¥$ - Vultures
Came back to say this song is good asf. Y'all still hating
Homixide Gang - Snot or Not
I just recently listened to both of the Snotty World projects. The fun and nostalgic SoundCloud trap vibe that made those projects great is absolutely nowhere to be found on this lifeless "LP". I hope this new trend of Opium projects being much less creative hasn't translated over to Carti because it sounds like he had nothing to do with this project.
Denzel Curry - Live at Electric Lady
Loving the two new tracks as well as some of these Cold Blooded Soul versions. Troubles and X-Wing sound much better on this Electric Lady recording than they did on the MMESYF Expanded Edition. Not sure if I can say the same for Walkin and Angelz though they are pretty good. I still would've loved to see him and CBS do a recording of John Wayne and it would be really cool to hear the original Entroduction track.
NLE Choppa - Cottonwood 2
This reminds me a lot of that horrible Trippie Redd album released earlier this year. I wanted it to be over from track 3 and NLE Choppa did nothing to make it worth staying while also having incredibly forgettable features scattered everywhere (Except the Lil Wayne feature). I really want people to realize that trap is an amazing genre but this awful 2023 trap scene is not helping my case at all
Blueface - Famous Cryp

I've been trying to rate an album every day this year, and it's gone better than I expected. Instead of writing reviews for every album which is hard and takes a long time, I'm going to move this project to my '365' list so I don't spam track rating reviews. I'll still post reviews occasionally but I won't spam them every day

This Blueface mixtape was better than I expected. Garbage bars and royalty free beats are found all over this project, which somehow isn't a bad thing due to ... read more

Sha EK - Return of The Jiggy

O to the G - 80
Billboard Baby - 80
Level I’m At - 80
Return of the Jiggy - 75
41 Ways - 70
Sitchy Outside - 73
Turned They Back - 70
Menace - 79
Situated - 75
For the Block - 70
Got Bigger - 80
Lately - 83
Losin’ My Mind - 75
Been Through - 78

Trippie Redd - MANSION MUSIK

Trippie is a great artist with one my favorite trap albums oat, but I feel that he's lost his touch. 25 tracks is too much for a Trippie album because it will inevitably become mind-numbingly boring after about 20 minutes. The album has a handful of great features (Juice WRLD, DaBaby, Lucki), but the rest are average and forgettable. I hope he stops riding whatever's trending and try to make his own style like he did in 2017.

---- original ----

I'm not sure if I'll be able to get ... read more


Never understood the hate, she knows how to make a great trap song

Chief Keef - Back from the Dead
The beats are really good and Sosa usually flows well with them but almost every song drags out. When you think a song will be over, he repeats the chorus for the 3rd time. Features didn't do very well except for Lil Reese.
파란노을 [Parannoul] - White Ceiling / Black Dots Wandering Around
This is my second Parannoul project and so far he's 2 for 2. Very excited for his next album especially after that perfect "We Shine At Night" single
파란노을 [Parannoul] - To See the Next Part of the Dream
First amazing album i've listened to this year. Excited for after the magic :D
Pretty cool trap album with some good futuristic production and addictive autotune
Destroyyyyer - yyyy/dd/mm

I'd easily recommend this to anyone who likes modern underground trap music. This album has better production than most of those albums and doesn't feature any of the boring and mundane rapping found on most of those albums. My only problem with this beat tape is that some tracks get a bit repetitive (which isn't the creators fault but rather an issue I have with most instrumental hip hop). I'm definitely going to return to this one a lot.

🟩 Trap Symphony III - 82
🟩 ENVY - ... read more

Ski Mask The Slump God - Slaps For My Drop-Top Mini-Van

🟩 I Don't Care - 70
🟩 Like A Soccer Mom - 85
🟨 Did You Really - 69
🟩 Death Is Long - 75
Ski Mask The Slump God - Drown In Designer

🟩 Shit Talk - 86
🟩 Kate Moss - 83
🟩 Wheres The Blow! - 78
🟨 Billy&Mandy - 62
🟩 UNMASK - 80
🟨 Freaky Fred - 67
🟩 RIP ROACH - 73
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - I Rest My Case
This site kinda hates this album which is to be expected, but imo he's one of the better carti clones out rn
Ski Mask The Slump God - BEWARE THE BOOK OF ELI

🟩 RUN - 75
🟩 DoIHaveTheSause? - 89
🟨 GEEKIN - 65
🟩 BUKKAKE - 90
Ski Mask The Slump God - You Will Regret

🟩 Rambo - 90
🟩 JustLikeMyPiss - 88
🟨 Bird Is the Word - 56
🟩 BabyWipe - 70
🟩 Gone - 96
🟩 Adventure Time - 83
🟩 EverTookATab? - 78
🟩 Winnie - 85
🟨 Energy - 55
🟩 H2O - 86

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