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rydecker -
Diagnosis: Alive & Stable😴

Fav Tracks: I Didn't Change My Number, Billie Bossa Nova, Oxytocin, OverHeated, NDA, Happier Than Ever
Least Fav: Not My Responsibility, Everybody Dies

Happier Than Ever, the sophomore album by young star Billie Eilish, has a lot to unpack. While, Billie, deals with growing up in the limelight she also dives into themes of relationships, abuse, and even some sexual subject matter. As always we see her brother FINNEAS orchestrating the production that is ... read more
rydecker -
Diagnosis: Alive & Well❤️

Fav Tracks: brutal, deja vu, good 4 u, enough for you, jealousy, jealousy, favorite crime
Least Fav: drivers license

Olivia Rodrigo released her debut single “drivers license” back in January and it spread like wild fire. There really wasn’t a space on the internet you could go without this song popping up. Now a few months removed, we get her debut album Sour, which I expect to also do huge numbers. And for good reason. This album is a teen ... read more
rydecker -
Diagnosis: Alive & Stable😴

Fav Tracks: punchin’ the clock, pride is the devil, let go my hand, close, hunger on hillside
Least Fav:’

What do you remember the first time you heard The Come Up, The Warm Up, and Friday Night Lights. Bars! Articulate Bars! J. Cole is now somewhat recapturing that idea with his new album The Off-Season. This is an album not a mixtape anymore so I’m expecting Cole at the top of his game. While he does come through with some great ... read more
rydecker -
Diagnosis: Alive & Stable😴

Fav Tracks: Bankroll, The Light, Windows, What’s The Occasion, Don’t Shoot Up The Party, Dear Lord, The Light PT. II
Least Fav: Chain On, I’ll Take You On

Here we go. Ok, I’m going to start out by saying the new Brockhampton album ROADRUNNER: NEW LIGHT, NEW MACHINE is a tough one to judge. The hip-hop/ R&B boy band has decided to remove some of their more pop sounds with this record. We see one of the band members, Joba, now more ... read more
rydecker -
Diagnosis: unknown👽

Fav Tracks: ICU (Madison’s Lullabye), The Art Of Starting Over, The Way You Don’t Look At Me, My Girlfriends Are My Boyfriend
Least Fav: 15 Minutes, California Sober

It's been 4 years since Demi’s last album release and a lot has transpired since 2017. Most people probably know about Demi’s past, and if you don’t her new album Dancing With The Devil…The Art of Starting Over covers this topic pretty well. The vulnerability displayed ... read more


Jun 4, 2021
Is very dead. Playlist are the new albuns.
May 18, 2021
Hey ! I’m making a community list for the end of the world, and I would love for you to contribute.


“The surrounding buildings, in ruins. The last survivors, scrambling to find anything that remains. Fire flickers in the pitch-black, creating just a sliver of radiance. Miraculously, you find an old device that can play music. You can only play one album as the battery is nearly dead. Knowing that you have little time left, what is the one album that you choose to listen to as you watch the world crumble before your eyes?”

The album topic could discuss a disastrous time, its sound could fit the vibe of a post apocalyptic setting, or it could be one of your favorite albums that you would want to experience for the last time.

Please provide the artist, album, and an explanation as to why you chose that specific album.

Thank you for reading <3

Here’s the list:
May 8, 2021
albums r dead
Apr 9, 2021
wow i love the concept
Apr 8, 2021
Thanks for the follow and original concept!
Mar 10, 2021
cool concept of reviewing projects!!!!
Mar 1, 2021
Ayyyyy thanks so much! I appreciate the kind words 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Mar 1, 2021
Hi there, cool concept
Mar 1, 2021
Love the concept of this profile.
Mar 1, 2021
thanks for following


a place to decide if albums are truly dead

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