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homotom -
So I see some people like my reviews and nobody follows me. I don't care about the follows, honestly, I review and rate for me. BUT BUT HEY HOLD UP. What i do hope is that, should someone stumble across my page via another review and look through my stuff they find an album they haven't heard before. This is one of those. Richmond Fontaine are a special band that scrapes these gorgeously delicate ballads for the true losers. Emotional losers. Financial Losers. Everything. Losers songs. ... read more

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homotom -
One of my favorite, and most underrated, albums of the 2010s. Fierce and incredibly well built resonant art rock. An incredible feat of darkness harnessed. Oxbow has proven to be one of the most underappreciated bands of the past several decades. Excited to see where they go in the 2020s.
homotom -
I'm impressed and kinda saddened that this absolute beast of a record isn't held in higher regard. A thoroughly gorgeous mind bending and uniquely beautiful noise-rock album. The kind of album that only Boredoms ever seemed capable of making. That's fine. Trace elements of the chaos of their preceding works lingers just enough to keep the listener on their toes while lush crescendos of loops, drone, and lush reverb drenched tape-loops build while being manipulated. Unlike anything else. ... read more
homotom -
Was missing my Boredoms and checked to see what was on spotify. Turns out there's like 3 albums. Wow2 and 2 Super Roots releases.
I couldn't remember which super roots was which since I mostly returned to Vision/Sea/SuperAE so here I am now, over 30 min in to the one track that is Super Roots 9 (entitled, aptly, Super Roots #9) and god damn it's beautiful. One, exuberant 90 minute crescendo of gorgeous walls of sound that's as lush as it is propulsive. Boredomes forever.
homotom -
Bumping the score now that I've sat with this longer. Someone elsewhere said that the album sticks to a formula, and that's true, but it's felt less boring and more giddy with repeat listens. A rollercoaster (in a good thrill ride kind of way) wherein every peak and rush leads you wondering if it's going to manage the same feat on the next peak and, well, it does. Midnight Flit, To the Bin My Friend, Tonight We Vacate Earth, Fuck Off Money. God it's so good. It's lush as hell and has an ... read more
homotom -
Yeah, it's overall weak, but that's really not down to the songs. The production is flat. The performances lack the energy and urgency that the songs deserved. We fortunately got the superior vers of this album down the road with Bluenote Cafe. I highly suggest going to that one instead of this. But, it's worth listening to to see how performances and energy can completely overhaul songs.
Feb 12, 2021
it really is, i wish there was a dm option on here but it is what it is
Feb 12, 2021
All good! Boy the response system here is weird lmao
Feb 12, 2021
it's fine, don't sweat it, you've been reviewing for a few months so you definitely deserve more than 1 follower! thanks for the follow back as well :)
I prefer to review albums I like. Hence the disproportionate high scores. I'm not a big fan of nitpicky incremental scores. They just confuse issues. Is it fully solid, nearly perfect, Mostly great, simply good, average or bad. That's how I rate. Get out of here with your 56s and 83s. You're not averaging out your score with an office.
Like many of you I also write music under the guise Mall Ghosts

Some Kpop is actually good & you shouldn't ignore it.

Also, please Stan LOONA. he/him 🏳️‍🌈
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Good Album Art Does not reflect the quality of the album as is evidenced by the fact that I included Queen here and they suck shit.
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Album covers that aren't uh good or horrible but fall in some weird space.
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