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Feb 22, 2020
This is a beautiful album but she is recycling her previous work rather than build around like she did with citizen of glass
Feb 22, 2020
Leaked in lot of time, this is one of the few albums I feel that is not rated based on some hyped or trend or genre appeal. This is a very polarized album for many reasons.

Miss Anthropocene is one of the most crafted albums of Grimes, and each albums is well-crafted ! There are lots of details here and there. But overall, something missing and it was also the case with art angels. It is pretty funny to see reviews and some forums talking about how Grimes art and approach is very distanced ... read more
Feb 22, 2020
I know that this album was so waited ... but come one ! This is rock B-sides from The OOZ.

There are many problems with man alive ! His vocals are litteraly swallowed in the lo-fi treatment. While his voice is not his strongest power, it makes the lyrics and the flow of the tracks difficult to catch. Many songs sound pretty similar as he sets this bad mood atmosphere everywhere. We can criticize the fact that The OOZ was too bloated but here it doesn't seem that any tracks are reaching the ... read more
Feb 22, 2020
FINALLY something that worth the listenings !!!
Feb 21, 2020*
I think this is the perfect balance between something commercially viable and something more artisticaly ambitious ... it's unfortunate that many songs sound too similar.

Am i the only one to really don't like 2020 or what ? I find most albums forgettable at best and most songs in these albums sound the same start to end ???
Feb 1, 2020
It's true, it's often the case that artists in these times don't try to do something innovative or unique, but stay with safe solutions that are supposed to reach a greater number of ordinary people than connoisseurs. However, gems happen all the time. It's only January behind us so I have no doubt that this year will be full of many great albums.
Maybe tomorrow I'll try to listen to one of the new albums, but for tonight i got prepared Elliott Smith album. I feel like it's gonna be good
Feb 1, 2020
Actually, I've already listened to The Woods and I must say it was excellent. I have to return to this album soon because I don't remember everything that was on it. I know it was different from Dig Me Out. I also have to say that Modern Girl is one of my favorite songs of all time.
I just noticed that your ratings for the new albums were not very positive, but if you liked the Torres album, maybe I will listen to it soon. Anyway, I plan to start this year with a new Destroyer album. Kaputt by him was great.
Feb 1, 2020
Yeah, the last few albums I've listened to were amazing^.^ I've already found 3 more and I hope they will be equally great.
I would also like to listen to some albums from this year because I haven't had a chance yet.
I see that you already gave a try to some new stuff that came out
Jan 26, 2020
Thanks for the names of the shops, maybe someday I'll take advantage and persuade my parents to try and buy better tea. They drink quite a lot, and they will undoubtedly be open to new things. I'll try to look for some tea shops in the city but I don't know if they'll be well stocked. I'd love to go to France one day, a beautiful country. There are certainly a lot of places to visit, museums, shops and other interesting things. In Poland there is probably not much to visit, maybe it is not a third world country but there is a lack of tourist attractions, especially in my region. But it can be beautiful here as well.
Jan 26, 2020
It must be an incredible experience to teach students:D And if you have a good attitude to it and you like what you do, you really benefit from it. It is known that at first not everyone may be interested, but it is the teacher's role to convey the content in an interesting and cool way, so that students don't get discouraged. Unfortunately for many teachers this is a big problem and I have noticed that in my school there are maybe two people who like what they do because the rest are teachers as if for punishment. I don't think there is any progress in my country (I live in Poland). I have the impression that it is worse than it was, the changes in the education systems are a failure and the curriculum itself is quite poor.
Anyway, good luck with what you do and make your dreams come true man^.^
Jan 24, 2020
To be honest, I didn't even know there were so many varieties of tea. Usually I've drank terrible Liptones like you say, whether it's from a can or a bag and sometimes some mixes for better brain work and so on. I don't think I've drank really good tea in my entire life. Maybe if I tried the teas you're talking about, I'd like them more. In general, I doubt that I could not buy any of these teas in the stationary stores in my town. I could look for something on the Internet then.
It's nice that you know so much about it. It's such an interesting passion.
Jan 24, 2020
When it comes to learning biology, it was sometimes that when we talked in class about the human body and similar stuff, I was able to get anxiety, which also strengthened me in my belief that I don't want to learn it in the future.
But the department of biology that you do, cancer cells, etc. must be very interesting, it's a pity that we didn't have this at school.
We'll see what the future holds and what studies I choose.

Jan 24, 2020
I may not have had bad grades, but I didn't think I was fascinated enough to work in this field. I don't have biology at school at the moment because I'm in a different field of study and I have to admit that I'm a little sorry that I don't have contact with it anymore. I think this is the most interesting subject you can deal with at school and probably the most universal one. However, I assumed that in order to expand biology you have to be sure that this is what you want to do in the futur. There is also the most science in biology class, biology is okay, but I hate to learn chemistry (mainly bonds because theory is cool).

Jan 21, 2020
I am also interested in science and biology, but frankly, I don't see myself in this world. I am just too weak mentally i guess.
Jan 21, 2020
It sounds great, it's awesome that you've been able to mobilize yourself and create something that gives you satisfaction and at the same time is very much developing when it comes to learning and stuff. Keeping your own blog on topics that interest you is a great solution, especially when you're studying, it's cool that you share your knowledge and passions in such an interesting way. Besides, research on cancer must be very interesting, like the whole field of biology. I really respect you for your ingenuity and I would like to see this site when English is available.
When it comes to tea, unfortunately I'm not a fanatic, but sometimes I like to drink it. What kind of tea do you prefer? Green is pretty cool.
I recently started drinking tea from a herb called St. John's Wort.
It's pretty cool when it's sweetened with honey because it usually has quite a bitter taste, but its health benefits are very good.
Anyway, I wish you good luck with what you do.

I'm sorry for being absent but I need to take care of myself, so I'll not be here for some time. See you soon !
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