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pastelmoon -
"8 Streams of Consciousness Developed In A Soft Cell Fully Eco-Friendly Cardboard Recycling Power Plant With Only The Finest™ Carbon Neutral Paint Lobotomy Tubes. Connect And Dial In To A World With Hidden Secrets And Possible Large Chunks Of Ice And Flesh Molded Into One Through Horrific Circumstances. Peer Into The Frozen Kaleidoscope And Look Upon Its Mirthful Glow, Gaze Into The Abyssal Heart Of The Isolated Plateau And Reap Its Horrors From Now Until The End Of Eternity."
pastelmoon -
this album offers lo-fi shoegaze with an immersive experience. this record has some mixed opinions, as people tend to point out the midi instruments or shitty mixing. my take is that it adds to the experience and environment captured by the album, the artist dropped this album completely anonymously, not stating his name, showing his face, or even stating if anyone else chimed into the album. my point is that the artist is directly channeling his emotions of loneliness, freight, and anxiety ... read more
pastelmoon -
everyone says "don't judge a book by its cover," and in this case it's referring to album covers. i think although to a certain degree it's true, there's also an outlying factor that an album cover shows and displays to the listener. a few examples could be my bloody valentines album loveless. it gives the listener a feeling of abrasiveness and harshness. the vibrance overpowers most of the comprehension in the image, very well describing the music. that being said a bad album cover ... read more
pastelmoon -
Today before writing this review I watched 3 episodes of Cowboy Bebop to try getting a vision into what the show was like after reviewing the original Cowboy Bebop OST, and not only does the soundtrack fit perfectly for this show, I would argue this is one of the best anime for it's decade. Not only that, but the best anime sound track of all time, but that's a shot in the dark since I haven't seen every single anime to ever exist. One of the only things that irritates me about this album is ... read more


Sep 3, 2021
me the frog :p and you the eden<3! :3
Aug 31, 2021
i deleted 93 reviews sorry. unhappy with most. here lye the reviews i sort of remotely enjoy:) i'm done touching this page now.
Aug 5, 2021
Congratz on 700!!!
Jul 30, 2021
the return
Jul 29, 2021
hmmmmm i dunno... I notice you rated the one midori album pretty high and haven't reviewed it, and that would be a pretty cool review for your hundredth. although maybe some album that like heavily influenced your love of music would be a good review. congrats on ~100 reviews btw! <3
Jul 18, 2021
pastel hellooooo
Jul 8, 2021
im so sorry i shouldve checked your pronouns first
Jun 29, 2021
" more based than inglume 100% guaranteed"

sir, im gonna have to ask you for some proof to validate the statement
Jun 14, 2021
first off, list here:

second off, god also clearly forgot to account for the fact that worms are the most satisfying specimens to look at. If he didn't want us to eat them why give them such a visually appealing pink, not too crunchy form?
Jun 12, 2021
You have no name it’s gone!!!!


this account is a graveyard. i stopped putting numbers on music. stopped wanting pushing my interpretations of music out. i'd rather people develop their own interpretations. i like to think of music as an abstract art. there's never a correct interpretation and you can't put a number on it. and that's the beauty of music. making your own interpretations and thoughts about an album or song, there is no objective opinion. i hate putting numbers on others art. thank you for listening and reading:)

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