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SamBrende -
Wonderfully self indulgent and tremendously raw, Mule Variations finds Waits pushing boundaries farther than ever with some of his most severe vocal performances, lopsided instrumental arrangements and an exceedingly thorough exploration of timbre. However, while blues are a certainty in any Waits LP, some of the more straightforward, melancholy examples like Hold On, House Where Nobody Lives and Georgia Lee present as a detriment in this project more than any other. Weakening the incredible ... read more
SamBrende -
A compilation of utterly inoffensive, generic pop singles that continue to push Gorillaz in a worrying direction. Looking at the elementary song writing, formulaic structuring and weak narratives, I can't help but wonder how the band that gave us Plastic Beach has become this uninspired.
SamBrende -
"You drink it just like water (water)."
SamBrende -
A valiant effort and a sure feat in production, but a lack of sonic direction, development and pacing (especially in the first half) combined with Diggs' deadpan delivery left this project disappointingly feeble.
SamBrende -
It's subtlety that makes Loveless the masterwork it is. While production techniques transform an electric guitar into a looming cumulonimbus, it's the genius of the songwriting that envelopes you in that cloud. The melody lines here have an immediate innocence, offering linear tonal development and rhythmic simplicity, with momentum just sufficient to generate a sway. They have no where to be, as only the wind supplies their direction. The harmonic arrangements transform this idea, countering ... read more
Nov 19, 2020
I’m actually unfamiliar with that, thanks for sharing!
Nov 18, 2020
I really appreciate the kind words! I have never taken that into serious consideration. I think that would definitely be an interesting endeavor, but I’m not sure if it would attract a significant amount of viewers as the topics and subjects I would likely bring up only appeal to a very specific kind of niche, intended mainly for the adventurous and curious listener. On a another note, I don’t know whether I could fit that into my already busy schedule, but as for AOTY and RYM and their casual nature they both best suit my current situation. I do wish however that there were more channels dedicated to the analysis of the music we both love.
Nov 14, 2020
Both were master pianists, both masters of the romantic mode, and both significantly furthered the language of the piano. The Hungarian rhapsodies and The Nocturnes in my opinion stand shoulder length with the other, but where I find one composer to be superior over the other would be in influence. Putting it simply, Liszt was integral for the eventual formation of atonality, without him the rock upon which atonal masterworks stand would be of sand. Chopin perhaps was a greater master of the general Romantic idiom but Liszt in his compositions was always forward-looking.
Nov 5, 2020
could replace it with, if it was based purely upon personal preference as opposed to influence.
Nov 5, 2020
has a great sense of buoyancy. Nevertheless, I don't prefer Nico in this sort of environment, even though John Cale handles much of the production on the album, I much prefer Nico on her solo albums accompanied singularly by John Cale's production, that is where I most enjoy her, especially on The End. I find her solo material to be momentously dynamic, and while TVU and Nico is also dynamic I don't find them to coexist on the same level. I do believe the album has a couple of phenomenal tracks, being Venus in Furs and All Tomorrows Party, and the atmosphere that John Cale's viola creates is especially wonderful. Another quibble I have with the album is its general consistency, now there is a slight problem with this because in part I think the band intentionally crafted it this way to be juxtaposed against the also rough and raunchy lyrical content. The album is included in many top-ten lists and I can certainly see why but personally there are plenty of other titles i.
Nov 5, 2020
Hey, sam, I don't know how unique my opinion of the album is but I'm happy to share it!

It's an impossible task to say exactly how influential and groundbreaking the collaboration of Nico and The Velvet Underground is, the style that it inhabits may not seem especially groundbreaking nowadays but at its heart and overall presentation is nevertheless a great album even through the lens of our kaleidoscopic modern goggles. However, my criticism of the album is a mix of aesthetic criticism and personal opinion. The unpredictable stylistic choices made by the band ranging from the Warhol painting to the production palette are what makes the album so universally unmistakable in a record store or playing through speakers. However, my criticism can be found within the individual songs and not necessarily the complete album presentation. I have somewhat of a love-hate relationship with Nico on this record, I think she adds to the album a considerable amount of weightiness, yet the album
Oct 31, 2020
and take in the view, but he must remember to stay on the path that will lead him to his ultimate destination. For me when analyzing and listening to a classical piece I rarely take into account the compositional quality but actually i mainly consider the interpreter and his product along with my emotional experience and how it relates to the rest of the titles on my modified scale. If I wanted to analyze the piece without someone varying the piece I usually seek out a copy of the composition and analyze it by simply reading it.

Since you mentioned that you have been studying Bartok's string quartets I would purchase a copy of them (if you can read music), but also listen to more than two interpretations of the composition as well. I am currently analyzing Shostakovich's string quartet's specifically the eighth since I am trying to organize a performance of it ( i play the viola).
Oct 31, 2020
Of course in any notated compositional work the writer/composer specifies the dynamics, assigning particular emphasis on notes through accents, whether the piece should progressively become louder through crescendos or should be performed gently and softly through the instruction of pianissimo. The job of the interpreter is to follow the given instructions but most importantly to translate the emotions of the piece according to that person's personal experience. Being able to distinguish quality between a performance and a piece's instructed directions is only achieved by listening to more than two interpreters. Putting the role of the interpreter in real terms is something like traveling. Equipped with a map and all the required necessities, our person begins his journey. Now, this person must follow the directions to get from point A to point B but whatever happens in between and the decisions made are solely up to the decision-maker himself, whether to stop...
Oct 27, 2020
be above that score, but my emotional connection and my overall measurement of the albums worth translated through a numbered scale are oftentimes very different.
Oct 27, 2020
It was actually at an 85. First of all, all of my ratings are liable to change in the future, inevitably my taste evolves (hopefully not too drastically), and the season in which I rate albums could change as well. This isn't true for every album, I try to rate as accurately and thoughtfully as possible but there are occasions where there are exceptions, most recently being Remain in Light. I have a great deal of respect and admiration for that album and I assume I always will have, however as my taste has evolved over the years I have found that in ranking it alongside the many albums I esteem to be of considerable importance and overall worth, I don't see it as standing in equality with them. I can assure you it will not decrease below the 70 mark because it deserves to be above that mark, but when stacked up and measured against the albums I have in the higher tiers, I don't find them to stand shoulder length with the others. My emotional connection to that album may very well
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