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New Orleans
100 = perfect 91-99 = levels of greatness 90 = good stuff 80-89 = worthy of an extended listen 70-79 = good song or two 50-69 = thanks but ... under 50 = no thanks I rate high most of the time. Strong preference for small labels and indies, tend not to rate major label and mainstream stuff unless forced upon me, then look out. Top 100+ Songs of 2020 (in progress):
Abolish ICE
Holyoke, MA
Don't ever call me stupid! I have a Brian Eno album on my iPod!!!! Will gladly listen to music requests but will not rate or comment on any work made by active AOTY users.
Always listening and tinkering with scores. Basically a curated list of music. I only score albums, no singles (with rare exceptions). I made the decision when I started on this site to only score music that I can, at least, appreciate. Thus you wont see very many low scores from me, and you won't see me bothering with hate listening to things. This is me trying to put my favorite music "in order". Some days I'm an 89, some a 67. Everything I rate is in my itunes, I don't stream.

February Playlist
Vinyl Me, Please