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Apr 14, 2019
I’m not even gonna front with y’all, this album is honestly really good and it’s probably 21 savage’s best work yet. Rather than sticking to the formulaic bars about sex, drugs, money, and gangs, we see Savage take a step into his life and more deep subjects. Certain tracks like monster, letter 2 my momma, and a lot explore the aspects of Savage’s life and events and people who have gotten him where he was. My only gripes with this album are the few tracks where it ... read more
Apr 2, 2019
Invincible is definitely the most polarizing album by Michael. I think the album is overall a good album but not a great conclusion to Michael’s career. At some points in the album Michael is at his peak such as the songs Butterflies(the best track of this album) and Unbreakable. At other points he is at his most disappointing vocal performance such as 2000 Watts(the most hated and worst track on this album) and Cry. The main problem with this album is that it is bloated with a few tracks ... read more
Mar 15, 2019
As a precursor to my upcoming The Jacksons Album Reviews, I’ll be looking at their most well received album which is appropriately named Triumph. Overall this album is just a great and fun collection of heartfelt songs and just the right amount of eighties flair and style. The recording is top notch and the instrumentals and sound design are just nice to listen to. The vocal performances from Michael, Randy, and the other members of the group are stellar. I love most of the songs on this ... read more
Dec 28, 2018
Bad may not have been as much of a success as Thirller but it still proved that Michael was the true King of Pop. Bad is a wonderful blend of pop, R&B, and a bit of rock to spice things up. Though the titular track, Bad, has become overrated, it still is a great song. Other great tracks include Smooth Criminal, Leave Me Alone, Just Good Friends, Man in the Mirror, and my favorite track of the album, Another Part of Me. The two weakest tracks are Liberian Girl and I Just Can’t Stop ... read more
Dec 9, 2018
I mean what can we say that hasn’t already been said about Thriller? It’s the greatest selling album ever. It’s one of the greatest pop albums put to disc. There’s not much more we can say so let’s get down and beat it. This one is gonna be a thriller. Every track on Thriller is unique and great in it’s own way. The album hosts timeless classics like Thriller, Beat It, and of course the greatest Michael Jackson song ever recorded, Billie Jean. It also has ... read more
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