CLJesse -
Okay am I crazy or is "All the Good Ones" just "Beverly Hills"? Like they sound almost identical aside from the production on BH being ever so slightly shitter.
CLJesse -

I wouldn't have been a true edgy 12/13-year-old girl if I didn't stan P!ATD at some point.

Brendon Urie and company used to be my second favorite band of all time. I loved their over-the-top approach to pop punk, pop rock, and straight up pop in their later career. However, with age, my fondness for the group (or, to more accurately word it at this point, just Brendon) has dwindled significantly. There are still a few tracks of theirs I return to from time to ... read more
CLJesse -
The Glow Pt. 0 (feat.) Benji with Bob Dylan in the Workingmen's Dead that called out to Simon & Garfunkel next to Japan
CLJesse -
There's not even a FUCKING sea creature on this cover OR IN ANY OF THE SONG, LET ALONE ANY SQUID!? WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK I PAY YOU FOR????????????
CLJesse -
Ka kino ahau ki te kino ki a koe me koe ki a koe ki a koe ki a koe ki a koe ki a koe ka mohio ki a koe me te tino peera
CLJesse -
Melon is on some literal crack. This is one of their grooviest and hype singles yet, which I am more than 100% for. Every song these guys drop makes me more and more excited for their record I swear.
CLJesse -

We got a little bit of a hot take today boys.

While I did not rate this EP substantially higher than Tourist History (only a 4 point difference) I still think I should give a bit of an explanation as to why I favor a demo EP to the full package. A lot of my preference towards FWSO comes down to both the 2 EP-exclusive songs and the raw edge the demo versions of the TH songs. I've always had a soft spot for pop rock that has a DIY, garage-y quality to it, which ... read more
CLJesse -
Fax Gang's angry alcoholic uncle
CLJesse -

Woah bro!!!!!11 What a RADICAL and EPIC cover you have! That would look SICK in my YouTube intro!!1!

So, imagine you're in a pop band. Your first record is fun, inconsistent, but good overall. Then your follow up was a bit more middling, but you still had some standouts. Your first instinct would be to try and redeem yourself after a sophomore slump by making something truly great. Something standout. Something unique. Something good.

TDCC does not have the ... read more
CLJesse -

Remember when I complimented the production on Tourist History?


While Beacon is fairly nice on the ears as a whole, it's got lower highs and deeper lows than its predecessor, and was frankly really disappointing. I was hoping that the band would be able to not only evoke my nostalgia once again, but manage to reach similar heights. While there ... read more
CLJesse -

To give an explanation as to what the hell this is: I'm going back to some albums that I used to absolutely adore in my middle school years but haven't heard in a few years. After I relisten, I'll make a brief review of each comparing my current thoughts to the love of my younger self. There's quite a bit that I used to enjoy, so I'm going to specify some criteria as to what I'm including. Each album must be:

1.) I will only be covering bands that had multiple ... read more
CLJesse -
[ ag-uh-nee ]SHOW IPA

See synonyms for agony on
noun, plural ag·o·nies.
extreme and generally prolonged pain; intense physical or mental suffering.
a display or outburst of intense mental or emotional excitement:
an agony of joy.
the struggle preceding natural death:
mortal agony.
a violent struggle.
Often Agony .Theology. the sufferings of Christ in the garden of Gethsemane.
CLJesse -
They always ask if there's only a lad, but they never ask how that lad be :pensive:
CLJesse -
Tom Waits, we love you, stop smoking. It's hurting your lungs; your health is slowly crippling. You're breaking my heart :((((((((((((((((((((((((((
CLJesse -
David Bowie? More like....more like....Damid Bowie!!!!!!!!! Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

laugh please i need validation
CLJesse -
Well color me impressed. The Armed deliver a dense, noisy, post hardcore album that immerses you in a cacophonous wave of sound. Ultrapop production-wise is less akin to your average release in the genre and more to that with a hazy, drugged-out atmosphere that makes each track all that much more harrowing. On top of that, the song writing is absolutely killer featuring a banger after banger. This is definitely one that I'll be coming back from throughout the rest of the year, and I'm excited ... read more
CLJesse -
I guess Dexter wasn't so fly (for a white guy) after all....not a fan of false advertising.....
CLJesse -
Old people be like "Yeah, I like bad hard rock what of it? Anyway this new cr*p music you kids are listening to is absolutely horrendous!!!!"
CLJesse -
Where's the Weezer (Van Weezer coming May 7th) version? Rivers Cuomo would be the BEST folk girl icon and QUEEN (way cooler than Yucky Swift)! Stan the absolute icon!!!!!!
CLJesse -
Bro go to a fucking doctor why is your penis head so red
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