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Geese - 3D Country
3D Country
Jun 23

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The Replacements - Tim
My all time favorite album! Such an incredible piece of art from an incredible band. No matter how many times I listen to it, it never gets old. It's a staple of the Alternative underground of the 80s and of rock music in general. It mixes a number of genres like power pop, punk, folk, blues, pop, new wave, post punk, beer, snow, Minnesota, hairspray, ETC to make one of the most interesting, fun and intriguing albums in all of Alternative Rock.

One of the main staples of this album and of ... read more

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shame - Drunk Tank Pink
Drunk Tank Pink is a very exhilarating listen, but serves in hindsight as a highlighter of Shame's progression. Much like Songs of Praise, they do a really good job creating really in your face post punk that delivers a unique punch, but here I feel like they exhausted the sound a tad bit. The first seven song run is very impressive, but then it falls off a bit for sure with 6/1 being the exception. The opener Alphabet is awesome, and Born in Luton as well as March Day and Water in the Well are ... read more
shame - Songs of Praise
FUCKKKK these songs are easily Shame's most intense and hard hitting in all of their catalogue. Most of it consists of intense, in your face guitar driven post punk that does an awesome job of adding some intensity to your day. The first five tracks is one of the best runs in an album I've listened to recently, with the bouncy Concrete, anthemic One Rizla, and the CRAZY catchy Tasteless just absolutely shoving Shame's tight controlled chaotic musical prowess in your face. There is a bit of a ... read more
shame - Live In The Flesh
I absolutely love Shame, and I think they are one of the best live acts of the past decade, but I don't think this set is the best representation of that. While the instrumentals are killer, and of course the band sounds super tight, the vocals generally are weaker here than I would have hoped. Obviously there are limitations in a live setting, but I feel like the vocals, more specifically the background vocals, are lacking in a certain ferocity that is usually expected from a Shame set. ... read more
Quicksand - Slip
Okay so Walter Schreifels is basically the guy when it comes to Post-Hardcore. He has had so many projects that have ever expanded his influence over the entirety of punk since the mid eighties, whether it's with straight edge hardcore legends Gorilla Biscuits and more refined and radio ready Rival Schools, or producing bands such as Hot Water Music and Title Fight, he has major street cred so to speak. Quicksand is only one of many stops this man has taken on his musical journey, but it stands ... read more
Geese - 4D Country
YEAAAH exactly what I wanted from this EP!!!! Its so damn fun and I really like this small set of songs. The breakdown in 4D Country is awesome and obviously Jesse is like a 10/10. Art of War is so cool and was such an unexpected switch, and Killing My Borrowed Time could honestly be one of my favorite Geese songs of all time. Its so free and breezy, and just FUN! This EP is a barrel of fun. Lastly, Space Race is a super cool and breezy track as well with some of the craziest vocal performances ... read more


Thank you again homie :)
Also you guessed right I’m in the other singer lol
Holy shit thank you so much for listening to the album dude!! I’m so happy you ended up enjoying it and I really appreciate the kind words in your review, you’re awesome :))
Hell yea >:)))
Hey man, I just wanted to let you know that my band’s debut album, “Empty Homes in Blue Light” is out now on all platforms! I appreciate if you end up giving it a shot, and if not no worries at all :)
Oh hell yea! I’d love to give it a shot :)
oh thanks dude, that means a lot! And so do you, indie/alternative rock seems to be your vibe and I love it too!
Heyyy, thanks for the follow!
the western cum!! yes dom!!!


Basically a writing exercise for me! I love music very much. I mainly only review albums I enjoy and take the time to listen to multiple times. + Favorite albums list fluctuates every few months or so

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