Halsey - Manic
Aug 21

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Tatsky -
Walking on a chaotic love gushing at the seams of Yves' Prince-like vocals leads to a psychedelic destruction of rock music that drives you insane, and yet somehow is Yves at his most accessible. I don't know how he does it, but he did. I hope Yves never finds his comfort zone, because him stepping out of his box leads to the craziest shit ever in terms of creativity.

Romanticist / Dream Palette was already the best single release of the entire year. The transition is godly. Julia Cumming ... read more
Tatsky -
Sometimes you just need something that is so jovial in its existentialism that it bursts through the speakers and onto the pavement, coloring the whole world around you in the darkest places. Mystic Familiar captures that absurd happiness in the face of everything around you being bigger than you are, harking back to previous albums from Dan Deacon that pointed to similar themes. It's a delight to the ears as much as the emotions, almost like it's the musical version of the music video for the ... read more
Tatsky -
Crazy how this came out the same month as "Manic" and yet this is way more manic and all over the place than the other album. That said, albums shouldn't be based on comparisons, they should be based on their own merits... this is still all over the place.

What is happening here? Am I the only one who can't handle how terribly mixed this is? So many things feels like they're breaking noise gates, and some instruments drown out Kesha's voice in weird ways, as if it was mixed in a ... read more
Tatsky -
This is what it looks like. Long after you fall.

Fuck. This is going to be a shitty review, but it's one I want to make.

There are so many perspectives to talk about this from, since it rippled among a lot of people. I never was big on Mac Miller, but there's something about this album that really hits the lightswitch that makes you look at the rest of his discography differently, including his previous lyrics. Swimming is so much different, much more impactful. There's an evolution that's ... read more
Tatsky -
How producers can turn a possibly interesting artist into complete boring and safe pop... for the most part. There are some producers on here that are clearly incapable of creating a song with any kind of pulse, and that could also be attributed to Halsey as well. One of the most raw songs that feels like Halsey is literally just putting her brain on the page, 929, gets some of the worst production ever. This leads what could be sincere jokes and statements to feel insincere, fake, or worse, ... read more
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