones discography (I'm hoping "Ohms" doesn't disappoint this Friday), it stands a more underwhelming moment in their discography. The album picks up quite a bit in the second half, but not enough to where it makes the album great.

"Prayers / Triangles" sounds like it could fit on "Koi No Yokan" with its incredibly dreamy vibe, & ethereal guitar tone. But unfortunately the chorus ... read more
With the praise for "Koi No Yokan" being super high, it would only make sense for Deftones to take that ethereal sound even further on "Gore". But I don't think they really did that. In fact, the end result just seems kinda... there...

It's not without its highlights, though, even if some of those highlights are still flawed. I think there are a few legitimately amazing tracks on this record. "Doomed User" and "Prayers / Triangles" are both great singles ... read more
Need to let this album sit with me a little more, but right now, I think this album fucking rocks, really enjoying it.

EDIT: It's wearing off on me a little, it's a little formulaic/predictable for my taste, and lyrically it's pretty weak imo, but still, I think a lot of these tracks are really aggressive and catchy in a way that I find pretty appealing, overall thoughts are positive.

EDIT: Ok this shit is starting to annoy me now actually, vocals are too over the top and buried in effects, ... read more
I genuinely think that literally digging my teeth into this album cover (which I assume tastes like exotic bacon that I tasted in a certain shop in Tennessee that I forget the name of) would be an infinitely better idea than listening to it. In fact, can Gore just be a food and nothing else? Please/
Deftones??????????!? More like they are death

(Terible album)
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Added on: January 19, 2016