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Welcome to the music emporium here that they call “YessYessYessYes”! (Not really active anymore :( ) Here you will find a range of records. Some may be your favorites and some may be your most hated. Some opinions you may agree with, while others you won’t. I absolutely adore being able to passionately delve into music and to analyze a project’s elements and fundamentals. So I hope that my opinions may lead you to wondrous listens & experiences as the community has done for me.
35 he/him 🏳️‍🌈 queer 100: Masterpiece. Personally important or historically so. 90: Minor Masterpiece Mild Nitpicks 80: Potential Classic. 70-60: Good/Great 50-40: Mediocre 30-10: Bad 0: An affront to art and God. Like many of you I also write music under the guise Mall Ghosts Kpop is actually good & you shouldn't ignore it. Stan TWICE
Favorite Genres/Styles: Post-punk, classic punk, indie rock, new wave, electronic, synthpop, EBM, EDM, rap/hip-hop, doom metal, shoegaze, britpop, and garage rock. I rate most releases on a positive scale (80-100) because I typically choose things to listen to that I know I will like <3 Other favorite things: Cats, rainbows, cult films, comedy, fashion, art, literature, minerals/rocks, thrift shopping, vintage stuff, koalas, etc.
Trying to keep up with new music whilst ploughing through the past. Mainly Rating; Post-Punk/Indie-Pop/New-Wave/Synth-Pop Punk/Art-Rock/Goth/Experimental/Ska RiotGrrrl/Shoegaze/90's Alt/Chamber Pop Noise-Pop/Garage-Rock/Rock&Roll/Ska Gay Disco/Industrial/Queercore/Blues Britpop/Dream-Pop/Freak-Folk/Grunge Neo-Psychedelia/Coldwave/Electroclash Northern Soul/Psychobilly/Two Tone 100 Perfect 90-99 Amazing 80-89 Great 70-79 -Good 60-69 Ok 50-59 Meh 40-49 Bad 30-39 Terrible 0-30 Abysmal
editor of digital radio that's what i think: 100=lovely. 90=almost favorite. 80=more than expected. 70=good. 60=almost bad. 50=terrible.
Doggo here to tell you what to listen to! All about those YT recommendations! I have a couple of articles up on Record Roundtable - I do scores in increments of 5 cause i don't think i could accurately tell the difference between, say, a 67 and a 68
90 - 100 - Staggering 80 - 90 - Excellent 70 - 80 - Good 60 - 70 - Ok 50 - 60 - Forgettable 50 > Different Levels of Bad
they/them hey y’all, “doo do do dooo!!” in my westside voice. a few years ago i was one of the more popular people on this website. i took some time off for mental health recovery LMAOOOOO “ba dum tsss” but literally though i worked on my mental health and ed. you may remember my first username, s/o to those OG’s. i’m now kindly returning to the community to share my thoughts and comments. so read my recent posts<3 with love, jackson
ratings are arbitrary, reviews are half-thought ill rate one piece per artist, unless its special to me as someone who struggles with the silliness of proper genre use, i hope to share my favorite music on a spectrum of the canterbury tales, using the ideal of certain characters as the sound it should incorporate. please leave me recommendations :)
Music Nerds
I will only rate albums that I can review.I originally signed up here to keep track of new releases so 90% of my reviews will be new albums, give me a shout if you like 10: Quite Literally A Perfect Album 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 9.5-9.9: Absolutely Incredible 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 9.0-9.4: An Amazing Album 🔥🔥🔥🔥 8.5-8.9: A Fantastic Album 💥💥💥💥 8.0-8.4: A Great Album 💥💥💥💥 7.5-7.9: A Solid Album 👊👊👊 7.0-7.4: Really Good 👊👊👊 6.0-6.9: Good 👊👊 5.0-6.0: Average 4.0-4.9: Meh 3.0-3.9: Bad 2.0-2.9: 🤷‍♀️ 1.0-1.9 👎 0.0-0.9: 💩
Hey there! I'm a Brazilian-American currently at Grinnell College. No words can describe how much music is important to me. Hopefully, my reviews can try to do so. Please go check out my Top 100 of 2021 list! I put a lot of effort into it, I'd appreciate it a lot! (Also, yes, my PFP is JPEGMAFIA headbutting my phone in Copenhagen) Library = Vinyl Collection
BaddieBaphomet (She/Her)
She/Her All the projects in my library are records that I have on vinyl.
I listen to anything that touches me, still curious... I usually hate music as a tapestry satisfying my need to hear sounds that keep me safe due to cliches I already heard before. Most of my ratings will be very good as I mostly rate things that I want to support due to their quality. A score of 100 is given to a record that is so unique I think you should listen to it at least once in a lifetime I will skip most of my dislikes as long as I´m not confronted by them on a daily basis
Do you realize that everyone you know, someday will die?
🇳🇴 + 🇺🇸 Bach:
i either like it, or i don't. not a doctor. • 100 ⇨ Classic • 99 ⇨ 👍 • 1 ⇨ 👎
I only rate and review albums I like.
I’m sure it’ll dip and come back, but 500?! 😊 Take a minute To get with the pronouns Take a minute To listen to kids 'Cause the grownups Are kind of a let down In a minute You'll be happy you did Destroyer is my all time favorite artist! ❤️ ♥️ 💜 I don’t typically rate albums I don’t like, so mostly a display of what I like to varying degrees. Major disappointments may get a score.
Don’t believe the hype music lovers!!!
23 experimental rock, psychedelic folk, post-punk, free jazz, hardcore dance, electroacoustic and (modern) classical enthusiast Only personal favourites (and 7+'s of the year) are listed here; no fighting! If you're interested in how badly I hate your favourite record, you can check out my RYM :)
very disco, sincerely wishing i could change my username mostly use this just to keep track of what i listen to, ratings are a kind of inconsistent library = vinyl collection
Hi! I'm Aymeric Dubois, I hope to be able to debate with passionate people like you, that's why I joined AOTY ° Contributor for The Line of Best Fit & Spectrum Culture ° ° Find my History of the Album (HOTA) series and others... in the lists ° Mail : [email protected] Rating: 90-99 > wonders / must-haves 80-89 > great - brilliant 70-79 > good - very good 60-69 > satisfying - interesting 50-59 > decent 40-49 > bad - insufficient 1- 39 > horrible
All music has value. Everyone has different taste. Sharing things you enjoy is what life is about. 60 = I enjoy / haven't played as often as I'd like 70+ = I listen regularly 80+ = I strongly recommend 90+ = I'm obsessed 100 = desert island disc. I enjoy browsing everyone's lists to discover new albums & I get a kick from constantly rearranging the album covers on these beautifully presented pages as if my shelves at home.
I only rate albums that I own the CD. My criteria: 93 - 100: 5 stars 86 - 92: 4.5 stars 78 - 85: 4 stars 70 - 77: 3.5 stars 60 - 69: 3 stars
Music obsessive.
Banger? I hardly know her! ThrowBackGmac's 69th follower
Traditional and classical music lover, jazz-collector, experimental music fan... -Not rating anymore- Favorites of 2021: Video version (only some albums): Full selections: RYM: YT Channel:
Hi I'm Valerie! Just some guitar-wielding, transfem (they/she), music geek/hipster garbage who shits on bands. 9.9-10 = Mastapeece 9.5-9.8 = Amazing 9-9.4 = Outstanding 8.5-8.9 = Exceptional 8-8.4 = Great 7.5-7.9 = Very Good 7-7.4 = Good 6.5-6.9 = Decent 6-6.4 = Fine 5.5-5.9 = Okay 5-5.4 = Average 4.5-4.9 = Meh 4-4.4 = Mediocre 3-3.9 = Bad 2.5-2.9 = Awful 0-2.4 = [Insert] Discord: hipsterplats Singles: InspPlatsSingle Insta: InspectressPlats Letterboxd: Inspector_Plats
Live album enjoyer. Check my live album list. #LiveAlbumsAreValid #EndLiveDiscrimination Music and film nerd. Will talk to you for hours about metal, jazz, classic and alt rock, Merzbow, and old Japanese films. Singles account: Letterboxd:
Sometimes I try to write serious reviews. But sometimes I don't.
* P O P * R O C K * R A P * C L A S S I C S * I use a rating system that starts every album at 50. Track by track this number goes up or down depending on how I enjoy the track. As long as songs are enjoyable, the album should be landing in the 70+ range. This system is similar to the traditional grading system in American schools (F -- A+, where F is -50, A+ is 100).
In the process of going through all my old ratings.
I teach high school and I like music and books. My reviews are always long and rambly and sometimes contain off-topic tangents, personal anecdotes and weird comparisons. I pretty much write for my own sake and if other people like it for some reason, that's cool too. If you like my writing and want to see what I have to say about other things here's a blog I write about religion:
Hi, I hope you enjoy my ratings. “E aí vem sempre aqui?” - Joey vibes (Friends). 85> Good stuff
hello, Stereolab is the greatest band of all time. have a nice day 100: masterpiece 90s: fantastic 80s: great 70s: good 60s: decent 50s: meh 40s: not good 30s: bad 20s: really bad 10s: terrible 1-9: oh god why 0: worse than cancer
i often feel my words are inadequate when it comes to the way i try to convey my thoughts and feelings about a piece of art, so i am sorry if you find yourself disappointed whenever i post on this website. i recommend anything i rate a 76 or above. my year end top 25 list is released on december 23rd annually.
Please be kind to my older reviews. I didn't know. 22 🇲🇽🇮🇪🇺🇲 English Major Poet | Essayist | Frog & Toad Enjoyer ⏬️You can find me below⏬️
I frequent AOTY to keep current on music & lingo, discovering there is just way too much coming at me; it's become a blur. Fantastic nonetheless. Lately, I've been tossing about a bit of poetic license, which I find humorous while others find confounding. Do the calculus, son! And then there are you little trolls. Brudda says this: Let me remind you that despite the fact you were raised hands-off [smiles], mean streets ain't high school, lil homies. Peace - @daFigz™ #EasLos #LeftIsTheWay™
No good you say? Well, that's good enough for me
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