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It's the playful, borderline daft moments that stand out the most, riding the gamut from fun to flipping nuts.

Drowned in Sound

A nice homespun, organic and lovingly prepared supplement to Gloss Drop.

Beats Per Minute

Despite a couple speed bumps, Dross Glop is as solid of a collaborative remix album as you’re going to find.

Consequence of Sound

Some of the tracks are downright ugly listening — like the stuttering EYE remix of “Sundome” that wavers like a mirage — but a few gems shine through.


For such an experimental band maybe they could have pushed these remixes further instead of into a no-man’s land of accessible.

The 405

This would appear then, to be a remix album not particularly for fans of the original body of work, but for fans of the remix artists.


Some of the changes applied to these songs may not strike Battles fans as good or bad; some may just find themselves being neutral to the whole thing.

Oct 23, 2015
A good chunk of this is an absolute snoozefest, but I still give this credit for sounding a lot more playful and creative than most remix albums I've heard. It's also funny seeing Pitchfork give this a higher score than the actual album. I guess they were still really butthurt about Tyondai jumping ship.

Favourite tracks: Wall Street (Gui Boratto Remix), Sweetie & Shag (The Field Remix)
Track List
  1. Wall Street (Gui Boratto Remix) 
  2. Sweetie & Shag (The Field Remix) 
  3. Futura (The Alchemist Remix) 
  4. White Electric (Shabazz Palaces Remix) 
  5. Africastle (Kode9 Remix) 
  6. Inchworm (Silent Servant Remix - Edit) 
  7. Toddler (Kangding Ray Remix - Edit) 
  8. Dominican Fade (Qluster Remix) 
  9. Ice Cream (BDG #Gang Gang Dance Remix) 
  10. Rolls Bayce (Hudson Mohawke Remix) 
  11. My Machines (Patrick Mahoney & Dennis McNany Remix) 
  12. Sundome (EYE Remix)
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Added on: April 17, 2012