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Mol -
I finally realize this was never meant to be an album full of bangers or even to pioneer a new sound... Carti just goes full into misanthropy and creates a violent aesthetic lashing out against his label and producer who betrayed his trust. Basically an album full of vent music. I'm a little scared at how much this is growing on me.
Mol -
I theorize Will wrote this album just to have some workout music to get ripped to. It's just the most logical conclusion.

On a side note, I thought the new direction Will took reflected where he is with music right now. It felt a lot more casual and laid-back with a lot of its lyrics and concepts. It reminded me of Denzel Curry's ZUU in a way - coming off several masterpieces like TA13OO. Spending time to create an indulgent album to relax is sometimes what great artists need to stay inspired. ... read more
Mol -
I finally get to see Will Toledo live. I'm fucking hyped. Someone pinch me.

My gay soul is screaminggggggg
Mol -
If you stripped the emotion and nihilism out of Deathconsciousness, you would be left with this rather cookie-cutter shoegaze album. It's fine to vibe to, some of the verses are catchy, and I'm spacing out to it in class. After The Unnatural World, I'm not sure if high expectations are fair for HANL. Deathconsciousness was a rare album that captured the best of all their qualities, and likely will not be replicated again. I guess we have to just accept HANL for who they are now.

(Sick album ... read more
Mol -
This isn't quite a review of the album, but more of a reflection.

When Earl Sweatshirt's Some Rap Songs came out in November last year, I felt like my back was against the wall. I had fixed a lot of facets of my life but I still felt alone and like I was fighting for everything - my reputation, my achievements, my grades. The album served as a solemn battle cry as I rushed into my life an achiever but alone.

Now it's November this year. I stumbled upon two friends who changed my life and ... read more


Nov 16, 2020
hello friend
Oct 12, 2020
Hello, I have just released my second single this week called "Panacea" and I would be happy if you would give it a chance and tell me what you think about it, it might be just a simple rating.
If you haven't listened to my previous single Exosphere, you can do it sooner or later if you want:) They probably sound best on headphones but it is your decision how you will listen to them. Thanks^.^

Link to tracks:

Have a nice day
Oct 9, 2020
Hi, I just released my new song on Soundcloud. I would be delighted if you would listen to it and let me know whether you liked it or not:)
Here is a link:
Aug 11, 2020
Hey what is your favorite album opener and album closer for a list I’m making?
Jul 5, 2020
umm...i have no idea what i'm doing but i would appreciate if you'd be willing to check out my song...if you want.

and my Soundcloud is...
Jun 30, 2020
My new song is released on Soundcloud:D
You can listen to it if you want
Here is the link:
May 14, 2020
Hey! I have been releasing singles for a little while now and I feel like I have improved a ton, especially on my most recent single called 100% Wet. I took a lot of your advice from my first single and I know much more music theory. Also, the panning won't be an issue on any of my new tracks haha. I also use a legitimate music production software and actual samples now and I have a computer to do it on, so hopefully that shows!.
Anyways, I'd love it if you could check it out and drop some criticisms!. Thanks!

Apr 15, 2020
Hiya, what is a song you hate that's on an album you love? It's for a list, goes without saying at this point. :)
Apr 13, 2020
Today I’ve released my first Insturmental Abstract Hip-Hop mix/EP. This project was meant to be only for myself, but finally I’ve dared to actually release it. I will really appreciate if you give it a listen and rate it, maybe write some of your thoughts. If you hate it just tell me, I am grateful for every constructive opinion.

Thanks in advance!
Apr 6, 2020
im so sorry i love will toledo as much as you do


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