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Jul 5

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Jul 20, 2020
famousdog -
This record just exudes charisma in every aspect. Prince’s vocal ability is amazing and his sound is so unique, he displays an untamed charisma that is so wild to listen to. The instrumental is vibrant and alive, wrapping Prince in a colourful world of high-spirits, love and freedom. The production on this is stunning.
This album feels like parting in the night, an eventful night filled with emotion and joy with neon lights surrounding you and the moonlight overhead. The final track, ... read more
Jul 12, 2020
famousdog -
This album is mental - unfiltered, aggressive, abrasive and…bloody enjoyable.
The production is pretty awe-inspiring, with some crazy sounds and samples that create, what feels like, a dark, energetic and aggressive soundscape.
I couldn’t understand a single thing MC Ride was saying and, even with the lyrics in front of me, I still didn’t. The lyricism is pretty cryptic and strange, for the most part.
I appreciate thought-provoking lyrics, although I might need to look into ... read more
Jul 12, 2020
famousdog -
I will forever adore Kate Bush’s vocals. It’s not even the vocal ability that impresses me the most but more the amount of personality it has. She is one of the most expressive vocalists I’ve heard and you can tell she is just having fun playing with the various characters that her voice gives life to.
As for the music, it’s very weird and pretty experimental. You can’t really predict a Kate Bush song, it goes wherever she feels like going, moving depending on ... read more
Jul 8, 2020
famousdog -
Beautifully melancholic and subdued, with mournful guitars and sombre vocals. It feels so peaceful and reflective.
I really liked this album quite a bit, I like every track although I do think there are some weaker ones.
This albums opens amazingly, with a dark instrumental that hints at the upcoming sadness, establishing the sorrow of the album, giving the album an emotion for which it can be motivated by.
Her lyricism is really good, with a storytelling aspect to it and nice wordplay. ... read more
Jul 7, 2020
famousdog -
It's alright. I like the sound - it's quite retro and funky. I just feel like the sound isn't enough to hold the album for it's duration, eventually the album feels a bit stale and lacking in exciting ideas.
To be honest, every track sounds kind of the same and the singer sounds the same on each one. I do like her vocals though, they lend well to the dreamy funkadelia.
They have a good sound, I feel they need to something more captivating and emotional with it.

Favourite Tracks: Come Down On ... read more
Aug 9, 2020
What do you think is the most underrated album of all time? This is for a list.
Jul 20, 2020
Thank you man! Maybe you were thinking on "The King Of Limbs" or "A Moon Shaped Pool" when you wrote"In Rainbows"? (the last one is before 2010)
Jul 19, 2020
Hi man, I am working on a list and I would like to have as much views as I can. Here is my question, what are your top 3 albums from the last decade (January 2010 to dec 2019). I am not interest in what critics said or which ones were the most praised albums from that period, I want to know about your personal list. I will really appreciate your help. Cheers mate!
Jun 7, 2020
added your pick, thnk u :)
Jun 7, 2020
In your opinion, what is the most overrated album of all time
May 27, 2020
You know what? I reckon you're right.
May 14, 2020
Hey! I have been releasing singles for a little while now and I feel like I have improved a ton, especially on my most recent single called 100% Wet. I took a lot of your advice from my first single and I know much more music theory. Also, the panning won't be an issue on any of my new tracks haha. I also use a legitimate music production software and actual samples now and I have a computer to do it on, so hopefully that shows!.
Anyways, I'd love it if you could check it out and drop some criticisms!. Thanks!

May 9, 2020
Hello there! Im Malneezy and would appreciate if you can give your time too listen and react to an album I made with some collected loops I made on Bandlab. Here it is.


And here it is to review it: https://www.albumoftheyear.org/album/239983-malneezy-its-everywhere-it-loops-2018-2020.php
Apr 20, 2020
Yo, you may not know who I am but I just put out my first project of 3 I'm releasing this year. I tried 8 different styles and really tried to keep the whole thing engaging throughout, it has mainly elements of hiphop and you'll see me try my best to follow in the steps of new artists like Slowthai and Joey Bada$$. I got it properly mixed and mastered and I hope I can win you over with at least one track. Give it a try and review it, I would love and appreciate some feedback. All love <3
https://soundcloud.com/user-424038419/sets/jwamguymtjvg (Soundcloud)
https://open.spotify.com/album/2XjdWot1VkusLXZWmLCR0T (Spotify)
https://t.co/YsFwUwfHcJ (Apple Music)
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_kHAWgVaCE0eRrHs-x45Dg9MaEyhCHJQ_M (Youtube)
Music is good I reckon.

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