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Oct 2

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WildChameleon -
The difference is crazy just with a different instrumentation. Not bad but don't spend your time on it if you have already listened Punisher.
WildChameleon -
This is the kit is the kind of artist that really deserves to be looked at. Whether it is in terms of musicality or his talent as a lyricist, there is always something interesting.

This album is no exception to the rule and this is especially true for the first part of the album which contains a lot of folk nuggets.

One of the concerns of This is the kit is that at certain moments in his albums, there is a certain repetition and some length (on this one, there is keep going) that prevents ... read more
WildChameleon -
Is it good ? Yes.
Is it astonishing ? Who am I to say this.

I see a step up since the first LP. The balance between the vocals and instrumental is better, the general musicality is more harmonious.

However (I'll be the bad guy), the two tracks are very similar to each other (it could have been 1 track instead of two) and they lack diversity. >5min each tracks is pretty huge, I think it could have been beneficial to have more variation throughout the listening. Lyrically, I see where it's ... read more
WildChameleon -
Better than some of his most recent releases. But still not amazing. Lead single was very solid but he repeated his new direction in every other tracks with less and less layers.
WildChameleon -
Ultimate modern disco album
Nov 20, 2020
Oct 12, 2020
Hello, I have just released my second single this week called "Panacea" and I would be happy if you would give it a chance and tell me what you think about it, it might be just a simple rating.
If you haven't listened to my previous single Exosphere, you can do it sooner or later if you want:) They probably sound best on headphones but it is your decision how you will listen to them. Thanks^.^

Link to tracks:

Have a nice day
Oct 9, 2020
Hi, I just released my new song on Soundcloud. I would be delighted if you would listen to it and let me know whether you liked it or not:)
Here is a link:
Jun 30, 2020
My new song is released on Soundcloud:D
You can listen to it if you want
Here is the link:
Jun 7, 2020
Hey, sorry to bother you, I'm reaching you because I just released my new single and you might be interested. It's still a collaboration between my mate Martin and me and even though times are pretty hard right now, I hope this beach-inspired song will make you smile. If you have the time, you can even rate it and give it a review...

"Along The Dyke" is OUT NOW on soundcloud:

Jun 4, 2020
Let's have an AOTY black artist showcase.
Please reply to this message with an underrated/less known album by a black artist/ band with black members and I'll highlight it in a list. BLACK LIVES MATTER!
May 31, 2020
Just gave Boygenius a go, it' SOOO GOOOOD. I haven't cried because of music in a long time.
May 31, 2020
Shit, I agree with that take; awesome reply mate!
May 29, 2020
I think it would be important to highlight albums from the past 5-10 years you feel have been truly innovative, either in their general construction (production, instruments usage), vocals, sociopolitical discussion or anything else you can think of.
Would you be kindly be able to reply with 1-3 albums that you think have been truly innovative in particularly recent times?
May 4, 2020
Hey, I have a song out! When you have the chance to, please give it a listen. This is a collaboration between my friend Martin and me. It would be nice if you give it a review or rating. I would love to read what you think.

"Spleen & Lockdown" is OUT NOW on soundcloud:
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