Pissed Jeans - Half Divorced
Half Divorced is filled with humor and a self awareness that is potent in the Philadelphia / Allentown area. A healthy dose of character. But at certain points if you are not familiar with the band you are sort of left staring around wondering what's going on.
Job for a Cowboy - Moon Healer
Moon Healer takes Technical Death Metal bass playing to new heights. Every aspect of the bands playing seems to highlight the technical prowess across the band, and the Bass is able to bring in a new dimension to Metal. This interdimensional shift comes at the sacrifice of crushing breakdowns and Iconic hardcore moments for a more nuanced brutality that has aged gracefully with the people who enjoy this style of playing. Parts of this album got a little too stuffy and technical without the WOW ... read more
The Pilgrims Of Carossa - The Pilgrims of Carossa
Dark cavernous screams echo through Italian stone marble amongst detached tribal drumming. Many of the dangling percarious arrangements seem to float... Haunting the space with a bit of aimless wandering. The introduction of digital breakbeat elements on Shrooms Dank Patch is a bit unexpected and not too traditional in this style of drone/ambient music... Creating a bit of an Aphex Twin vibe out of no where among the collage of sample classical music. The album is a bit all over the place.
A Tribe Called Quest - Beats, Rhymes and Life
Beats, Rhymes and Life is a bit of a victory lap for the band. By 1996 we were reaching the height of Boom Bap but also seeing a slight transformation into the harder gangster rap of folks like Mobb Deep and the likes. The tribe had always been the sort of cool artistic cats that existed a bit outside the realm of gangsterism... But the pressure here feels like it has them leaning a bit too hard into the cool, calm, and collective type beat production that brought them early fame. The back half ... read more
Veeze - Ganger
Veeze's unique sleepy delivery transports the listener into a drug induced nirvana of mumble rap. As the saying goes... if you try hard, you die hard... Some of these songs it feels like he is talking in his sleep. The Detroit bass is real on a lot of these tracks.
DaeMoney - Slae Season 3
A bit of a sloppy album, not so much a curated vibe but just a collection of drugged out jams to chill to. Detroit on top notch with the bass that bump. Wavy.
DaeMoney - Rockstar Lifestyle 2
So many innovative vibes. Detroit futuristic trill drill. You can just feel how much vibes are oozing out this. Like liquid syrup. I think one of the rappers even falls asleep mid bars in Track 8. It's amazing.
Wex! The Master - HE EXCLAIMED
Wex is onto something here. Jazzy vibes that are immaculate, story telling, artistic as fuck... but the production is not quite there yet. 3 different sonic worlds on each track. Instrumentals help showcase a MF doom inspired cooking session.
Real Estate - Daniel
Daniel shows a more vulnerable side to Real Estate. Taking on emotional tones that are reminiscent of Pine Grove and Andy Shauf. The sort of psychedelic drifting tendencies of the past have been sobered up, the band returns with more song writing and meaning involved. Songs like "Market Street" are a welcomed return for the band's style and bring a sense of joy and warmth we all know the band for.
Necrowretch - Swords of Dajjal
Swords of Dajjal feels like the most perfect level of black metal acuity that meets all standards. It's undeniably good. It's dark, filled with blast beats, and screamed with ferocity. A little production tweaks here and there, and perhaps a more natural sound may do them wonders, but still an enjoyable listen.
Crimson Glory - Crimson Glory
Crazy ass vocal range on this record. Shrieking high's will emerge from the depths of guitar solos and moody ballads like a little vampiric phantom of the opera. Badass 80's Gem. It really is entertaining and a great playthrough. As much as this OOZES 80's metal cheesiness there is an uncanny amount of substance that a lot of Power metal lacks.
Bruce Dickinson - The Mandrake Project
Bruce is able to fly in new ways without the confines of deeply entrenched Iron Maiden Lore. Still in this free form style we get most songs coming in around 4-6 mins. Slower pacing of songs allow for bruce to really open up like a fine bottle of wine. Here he sounds his age... not trying to keep up with a younger version of himself.
Westside Gunn, Conway The Machine & The Alchemist - Hall & Nash 2: The Original Version
the great philosopher Westide Gunn once said, "Why is the sky blue? Why water wet? M16 out the Corvette." Real talk this album is a dream. Stylistically the two effortless trade off signature style and flows over a more airy and psychedelic Alchemist. You would think that a trio like this would stick to hardcore boom bap, but instead have taken a lurking and mystical quality that brings a slight air of Wu-tang era combined with modern New York State Gangsterism.
Gerardo Ortiz - No Tengo Rival
Gerardo brings a poppy and punchy Mexican music that is rooted in soul and instrumentation. His vocal delivery is not over the top, but filled with subtle catchy punctuation and delivery that is slick and fast and a bit flashy. Run time on this is a little long with some stylistic overlap, but overall an intriguing listen.
HIM - Razorblade Romance
Glamorous goth love ballads with some pretty good production for 2000. Heavy and full guitar work accompanies the feminine delivery from such a dark low voice. At times it can even feel Gregorian.
Ankaralı Turgut - Turgutça
Turgutça seems to return to it's Turkish folk roots a bit. At times the production can sound a bit rustic swapping out natural instrumentation and production in places. In other places modern music production takes way with the emerging techniques of 1990. Still the folk style remains.
Ankaralı Turgut And Ankaralı Yasemin - Ankaranın Gülleri
The accompaniment of Ankaralı Yasemin is a really nice addition to Ankaraı Turgut. This back and forth between female and male creates a great dynamic as the ball is passed between band and singer for a performative and fun record interspersed with some passionate slower songs that lean into the vocals. The wonderful strings shine through on this album.
Ἀ​ν​τ​ι​τ​ι​μ​ω​ρ​ο​υ​μ​έ​ν​η seems to have a concentration on mathy djent like grooves intersparced with grindcore like dissonance and speed. A real parade of talent combined with technical prowess.
Ὁπλίτης [Hoplites] - Παραμαινομένη
The intro track sends us into an utterly chaotic and new side of the band. One that has thrown all reserve to the wind. The 1st track is actually so dissonant and off putting and rigid combined with avant-garde saxophone solos that it's hard to know where to begin. But luckily after that 1st track subsided we venture into a rich tapestry of grooves, math, black metal, and raw aggression.
Little Simz - Drop 7
Legendary dubstep producer Jakwob comes on the production for this great release from Little Simz. A great match for Simz considering Jakwob's success with Ellie Golding Remix back in the day. Taking a sort of garage dancey rehash of the drill beat sequence we get a sort of Pink Panthress without as much bedroom crooning.
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