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Feb 27, 2020
I finally get to see Will Toledo live. I'm fucking hyped. Someone pinch me.

My gay soul is screaminggggggg
Nov 8, 2019
If you stripped the emotion and nihilism out of Deathconsciousness, you would be left with this rather cookie-cutter shoegaze album. It's fine to vibe to, some of the verses are catchy, and I'm spacing out to it in class. After The Unnatural World, I'm not sure if high expectations are fair for HANL. Deathconsciousness was a rare album that captured the best of all their qualities, and likely will not be replicated again. I guess we have to just accept HANL for who they are now.

(Sick album ... read more
Nov 1, 2019
This isn't quite a review of the album, but more of a reflection.

When Earl Sweatshirt's Some Rap Songs came out in November last year, I felt like my back was against the wall. I had fixed a lot of facets of my life but I still felt alone and like I was fighting for everything - my reputation, my achievements, my grades. The album served as a solemn battle cry as I rushed into my life an achiever but alone.

Now it's November this year. I stumbled upon two friends who changed my life and ... read more
Oct 25, 2019
"Closed on Sunday, you my Chick-fil-A"

Bar of the year LMAO
Oct 4, 2019
As if a 32 track album needed to be extended further.
Mar 29, 2020
Hey, I'm doing a list of peoples worst albums they ever heard and giving my opinions on them. What's the worst album you've heard?
Mar 28, 2020
What album should I review?

Yeezus by Kanye West
Kid A by Radiohead
Reflektor by Arcade Fire
Mar 14, 2020
if you had to choose a live performance of a song that's better than the original studio recording, what would it be? it can either be something youve experienced yourself or something from an official live album (cough cough its for a list)
Mar 4, 2020
It's wonderful that you'll be at the Car Seat Headrest concert💙 I'm sure it will be an amazing experience. You'll finally see Will with your own eyes. I really envy you for that haha Anyway, I wish you a nice time at the concert.
Tell me later how it was☺️
Mar 4, 2020
Thank you very much💜 I'm glad you're back!!
Mar 2, 2020
welcome back sad catto
Feb 29, 2020
Anyway, i'm looking forward to hear your thoughts. I really hope you would like that💙
Feb 29, 2020
"Stan" what a beautiful word☺️ yeee cats&music is the best thing that's happened to humanity
Feb 29, 2020
Hey, I just released my debut album:)
It would be nice if you gave it a chance.
Here's the link:
Hi, I'm Mol and I enjoy metaphorical language, long-distance travel, and cats. Also, gay bops that bump in the whip.

Never have I been locked up in a world of misery
I need you darlin' to set me free
Come back, baby, try me one more time
Ooh, baby, I'm 'bout to go out of my mind <3

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