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Swans - To Be Kind
To Be Kind
Mar 29
10cc - 10cc
Mar 28

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Ween - The Mollusk
I decided for my birthday that I review an album that changed me and got me to review music at all.
Before I go any further I just have to say… holy cow thank you all for over 100 followers!
That makes me extremely happy, thank you all so much!
(Also yes I am fixing my old review)

A couple of years ago, I pretty much only listened to The Beatles before I ever really got into music. I finished the Beatles discography and got bored of afterwards. During the summer last year, I rewatched ... read more

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Kanye West - Yeezus
I found this project pretty forgettable, production wise it’s fine, doesn’t reach the highs of his previous work.
Everything else is just really lackluster, and doesn’t say much about anything at all. For “experimental hip-hop” I find myself laughing at it than I do appreciate it. The experimental stuff feels like some gimmick to hide behind because in all honesty, I don’t think it’s good. It kind of says a lot that the most memorable thing for me was ... read more
Tyler, The Creator - SORRY NOT SORRY
The music video is already amazing and then you just add this amazing song on top of that.
Just straight up one of his best he’s ever released in his career.
I am beyond excited for the B Sides.
It wasn’t anything life changing for me but goddamn, everything about this record is nearly perfect.
Every song stands out and feels unique In their own way, so many styles and switch ups and yet it feels so coherent.
To say this album has replay value is an understatement.

Get Got - 9.5/10
The Fever (Aye Aye) - 10/10
Lost Boys - 9.5/10
Blackjack - 9/10
Hustle Bones - 9.5/10
I’ve Seen Footage - 10/10
Double Helix - 9.5/10
System Blower - 9/10
The Cage - 9.5/10
Punk Weight - ... read more

Swans - To Be Kind
This one was recommended to me by @StygianHollow
Thanks for the recommendation!
This was an absolute mindfuck of an album.
The entire time it felt like I was trying to grasp what was a song or what was some sort of nightmare.
It does have issues but I think the positives far outweigh the negatives.
I mean REALLY far.

Screen Shot - 10/10
Just a Little Boy (For Chester Burnett) - 9.5/10
A Little God In My Hands - 10/10
Bring The Sun/Toussaint I’ouverture - 9.5/10
Some Things We Do - ... read more

Kanye West - The College Dropout
(Fixing my old reviews #3)
In my original review, I stated that I really liked the first quarter of this album and thought the rest was much worse.
On my newest listen, I “mostly” agree. I think all the way till Jesus Walks is amazing. But after Jesus Walks, I think it’s consistent, but it’s consistent to the point where I genuinely get bored. Like every song afterwards is an 8 or 8.5/10, but it’s so consistent that it feels like the project goes nowhere for the ... read more


Thanks for following :)


I do nothing but watch adult swim and listen to ween all day.
(Holy shit 100 followers thank you all so much!)
Any list I make is pretty much ranking any music artist that changed me (as a person) and my music tastes.

I wish I stated this when I made my account but please recommend me albums. (In my shoutbox)
I’m Happy. Hope you’re happy too.

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