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Jan 19, 2020
catchy af
Jan 5, 2020
Very different from Corona's work or even his last solo album, David Bruno releases Miramar Confidencial, another opportunity to showcase the beautiful soundscapes and the storytelling we are already used to.

FAV TRACKS: Bebe & Dorme, Com Contribuinte, Interveniente Acidental, N Gosto K M Mentem
Jan 1, 2020
I only wish this had been released earlier in the year so I could enjoy it more. It caught me on a busy time and I forgot to come back to it until now.
This album is pretty cool, it has a vibe that reminds me of System of a Down's slower and calmer side, which I much appreciate.
This feels fresh, quirky enough and very solid.
One album to come back to soon
Dec 30, 2019
and this marked the end of Halloween's carrer. 2 weeks after this release, he announced he could not have a music career while serving Jehovah and was choosing the latter.
It is a shame and I cannot even understand how cults and religion can fuck people up this much, but that's his business, I hope he finds happiness even if illusional.
that said, this album, an acustic collection of originals and covers, puts the end on his career in a sweet manner that I can appreciate.
Dec 30, 2019
Braindrops, Tropical Fuck Storm's comeback after their remarkable 2018 debut, shows a slightly different side of their sound while keeping the general goofiness that we knew them for.
This time the vibe is more of a dissociative sound, this album carries this sluggish dissonant sound as a whole that makes it seem like something is slightly off, but then makes it immersive enough that it hipnotises you.
Overall, I found this album to be one of the most interesting punk releases from the ... read more
Dec 30, 2019
Thank you! <3
Going to try to be a lot more regular in 2020, falling way behind with all this new stuff...
Nov 16, 2019
Hopefully you can get some more time on here again but if you want a new really good recommendation I'd say the new Avenade album. It was released by a user of this site, Hawk_. It is one of the highest rated of the year, and for good reason. It's cool to see an artist blow up on here and actually become another face in the underground music scene.
Nov 15, 2019
Where'd you go?
Nov 3, 2019
Supp! I'm doing a challenge at the moment, the "out of my comfort-zone challenge". This is a challenge where I need to listen projects, I normally wouldn't listen too. After some listen I need to state my opinions in a review. If you would suggest an album to me, it would be great! As long as they aren't metal, hip hop or rap! (experimental/abstract hip hop, weird rap is allowed though)
Oct 13, 2019
Think of one album/ep/mixtape you REALLLLY want me to listen to. And I will listen to it in full (Unless it's super long but like SUUUPER long like i'm not listening to a 2 hour album lol)

(might've accidentally shouted in some single accounts)
Sep 28, 2019
What's your least favorite album from your favorite artist? (I T S F O R A L I S T)
Sep 1, 2019
Music sucks?! More like YOU suck! (followed)
Aug 7, 2019
thanks for the like on my new list! i've always wanted to be known for having cool lists but never made a cool list until recently
Aug 4, 2019
Thanks for the follow. Sand in the ear hole is scratchy.
Jul 29, 2019
Putting this here to try and stay coherent with myself

100: I like this more or less as much as I like Kid A
95-99: Perfect but just not one of my favourites
90-94: Tremendously good
80-89: Very good
70-79: Good
60-69: I like it a bit
50-59: I don't like it, but I see the appeal and I don't mind it
40-49: Not too horrible, but I would prefer silence
30-39: ew
20-29: EW
10-19: EW EW EW
0-9: just why
it would be nice if everytime a great album was releases someone would shout at me until i listen to it.
i miss the times when i could use this website more often
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