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I theorize Will wrote this album just to have some workout music to get ripped to. It's just the most logical conclusion.

On a side note, I thought the new direction Will took reflected where he is with music right now. It felt a lot more casual and laid-back with a lot of its lyrics and concepts. It reminded me of Denzel Curry's ZUU in a way - coming off several masterpieces like TA13OO. Spending time to create an indulgent album to relax is sometimes what great artists need to stay inspired. ... read more
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I finally get to see Will Toledo live. I'm fucking hyped. Someone pinch me.

My gay soul is screaminggggggg
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If you stripped the emotion and nihilism out of Deathconsciousness, you would be left with this rather cookie-cutter shoegaze album. It's fine to vibe to, some of the verses are catchy, and I'm spacing out to it in class. After The Unnatural World, I'm not sure if high expectations are fair for HANL. Deathconsciousness was a rare album that captured the best of all their qualities, and likely will not be replicated again. I guess we have to just accept HANL for who they are now.

(Sick album ... read more
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This isn't quite a review of the album, but more of a reflection.

When Earl Sweatshirt's Some Rap Songs came out in November last year, I felt like my back was against the wall. I had fixed a lot of facets of my life but I still felt alone and like I was fighting for everything - my reputation, my achievements, my grades. The album served as a solemn battle cry as I rushed into my life an achiever but alone.

Now it's November this year. I stumbled upon two friends who changed my life and ... read more
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"Closed on Sunday, you my Chick-fil-A"

Bar of the year LMAO
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As if a 32 track album needed to be extended further.
Mol -

Ok, here's for the real review. I'm not sure what people were expecting, but it's basically what Ameer is known for. Self-pitying lyrics, dark trap production, slight amounts of introspection. But it's nice to see him back all the same.
Mol -
A rap shitpost come to life, complete with dissonant, bombastic, genre-bending production rivaling 1000 gecs, satirical autotune interpolations of pop songs, and unbridled, wild energy exuding from every track.

If there's one thing that's certain about this album, it's not boring. It may not be genius or refined but it's pretty damn interesting to listen to and Hendricks makes sure every track is memorable for some odd reason or another.
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This is the sound of pure happiness. No one will convince me otherwise.
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Veteran is an album I've had to listen to for a while to get. The record carries a tumultuous energy that tosses the listen to and fro violent oscillations and riffs layered by calming synths. Hendricks' inflection and change of times reminds me of the tortured thinking we go through when we're alone. In a way, it's an album that knows its true nature and spins around in frustrating circles of rhythms and lyricism.

The one downside that kept me from putting this as a classic is the fact that ... read more
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First off, I’d like to thank everyone for 300 followers! I figured for my first milestone I’d review an album I never got the chance to give a proper review to.

Like great literature, Twin Fantasy gets better and better with every listen. As the listener begins to understand the narrative, Will’s messaging becomes more and more complete and the story and metaphors get revealed into one cohesive unit.

Twin Fantasy also serves as a great friend, a self-reflective piece, one to ... read more
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I Don't Love This Tecca
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First of all, it's wonderful seeing a swarm of stan bots join the site, flame people, and then disappear forever. Like why bother, Rob's going to take them all down anyways.

Regarding the actual music, Lana puts together a solid project with Norman Fucking Rockwell. This is definitely an album to let stew in the background or to meditate on after work. The mood of the album is impeccable and overwhelming at times. However, I do not see this record to be a momentous one in her career or one ... read more
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I'm at a loss for words, holy shit. Letters strung together can NOT EVEN COME CLOSE to describe how hyped I am for this album. Sea of Worry absolutely blew me away. My body is ready.
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This probably isn't an album anyone goes back to and thinks, "Wow, this is good". But as A$AP Mob continues to get more and more irrelevant, Cozy Tapes Vol. 1 continues to hold a soft spot in my heart.

Nasty's World represents the album well - it boasts one of the most energetic and fun beats to bump out of the entire record. "Time to get live, live, live, live like a wire" carries a ton of energy and brings a braggadocious and unapologetic boss flow from A$AP Nast.

While ... read more
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Bloated. Boring. Generic. That's all the time I'm going to waste here.
Mol -
A cute track and a cuter cat :3

(You might want to change the release date though)
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May The Lord Watch is a beautiful record about perseverance and nostalgia. It's rare to hear contemplative bars hit so hard without being cheesy, but every single second of this album squeezes out talent and relevant observation. I'd advise anyone who hasn't to give it a listen as without a doubt, this is one of my favorite projects of 2019.
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The shrill distorted screaming on Floor Seats best represented my reaction to the Mo Bamba sample in Pups.
Mol -
First reaction: Matt had a good verse- DOMMMMMMMmmmmMMMMMMMMMM AAAAAAAAAA bearface aaaaaa aaa a

No Halo held a cohesive, relaxed vibe throughout the entire song. Matt had an above-average verse, Dom absolutely murdered his verse (except I couldn't help think "we live in a society" on the "pop the stitches from society" part) and I have a soft spot for bearface for some reason.

However, I felt like No Halo only differentiated itself from the other tracks by having an ... read more
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