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The Mars Volta - De-Loused in the Comatorium
As an At The Drive-In diehard, I was at this show a month before this album dropped. The band was opening for The Chili Peppers for an arena tour and to end the East Coast leg, Mars Volta did a one off at North Six in Brooklyn (650 person venue). Flea played bass with MV, and John Frusciante was in the crowd. 4 days after this show MV member Jeremy Ward (sound technician and vocal operator) died of a heroin overdose. This was his last show. ... read more
Beck - Mutations
Nigel Godrich produced, one year on from OK Computer. Stands next to Odelay on its own right. Not as off the wall, more just knocking it out of the park indie country/folk songs. Great vocal melodies on here, esp love We Live Again and Dead Melodies. Tropicalia is a without a doubt a great tune, but it feels like the label was like "uh, we need a song for the masses".
Amyl & The Sniffers - Comfort to Me
Never been a huge fan of traditional punk rock music but some of these songs are fun, furious and sound fresh. Hope the rest catches up with me.

Security, Hertz & Knifey for sure.

Eric Clapton - This Has Gotta Stop
dumbest shit since the last dumbest shit.
Drake - Certified Lover Boy
Used to like him 10 years ago, now I'm officially done trying with Drake. When even the "good" songs have moments that annoy me, I just don't see the purpose anymore.

Drake with that 19 YO mentality when the dude is in his mid 30's... and people say Kanye is unlikable. Best song Drake dropped was that andre 3k Kanye song.


Helllo my friend! I just released my first ever project, and I would be very happy if you'd listen to it!
(The lyrics are in hebrew so it's a little confusing)
Came here to give a shoutout to the Lee Hazlewood avatar.
Was part of a preemptive mass blocking a while ago I assume, as I have no recollection of it. Apologies for that!
You're unblocked, and nice ratings btw. Crazy vinyl collection you've got :)
gone for a year now, but not forgotten <3
Is that lee hazlewood in your pfp
I did listen to Mega Bog and I did enjoy it! thank you for the recommendation. debut album by Le Ren drops on October 15!
I'm finally enjoying After the Gold Rush if that's enough to resurrect you from the dead
dearsongs is dead, long live dearsongs.
the log is currently telling me to listen to more björk...
thanks, it's on my list!


Got tired of using this account, so I've retired dearsongs and now can be found @GoodCompany

I first made the change anonymously, but that got just as annoying.

Always shuffling the deck. Mainly just focusing on the music I enjoy.

90+ are my all time favorites.
83-89 are various degrees of love
73-82 are various degrees of like.
72 and below are okay, disappointing, or just not my taste.

Everything I rate or put on a list is in my itunes.
I don't stream.

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3rd annual NR list. These are albums I gave a fair listen to, but was unable to get enough of a grasp to justify a score. Sometimes its my fault, sometimes its the albums fault.
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My record collection scored. Long live physical things!
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