Everyone liked it very much, but I couldn't figure out what made this album such an extraordinary success. I don't know if it's my problem, but I didn't like it except for one or two songs. Although the post-punk vibes were nice, but they didn't have enough dominance for me.
Periphery - Periphery V: Djent is Not a Genre
I hadn't realized that I had such a hunger for a long time, both in terms of progressive and djent. I felt immense pleasure while listening to the album, except for a few songs.
Lesath - There is a profound sense in which we are isolated
I considered the genre of this album of the band to be more suited to the dream pop-shoegaze and post metal style than atmospheric black metal.
Shinagawalove - Vortex
If you consider that this is a debut, I can say that it was quite successful. Not only black metal, but also post effects make you feel a lot. You can hear depressive black metal tones from the vocals. Rhythms too sometimes shift to those points. Although it is basically black metal, some places in there is post metal, depressive black metal and melodic guitar riffs. If these are among the things you love, I definitely recommend you to take a look.
Crom - The Era of Darkness
Sometimes things don't need to promise you great things. This album is exactly like proof of that: It doesn't make you say "wow", it doesn't have anything extra, but it's so sweet, fun and flowing that all the songs go smoothly; you don't get bored. So, I think it deserves more than an average rating.
Fågelle - Den Svenska Vreden
Ok. The expression of each art is different. But what is this? Please give me my time back.
HolyName - Holyname
Although I normally think that the additions with electronic substructure spoil the style of metal music, this album has a unique atmosphere. I wasn't bothered by that. So I think it's more than just a straight technical metalcore album. Unique and characteristic.
Oak Pantheon - The Absen­ce
By the end of the third song, my heart rate actually accelerated, godlessness must be something like this. It's a perfect example of post metal and I absolutely love guitar solos like this one.
Måneskin - RUSH!
A perfect ascent could only have been ruined by hitting the bottom with such an album. Bravo guys.
All Out War - Celestial Rot
There are good ideas used in between in each song, but when you take the whole, I couldn't feel the same excitement.
Trespasser - Αποκάλυψισ
Here is my favorite side of Black Metal. Its ambiance, tone, the way the guitar and drums are used, the success of brutal vocal form a perfect whole. Angry, stirring and dark. It is a complete concept with the harmony of the Anarchy, Revolution, Anti-fascism themes used in the lyrics with the album cover used.
The Faith Hills Have Eyes - The Riffth Element
I realized that the artists were so inspired by so many bands on this album that I couldn't catch it after a point. I'm 100 percent sure that the first song is a metalcore version of Opeth. "Low Blood Sugar Sex Magik" has a vocal style that is a mixture of Deftones and Thornhill. And more like that. But overall I enjoyed the album, it wasn't boring.
Godiva - Hubris
It's an average melodic death metal album, but in my opinion, The Meaning of Life and Dawn songs have the success to carry the album on their own.
No Point In Living - Beautiful Tragedy
Wow. The guitar tones are very good. I felt this most in the song Diamond in the Sand. Depressive, progressive and black metal. I could not have guessed that the combination of my favorite things would result in such a solid album.
Black Yen / ♄♄♄♄♄ - Black Yen / ♄♄♄♄♄
Black Yen (atmospheric doom/black/post metal) and ♄♄♄♄♄ (post-black/atmospheric sludge metal).
The way both bands reflect the genres they dominate is tremendous, you feel this change clearly as you move from the third song to the fourth. In Black Yen, doom and black themes are more in the foreground, post effects are more used in the background. Saturnists, on the contrary, the effects of post-metal are so obvious that they can be understood very clearly. At the entrance of Rhea, it ... read more
Wothrosch - Odium
To start voting, I suggest that you take into account that this album is the first album work of the group. The guitarist has three side projects: "Dark Vision", "Dizziness", "Utkena". I think he the mastery and maturity of the guitar tones owe to this. "Disease" and "Sinner" are my two favorites from the album that followed each other with almost the same perfection. Towards the end of the song "Purge" you see their transition to a ... read more
Høstsol - Länge leve döden
Everything was in its place except for second track "Det som en gång var (det kommer aldrig igen)". A classic, mature black metal album.
...And Oceans - As In Gardens, So In Tombs
I likened the ambiance they wanted to give with synths and strings in some pieces to Summoning.
Mask Of Prospero - Hiraeth
I would have thought this album a average success if they hadn't had such a good post effects on "In Exile" and "Lethe" despite their dominant use of metalcore and djent. This is the first time I've come across post metal effects in this genre, and it looks great.
Tribulation - The Formulas of Death
It still remains the top album of Tribulation despite the passing of years. After this album, they changed their style sharply, they started doing gothic heavy metal/rock. It wasn't bad but I think they wasted it when their potential was at this album level. While blending death, black, progressive and gothic metal in this album, they even use instrumental piano, post and blackgaze inspirations from time to time. The cover was made by former member of the group, Jonathan Hulten. He is an ... read more
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