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Mar 7

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Feb 25, 2020*
Been wanting to rate this album for a while now, but yeah it's a strong 10/10 for me.

Infectious & flamboyant production, a unique variety of sounds that clash so beautifully together, and a concept that's decorated with neon and glitter. Each track is memorable and the longevity doesn't seem to be diminishing any time soon. I would go on and on about why I love this album so much. Maybe I'll even edit this review when I feel like going more in depth on this masterpiece. But as of ... read more
Feb 16, 2020*
This is a labyrinth of an album. The unpredictable twists, turns, loops, and surprises take you on a journey that its eerie, frightening, yet beautiful in retrospect. However, after its runtime, you find yourself in the same place as before. It's as if Ignota wants to get out of the chaos, only to be pulled back into the darkness she so desperately tried to crawl out of.

A truly haunting experience. I've never listened to anything so emotionally potent in my life. She has amazing control on ... read more
Jan 22, 2020
Very minimalistic yet also lively and expressive. This is my first 070 Shake album, and so far I'm very impressed. For whatever reason, this sounds as if Travis Scott and FKA Twigs morphed into a Transformer (if the movie was caught on VHS)...and I'm all for it. The autotune that she uses throughout most of the project acts more like another instrument. Plus the album cover reminds me of Akira so.. +1 for that.

It's nonchalant, and gave me similar vibes to that of KAYTRANADA's Bubba. With that ... read more
Jan 11, 2020
“The Archer” is potent with melancholy and vulnerability. Alexandra just seems dazed and tired from the chaos of her past relationships, hence why it sounds more toned down compared to her last album. Regardless, it’s still a very enjoyable listen. The simplicity of the guitars and fuzzy drums glide along the slow tempo across each track, which adds mystery and mischief to the album’s personality. The atmosphere is eerie and haunting with tracks like Saving Grace and ... read more
Jul 29, 2019

Each track had this unique charisma to it. Despite the various beat switches throughout the album, Brian effortlessly manages to adapt to the different styles of the songs. His lyricism was witty yet still had moments of discussing deep concepts involving his relationships with people around him and a lot of self reflection. The weaker tracks in my opinion were Confetti and Where does the time go. I just wish that the album ended in a grander way instead of Joji's verse sizzling ... read more
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