Beyoncé - Lemonade
Apr 23, 2019
Took them long enough to put this album on Spotify. 3 years i've been waiting to listen to this album after the hype it got in 2017! 3 long years!

This is my first venture with Beyonce's records. Yeah, i've heard the singles (then again, who hasn't?), but i've never listened to Beyone's albums because the image of Beyonce has always been stronger for me then the music on display. However, as soon as I play on this thing, I was taken aback by some of the most beautiful production i've heard in a damn long while. The organic strings instantly made me fall in love. It was a vulnerable and sensitive track that immediately got me hooked. And the whole album does not disappoint. This album blew me the fuck away. Emotional performances from both Beyonce and the features on display here (Jack fucking White!) with some really damn steller production. Every word Beyonce delivers she delivers with such punch it could shatter windows. How can you make the line 'Suck my balls' sound revolutionary? Beyonce knows.

This album is a goddamn movie. It feels so cinematic and huge, with it's dense, thick sound, and while that might not be for everyone, it only makes moments like 6 Inch and Freedom hit the fuck home. It's a dense, in your face and emotional ride that Beyonce takes the listener on, with each track getting better and better, flipping from style to style with ease. Beyonce and her team really are chameleons when it comes to pop music, with nearly any style or genre works well with her voice, which really does have the impact that everyone has told me about. In a lot of ways, this sounds like the big mature sister to Janelle Monáe's album Dirty Computer. Yes, Janelle Monáe is more colorful and carefree about the world, but this album is grounded. It has its feet planted firmly on the ground, and refuses to step off it for one damn second. It's a victory lap to a race that Beyonce isn't running. It's a damn triumph. It's self loving, self congratulating, but never becomes self indulgent. It's a album that doesn't fuck around. This album...yeah, it deserves the hype people.

Or maybe i'm just a basic bitch. Who knows!

Favorite Jams: Don’t Hurt Yourself, Pray You Catch Me, Freedom, Daddy Lessons (yeah, it's getting the four song favorite jams, it's pretty damn good people)

Lest Favorite: Forward
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Apr 23, 2019
Oh shit, you weren't lying. It's actually on Spotify. Imma listen to it now then.
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