Barnowl -
This is an electronic EP getting some critic buzz but being passed over by the masses. Well worth a listen; I am reminded of a subdued Mega Man X6. "Any Day" is a standout track and one of the best songs of this year. Like a lot of good albums, other songs start to grow on you after a few listens. Help Isola out with a listen to her new EP.
Barnowl -
I had the good fortune of being able to experience the release of this album on YouTube, with Elverum performing in the chat. One of the most profound musical experiences I've had. Incredibly emotional and meaningful, this is by far my favorite album of 2020, perhaps of the past several years. It rained in the Pacific Northwest in August today. I went to Anacortes.
Barnowl -
At first, I wasn't sure. But I had to listen again. Then I had to listen again. Now I have songs in my head. This is an album about living as a human being in the online age.
Barnowl -
Old time psychedelic band Six Organs of Admittance return with another moss covered adventure. An underrated release, Companion Rises delivers to fans and new listeners alike a desert-tinged guitar trance. Drift away to places you haven't been since your early 20s. Go to the caves of thinking and be ready to immerse yourself in peat. "Haunted and Known" is the best song on the album.
Barnowl -
This incredibly underlistened and underrated album is the best experimental Hip Hop I've heard all year. What makes it good, is that it manages to not be experimental for experimental's sake. The songs are engaging. In the case of "4D," you have one of the best songs of the year. Give BLQLYTE a listen for a brand new experience.
Barnowl -
My good friend Mark Piss has been into Serengeti for a long time, and he's always said it's good shit. I was convinced with this album - though I was definitely sleeping before. Ajai is a laid back record, but the beats are tight. Story is about being a sneakerhead - but that is more serious than you might think. Give the song "Ajai Finale" a listen.
Barnowl -
Another 2019 electronic album that was not reviewed until 2020 - and only by one source: Pitchfork. As is the story with the 2019 juneunit album, we have in "Resonance" an underlistened album that was missed by all but the deepest digging. It turns out it's a highly original album and in my 2020 top 10. Though it is the least accessible album I've heard in quite a while, it is still nonetheless well worth regular listens. Aleksi has released three new albums in 2020, but personally, ... read more
Barnowl -
It took Pitchfork until 2020 to review this album, and it's still highly underlistened. But this is the best pure electronic album I've heard all year. Released in 2019, but let's put this is the 2020 list. Give it a listen; you will not be disappointed. I will be hard-pressed to find an electronic album to beat this one in 2020.
Barnowl -
These beats are home grown, and they are just the right mix of indica and sativa. Best hip hop this year right behind the Alchemist's releases with GIbbs and Boldy. I do feel like not enough people are listening to this album. You should give it a listen.

It's been a good year for hip hop.
Barnowl -
I thought that it would be difficult to compare this and the new Boldy James. It turns out they are the perfect companion albums. Freddie's rapping is harder core this time around, but with beats from The Alchemist as smooth as a baby's bottom. Easily one of the best albums of 2020.
Barnowl -
It will be difficult to compare this to the new Freddie Gibbs. The only objective factor that presents itself is that GIbbs released another album just last year. There is no debate that Alchemist is on fire. The album is consistent throughout, and there may not be a definite standout song. But this tends to serve to solidify Price of Tea as an album.
Barnowl -
This is a classic album from first listen. No doubt this album will age well. The sample-based work used to create originality is neither gimmicky nor atonally experimental, though it may surprise many on first listen. "Suddenly" is a cohesive album with a signature sound.
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