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Jan 17, 2020
This gonna probably stay as the only positive review of this album here. Well, people who know me know that Im a big Eminem fan, and that gonna be probably the reason why no one really gonna take this review seriously. Well, why should you? I like Eminem lol. But dont be afraid, my name isnt Kyle but Im white tho.

However, this album dropped out of nowhere, and not even 30 minutes after the drop I saw over 15 ratings on here rating it already with a score of 0-10/100. But this didnt wonder ... read more
Jan 4, 2020
I dont know where to start with Chelsea Wolfe. One of my most favourite artists of all time. Wolfe always amazed me with her extremely dark, haunting yet beautiful atmosphere and her voice always added another level of beautiful darkness into these tracks. She can do more acoustic songs, she can also go hard af on albums like "Abyss" or just creep you out like on the album "Hiss Spun". I listened to her entire discography several times and I dont think that she has one bad ... read more
Dec 16, 2019
Okay, well: I remember my first two listens to this album. I remember liking and appreciating it. It was pretty cool but I didnt saw how anyone could rate this over a 8 or 9. However, time passed and people (or friends) hyped the shit out of this. They said its a grower. Till then I just didnt see it.

Until now I guess. It IS a grower. I wouldve never expected that the spoken words would grow on me because I didnt saw any enjoyment whatsoever while listening to it. I always thought: damn, they ... read more
Dec 13, 2019
Doesnt come close to Hell or High Water. Pretty boring most of the time.
Dec 3, 2019
I can agree with everyone here: its literally the most "brutal" album Ive listened to. Its short but kinda leaves you speechless at the end. I dont know if Im gonna be able to revisit this album again tho. For my taste it was even "too brutal".
Jan 25, 2020
Same in Korea dude
Jan 19, 2020
Believe it or not Koreans actually hate violent and dark movies.I Saw The Devil was banned twice in Korea and the only way the movie got shown was by deleting some scenes.And even when they deleted it a lot of people hated it for being too violent
Jan 18, 2020
Yeah.One of is because of some historical reasons.The other is because of the graphic sex scenes
Jan 15, 2020
You aren't Korean so yeah.
Jan 15, 2020
There actually more people who hate than likes The Handmaiden in Kirea believe it or not
Jan 11, 2020
Dec 22, 2019
How is your day? (It's for a list)
Sep 9, 2019
Your pfp look like you
Aug 28, 2019
Hello fellow C. Wolfe fan.
I love classical music and Hip Hop but I actually listen to any genre if it sounds good :)

Many albums I listened to aint even on this site but Im too lazy to add them all here.

Sean Paul is my favourite mumble rapper.
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