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 - Collapse Through a Mind
Kind of a very short EP, I could've gotten a better idea of the sound if it was longer - ends too quick for my liking. Not bad though, I like the eerie buildup to the second track and its crescendo.

Also, cool album cover!

 - Antimai

A more of a happy, indie rock sound than most of their previous albums. This album is very groovy, very synthy, very jazzy, all perfectly balanced together, very playful - unless you pay attention to the lyrics I guess lmao. A perfect lead in from the Indigo Child, although I wasn't the biggest fan of that EP. Also wow, the album cover is gorgeous.

Act VI's hope is finally gone, guys :(.

Favourites: Ring 8 - Poverty, Ring 6 - LoTown, Ring 4 - Patrol, Ring 3 - Luxury

 - False Light
One of the best albums I've heard so far this year.

The opening track starts off with riffs akin to Gojira, and then takes you through a melodic journey. Leviathan is the right name for it, it's a behemoth of a track with a beautiful blend of black metal and jazz. It's amazing. Can you eat a song? I wish you could.

This is a very foreboding album, not unexpected from atmospheric black metal, but the saxophone somehow serves to make it more haunting.

Favourites: Leviathan, Phoenix, Silence ... read more

 - Love Exchange Failure
A mellower album than their debut, Love Exchange Failure has better melodies, riffs, and atmosphere. It abandons most of their saxophone to opt for just a piano based melody, but to be honest I don't mind. This just becomes a great pure blackgaze album. The guitar goes hard - especially in No Cure For Pain.

Favourites: Love Exchange Failure, Poisonous Flowers of Violence, No Cure For Pain, Uncanny Delusions
Can do withour: Shelter (I like piano ballads, but the vocals just don't go well ... read more

 - Futility Report
The only real experience in Avant-Garde metal I have is with Zeal & Ardor, but I am a huge fan of blackgaze and this is, to put plainly, a masterful album, mixing both elements well. Metal goes well with literally every instrument lmao.

The first track is the best of them all by far, but the other songs hold their own too. It's not the best blackgaze album, not when Deafheaven and Alcest exist, but it succeeds in creating a different sound than those bands that works.

Favourites: Deviant ... read more


Hey, I released an EP less than a month ago, and I would love to hear your feedback on it!
u too! seems like we have a lot of music in common haha
Happy to follow you! Feel free to reach out if you wanna chat or discuss more music!


she/her, 18.

Made this account to keep a track of the albums I listen to.

I like all kind of genres, but have a soft spot for metal - especially the melodic, progressive and atmospheric kind. My musical taste is ever developing though, so keep in mind all reviews are just my own. I mostly rate only artists I like - whole discography at a time, hence the high ratings.

Currently favourite artists: Arcade Fire, Muse, Epica, Insomnium, Gazpacho, Crippled Black Phoenix, Alcest and Agalloch.

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