Sep 30, 2019
All memes, dances, and cases aside, this is one of the hardest songs ever made
Sep 28, 2019
why do you guys intentionally try to make bad music? if you put the effort in, you could make music that people will actually listen to.
Sep 25, 2019
A polished, well thought-out indie rock album. Not something that you see all too often these days. I wasn't blown away, but I did feel like I was breathing clean air for the first time after living in Beijing for 6 months or something. Reminds me of Fang Island too.
Sep 25, 2019
After the first time I listened to 1992 Deluxe, I was hooked. It was a great re-imagining of the gritty New York hip hop style with a uniquely feminine perspective. Nokia proved herself as a writer and rapper, all she had to do after that was remain consistent.
A Girl Cried Red was absolutely awful and pushed me away from following Princess Nokia because it proved her to be a trendhopper (though 1992 did not give me that indication).
Now she regresses even more and moves further away from ... read more
Sep 18, 2019
Not as bad as I expected tbh, she has potential for sure.
Sep 17, 2019

So Ameer is back, more than a year after his forced departure from Brockhampton. And he's still a better rapper than anyone in BH is, at least on the 2 records they've released without him. I'm happy to see he's still working and creating even after being isolated from the collaborators that he had almost exclusively worked with before. Its easy to vilify people that do something unpopular but not necessarily illegal or morally wrong. I know a ... read more
Sep 15, 2019
Smith has a good voice and is a solid writer, but the lack of original ideas and risks taken leads me to toss Lost & Found into the "vibe" carried Mainstream R&B dumpster.
Sep 14, 2019
this is incredible
Sep 13, 2019
Anyone who listened to Charli XCX's leaked project XCX World can see the ambition she had to create a cohesive album. I think Charli has been largely thought of as a singles artist for the past few years due to various label/leak/other issues, along with many of the singles she has put out (ex. Boys, 1999) being very popular on their own and did not need to be put on a project. But Charli isn't just gonna sit around and drop banger singles all the time, sometimes she's got to put a ton of ... read more
Sep 13, 2019
i’m going to put the same amount of effort into this review as Peggy put into this album. While the whole atmosphere of it, along with most of the production, is pretty good, everything sounds unfinished and sloppy. I always understand why artists want to change things up and pursue different sounds, but this is not for me. Despite it not really being my thing, I can see JPEGMAFIA’s progression and All My Heroes Are Cornballs still gives me very high hopes for his future ... read more
Sep 12, 2019
Azealia Banks finally returns after a few years of little musical output. Over 30 minutes of sloppy techno/EDM production, she spits average at best verses and fails to even come close to the quality of Broke With Expensive Taste or Fantasea (two of my favorite hip hop projects of the decade). If I'm being honest, I can't say I'm surprised that this isn't good; since Anna Wintour and Treasure Island, two brilliant singles that compare to and even surpass what was on her older projects, I had ... read more
Sep 12, 2019
While it does just sound like Vic Mensa listened to Sum 41 and said "Yeah I could do that" this really isn't as bad as i thought it would be. 93Punx may be corny, unoriginal, not good, and a low point for Art everywhere, the album is also inoffensive and easy to avoid. I haven't heard the name Vic Mensa in like 2 years, so this is a very blatant clout stunt. Sometimes artists need to know when to stop.
Sep 9, 2019
Sep 9, 2019
Sep 9, 2019
This is overhated, but as someone who got into Bans during the Money So Long days, Misunderstood is a respectable but unwelcome change in direction. Yung Bans has been a frustrating character in the rap game, whether because of his house arrest and subsequent legal limitations, or the online trolling and teasing songs that never release, he's given plenty of reasons for people to hate him. His ego got way too big, and the commercial failure of this album proves that people were not here for ... read more
Sep 9, 2019
If there's anything I've learned about KKB, its that they cannot be defined. Great new track.
Sep 8, 2019
I thought this kind of music died with tumblr... This sounds like Snail Mail took 50mg Prozac and stopped trying.
Sep 7, 2019
While I am not a fan of XXXtentacion and consider him a fucked up individual, he does not deserve to be graverobbed like this. I'm Fucking disgusted by the actions of his mother and his label, and I wish some of his so-called friends and collaborators would stand up for him. Look what happened to Lil Peep: his first posthumous release was a song with X, and knowing that Peep would never have done that when alive, his friends and family vehemently opposed the song's release and eventually ... read more
Sep 4, 2019
I think this is what older Tool sounded like to the people who hate on it for being pretentious and boring. This album bleeds pretension and is nothing new, just more of the same, from Tool. I hate to say it, but Tool just dropped some... mid.

fav tracks: Chocolate Chip Trip (Honorable Mention: Culling Voices)
least fav tracks: Pneuma, Descending
Sep 1, 2019*
EDIT: Video of the year.

Hope he continues on with the memphis rap inspired music because its fitting. I unfortunately do not have a good feeling about any upcoming projects from what i've heard in snippets and leaks.
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