Foo Fighters - But Here We Are
The idea of the compression only ending on The Teacher because of Dave accepting the death of both the drummer and his mother is what made it really click. I'm leaving my og ratings alone for posterity sake. RIP Taylor and Virginia
Rammstein - Herzeleid
Fivio Foreign - concussion
Time to go back to school to learn about audio design fellas
Sematary - Huntin Wabbits
Where is dj sorrow
Bring Me The Horizon - AmEN!
Avenged Sevenfold - Life Is But a Dream...
I's usually interesting...until it just sounds like A7X and the bands they're clearly pulling from.

(GOD is rated as one song)

Finding Mero - In Loving Memories
Set You Free is the better track.
Forgiato Blow - Boycott Target
Bros couldn't even release this garbage cringefest on the right day for a boycott.
Various Artists - Monstercat Uncaged Vol. 5
I think this might be the worst comp, full stop.

Fave tracks: Harpoon, What's Going Down, Paradigm, This Feeling, Board Game, Bring It Back, Prometheus, Monster, Knockin', Sovereign,
Least fave tracks: Kneel Before Me, Feel It Coming, Needed U, COOKIES, Summer, Sayonara, Aiwa, Wicked, Rituals

Dorian Electra - Sodom & Gomorrah
I mean I like it but all I can think of hearing this beat is the Family Force 5 track: Drama Queen

Specifically the chorus:


Various Artists - Monstercat Instinct Vol. 1
The first Instinct comp is certainly a mixed bag. Some great tracks on here, but a good chunk of uninteresting stuff too. Overall I think I like it though.

Fave tracks: Questions, Take Me There, Hands Down, Reconcile, Afraid of the Dark, Crab Rave, Another Night, I Don't Mind, 2 Me, Friend Again, Ghosted, Hang Up, Blind In Light, Something Real, Let You Go, Haiku, Too Smooth
Least fave tracks: Alarm, Shadows, Candy, Rewind

Various Artists - Monstercat Vol. 4
Tracklists for these comps became 40 tracks long going forward from this point, and the label subdivided into Uncaged (Heavier music) and Instinct (more melodic music). This one is also the final comp to include remixes on it.

Fave tracks: THE DROP, I Need You, Spitfire, Doji, We Would Never Do, Disarray, Superhuman (Spag Heddy Remix), The Meaning, Subside, A Lot Like You, Just Dance, Higher, Smog, Higher (Oliverse Remix), Shut It Down
Least fave tracks: Promise Me, Body Moving, Champion ... read more

Various Artists - Monstercat Uncaged Vol. 3
Man I kind of feel mixed on a lot of this comp huh.

Fave tracks: Worth the Lie, Stay, Swarm, Decoy World, How U Like Me Now, Holy, New Dawn, Sprite, We Are One, Got To Be, Freak, Lighthouse
Least fave tracks: Without You, Sight of Your Soul, Let's Get Crunk, Moving Hectic

Au5 - Divinorum
Has a few issues with redundancy, and sometimes the production wasn't roping me in quite as much as I wanted, but overall still pretty enjoyable listen for a 2019 brostep project.
Tut Tut Child - Come to the End; Then Stop
An album that acts as a transitioning point between TTC's very bombastic formative years, and the more mellow and melodic tracks he'd go on to make as Forest Knot. The album is paced fairly well so as to let the more low-key tracks land towards the end. It's not perfect, as I feel like at points it does sound somewhat simplistic in an unflattering way, and if it wasn't for the production style of TTC, the sound palette might come across as incomplete at times, but overall I consider this a very ... read more
Mr. Oizo - Lambs Anger
Zamn! That's some fantastic electro and french house!
Various Artists - Monstercat Uncaged Vol. 2
Probably the worst of the three comps from this year. What were previously high points when I first heard them, have been degraded to middling points much of the time.

Fave tracks: Alien Cookies, Till I Make It, You Me and Gravity, Feel It, Are We Still Young, Get It All, Fragments, If I Could, Discovery, Nurture, Nova, Too Far Away
Least fave tracks: Superhuman, JUMP, Party Don't Stop, Lay Low, That Sound, Circus,

Duumu - Forward
I used to not get the hype with this track, but nowadays I just love it. Extremely clean and textured future bass that's easy as hell to fall into.
Rameses B - Pirate King

You'd think this would be absolutely shit with it being a very sea shanty inspired melodic dubstep and drum n bass track but it actually pulls it off extremely well.

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