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dearsongs -
I think it was the iphone 11 commercial with "We Only Come Out At Night" that had me revisiting this all these years later, which is kind of gross. lol

Hard to deny how great this is, even if you think B Corgan seems like a bit of a turd. Its so much more than the obv singles. Been listening to this for like the past year waiting to get the viny before scoring. Well wifey got me the 2014 4LP box set for my bday. Absolutely gorgeous packaging, totally worth the crazy high prices for ... read more
dearsongs -
The Thursday night massacre that happens weekly on this site was really clouding my judgment and affecting my desires, as much of what I personally enjoy is seemingly dismissed without any real thought or attempt to gain a better understanding. I will not become what bothers me, so I decided to delete my review and score for this and that other new album you all like, and instead attempt to try and find something in it that I had missed before with my previous cursory attempts. I am of the ... read more
dearsongs -
Trying to bring this heathen back to life. I'm not afraid to say that I love a tragedy and that is what we have here. You can almost hear the doubt at times, and the pain is obvious. There was a man with a very similar last name who was also looking for signs.

This is gorgeous/sweet/melancholy and while it would neatly qualify as an indie-soul record, it actually knocks a few styles out of the park. The singles are obv good, but the b-sides might be the albums real strength .

Nostalgic ... read more
dearsongs -
I haven't been able to get into much new stuff lately, nor have I had the desire to even try. I don't know if its that I've just been busy with life and work, or that the dragging pandemic is crushing my soul a little more each day that I can't travel to see my people. I haven't found AOTY to be a particularly enjoyable place of late either. I have my reasons, but there is the whole "if you don't have anything nice to say" thing. But really, I blame it on myself for even paying ... read more
dearsongs -
Been a fan of JW since his days with The Beets. His solo efforts are a bit more cleaned up than his early lofi freak folk material (believe it or not), although the DIY aesthetic remains, as do the quick run times (21 tracks in 33 minutes). This album plays like a collage that might sound something like what you would hear while walking the streets of NYC (not necessarily Manhattan though). Over time he has become more comfortable singing in Spanish, but it fits the vibes just fine. Maybe half ... read more


May 13, 2021
Hey!!!! So today I had an idea to make a very fun list on this amazing website that I'm addicted to. So... my goal is to make a huge RAINBOW🌈list, so you get to choose an album that you like that has an specific color, it can be literally any album but the majority of the cover has to be of the chosen color. So I'm gonna start by choosing one of my fav albums which has the color: RED πŸ”΄

Send me a color and an album that you like, If you want to write something you like album this album feel free to do it!
Or you can just send the name and the color.

check the live update here all the time:
Apr 27, 2021
lee is great :)
Apr 26, 2021
You, by chance, familiar with Cory Hanson? I think you might dig his latest.
Apr 22, 2021
That sounds super interesting! I'll give it a listen! Thank you!!!
Apr 9, 2021
Hey, you're like one of my favorite reviewers on this site. Are there any albums you think have been overlooked this year?
Apr 8, 2021
You have great stuff in your account!
Apr 8, 2021
Ohhh thanks c:
Apr 4, 2021
Thanks for the follow! Really solid reviews!
Mar 29, 2021
Thanks! I don't know what you mean but thank you, is a cool message to read
Mar 19, 2021
if i can have a respectful discussion with someone about events it makes me really happy. but it seems like, with people getting more radicalized and adherent to their parties, it's harder to do that. plus one party is basically a personality cult centered around someone who's main schtick is being a bully, soooooooo it's not exactly easy to be rational


Always shuffling the deck. A curated list of music. I only score albums, no singles (with the very rare exceptions). This is me trying to put my favorite albums "in order".

90+ are my all time favorites.
83-89 are various degrees of love
73-82 are various degrees of like.
72 and below are okay, disappointing, or just not my taste.

I don't bother with hate-listening.

Some days I'm an 89, some a 67.
Everything I rate or put on a list is in my itunes.
I don't stream.

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