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dearsongs -
Is the way you feel about any particular album not a constantly evolving thing? Do albums sometimes do nothing for you, and then suddenly make sense? On occasion, does all the music you've heard and previously loved just simply not do it for you in that moment? Can an album make you "bored" while you sit at a computer or listen on your phone with a million distractions at your finger tips, but then ring out loudly and command your attention as you drive around the country side? and if ... read more

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dearsongs -
Similar to the Live at Third Man Records album, this is solo JT playing tunes on the guitar. 7 from Honeybear, one from the debut. The sound is a little cleaner than the Third Man record, but I think I prefer that performance a bit better.

"Lets move some units"
dearsongs -
Oh damn, that version of "End Of The World". Nancy's take on Lee's "By The Way (I still love you)" is predictably great. Turns out that country Nancy is some of my favorite Nancy.

"Oh Lonesome Me" should 100% have been on Nancy & Lee.
dearsongs -
Sugar Town is great (Lee track). Sweet Georgia Brown & Coastin' are good as well. A few other tracks are solid, but the liberal use of brass can get to be a bit much. For some foolish reason two of the best cuts are found as bonus tracks on a CD reissue. Love Eyes ( a Lee track), and a duet with Frank (something stupid).
dearsongs -
I have a folder quickly filling up with 2021 stuff and I don't particularly like any of it ughhhh

Anyway, its another Nancy album where the home runs can be found elsewhere (SVM & Jackson). Ultimately though, while its the "Nancy & Lee" LP that is best known, some of that best material was scattered across these earlier Nancy releases.

"I Gotta Get Out of This Town" is an enjoyable Lee cut that I don't think you can find elsewhere. The other exclusive Lee cuts are ... read more
dearsongs -
Some of the better stuff on here can be heard elsewhere (summer wine for example), but the Nancy versions of some of the Lee songs are nice (Hutchenson Jail and Friday's Child are good). Also like Nancy's version of Dusty Springfield's Wishin' and Hopin' as well as "I can't grow peaches on a cherry tree". Solid album if you like Nancy, and at a runtime of 30 minutes it really flies by.
Feb 11, 2021
implemented, and you can rest assured that that won’t be happening again anytime soon. I would also encourage you to at least check out a couple of my highest rated albums, you might find something in them you might like, they each come with a uniquely satisfying unorthodox experience.
Feb 11, 2021
0-49, and considering the system seems outrageously negatively skewed, a score of forty is actually the most positive in the first of my Rating System. The game changes now from 50-100, this is where i rank and assign values to albums that boast a unique musical experience, of course ending up at that highly prestigious merit of albums I deem 100/100, which is a whole other discussion. I understand on a quick glance my RS looks completely pretentious and preposterous but upon further investigation reveals a certain significance given to nearly every score within its own tier. With that being said I’m not rating 40s just to be sadistically negative I’m again ranking them within that bottom tier of my system at really the highest level. I completely understand your frustration and was saddened to see your unfollow, I hope now you can view my ratings in a new light and understanding. Once again I apologize for wrecking your feed for that week, but it was something that had to be..
Feb 11, 2021
I am sorry that my annual rating purge coincided with you. I try to some degree, to rearrange the quantity of ratings at the beginning of every year, this year I rearranged over 3,000 ratings to fit a new rating scheme I was employing. I was hesitant in doing so because I knew of the potential consequences of completely swamping people's feed and offending people with the number of low scores, Altogether,I lost about 25 followers including you. Hopefully, I won’t be rearranging scores to that magnitude for quite a long time. I appreciate the genuine honesty. For quite some time as you probably have noticed, I try to amplify more the experimental and challenging listen, and because I value consistency there needed to be a greater distance between the albums I find truly influential and those that are simply quality. I try to give my method when explaining my system as two separate scales, the first scale is reflective of the 5-star rating system of RYM which here...
Feb 10, 2021
Why the unfollow my friend? :(
Feb 10, 2021
Thanks! I didn’t know that before.
Feb 10, 2021
Haha yeah my scores are fluctuating all the time, its a mess but a mess I love making! Nice to see you still around too man. This sites becoming so deservedly popular its getting increasingly hard to spot the OG's lool
Feb 7, 2021
sorry! I promise it wasn't me. I hope you can get one.
Feb 7, 2021
Thanks, I put my lists on RYM because the format is easier to edit there - plus you get the film ratings too.
Feb 4, 2021
looks like a 7-inch vinyl only. I looked but can't find anywhere to buy it.
Jan 31, 2021
Oh yeah, that's a monster of a tune - I did mention it in my 'Band of the Week' blurb for Mogwai this week on RYM (where these short reviews are lifted from) - - but I've decided I don't really want to review singles/EPs on this account.

That one should probably be an exception though ;)
Always shuffling the deck. A curated list of music. I only score albums, no singles (with the very rare exceptions). This is me trying to put my favorite albums "in order".

90+ are my all time favorites.
83-89 are various degrees of love
73-82 are various degrees of like.
72 and below are okay, disappointing, or just not my taste.

I don't bother with hate-listening.

Some days I'm an 89, some a 67.
Everything I rate or put on a list is in my itunes.
I don't stream.
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