Feb 16, 2019
Eh, I thought the songs were mostly boring and some of the vocal choices (especially on 1972) were a little odd.

However, it is still obvious that BSS cares about what they're doing, and honestly, that's really what matters.
Feb 16, 2019
This album is just way too much fun.

CZARFACE and Ghostface pull together really tight beats, great chemistry, nerdy references and a great comic book aesthetic to create the best album so far this year.
The lyricism here is consistently funny, matching a cold villainous rapper persona with references to Star Wars, Thanos, and even Fortnite.

All this is tied together into a quick package that is always refreshing, and stays just long enough to do it enough justice without overstaying ... read more
Feb 12, 2019
wasn't a massive fan of American Dream but most of the songs from that record are made better here.

Was really happy to see You Wanted A Hit; one of their best tracks.

The covers were really good, especially seconds.

Even if the American Dream songs are better, they're massively outshined by the others.

Best: you wanted a hit, seconds, tonite, (we don't need this) fascist groove thang.
Worst: american dream
Feb 9, 2019
The highs on this are really high, fast, brutal.
The lows are just boring, sometimes it just drags on.

In general though I think it's worth a listen for the sheer aggression.
Feb 8, 2019
basically all the songs feel like really relaxed folktronica with the same guitar lines repeated over and over while noah wails around on top of it.

However, there is kind of a charm and in some tracks a subtlety that comes along with this awkward sound.
Jan 30, 2019
While I admire a lot of the emotion and technical ability that goes into these songs, a lot of these are simply too long and samey to really get into. Every song has a painfully slow tempo, and the verses and choruses sound exactly the same from song to song.


The opening song is completely worth listening to. It has the best vocals, the best melody, and is really good.

If you are into doom, I'd recommend it, but I didn't get a ton of enjoyment out of it.
Jan 28, 2019
Better Oblivion Community Center embodies a sense of warmth and relaxation that is just pleasant. None of the songs are specifically bad, so it works well for a full listen. It doesn't do anything new, but the pure consistency, great songwriting and lyrics make it great.

Best Track: Dylan Thomas

Worst Track: Sleepwalkin' (If I had to pick one)
Jan 23, 2019
Sharon Van Etten's new album is a collection of great, emotionally charged pop songs.

While the album ranges from about a 95 to a 65 in terms of quality I'd say in general it is a great album. With songs like No One's Easy to Love, Seventeen, Malibu, Hands, and my personal favorite, I Told You Everything, this album is generally great. The only song I didn't like as much was Memorial Day, which was a little dull compared to the rest, and the hook was a bit odd to me.

Overall though I'd say ... read more
Jan 21, 2019
Really generic and boring.
Jan 21, 2019
The new Deerhunter album poses some interesting lyrical questions and has some pretty good songs on it (Death In Midsummer, Greenpoint Gothic, Detournement) but the rest is just simple neo psychadelia.
Jan 19, 2019*
Not going to lie, this was pretty great.

The only things I didn't like were some of the odd vocal effects on freelance and the fact that Monte Carlo isn't nearly as good as the other songs.

The production, songwriting, and vocals are almost always great. The backing vocals in "Fading" are amazing. certain synth lines in "Laws of the Universe" feel straight out of a Daft Punk song. While the sentiment of the song "New House" is a little odd, at first, the ... read more
Jan 19, 2019
I like the concept that this album is based on. I think the vocals are great, some of the hooks are absurdly sticky (10 Good Reasons for Modern Drugs, The Arbor) But I can't really see myself returning. It lacks variety and consistency.
Jan 18, 2019
While the songs on here are very musically impressive, groovy, and odd, I can't help leaving with a feeling of, "that's it?" There aren't enough differing songs on hear to leave an emotional punch. However, I can't wait until sungazer attempts a more ambitious project.
Jan 18, 2019*
The best part of this album is Andre's feature.

The rest is pleasant, even a little interesting at points, but i feel it's too dull most of the time.

(Where's the Catch is my SOTY so far)
Jan 2, 2019
This is their best.

Favorites: The Crane Wife 3, The Island, O! Valencia, When the War Came, The Crane Wife 1 & 2, Sons and Daughters
Jan 2, 2019
While I don't think it's the best album by the Decemberists, some of their best songs, strongest concepts, and most emotional songwriting fall on this album.

Favorites include, the infanta, Eli The Barrow Boy, The Sporting Life, 16 Military Wives, and The Mariners Revenge
Dec 29, 2018
dull, but cute
Dec 28, 2018
the people who are taking off points for song titles are reasonable because it stands out as weird when the rest of the album is so perfect

song titles are arbitrary though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Dec 28, 2018
mountain goats on crack

(it's good though go listen to it :D)
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