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Jan 25
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se101 -
“유령들이 둔 씨앗 뿌리치고
패턴이 키운 가지들 다 잘라내고

Very little is known about Mid-Air Thief, the one-man band behind the rabbit mask. Other than the singular photograph of himself with “Crumbling” collaborator Summer Soul, where he dons a rabbit mask to obscure his face, there are no existing pictures of Mid-Air Thief. He is based in South Korea and makes music that defies singular genre description, mixing elements of ... read more

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se101 -
“That ripple in the water
Climbing higher up
Where nobody sees
Look at the sky and spot the green”

In 2013, Kero Kero Bonito released their debut mixtape, “Intro Bonito,” through Double Denim Records. The mixtape portrayed the group as a fun pop-rap trio, consisting of vocalist Sarah Midori Perry and producers Gus Lobban and Jamie Bulled, working together to fuse western pop aesthetics with J-Pop and J-Rap qualities. The group’s second major project came in 2016 ... read more
se101 -
“It's the most beautiful thing you'll ever see
And yet you walk past it all the time
On your way to work”

Shame debuted as a band in 2016 with the single “The Lick / Gold Hole.” Both songs featured nasty basslines and simple but intense drumming all tied together with grimey vocals. This style, and these two songs, would be the focal point of their 2018 debut album “Songs of Praise.” Rather than continuing with the typical post-punk style on their second ... read more
se101 -
“Break me into bigger pieces
So some of me is home with you”

Until sophomore year of high school, my musical taste was largely made up of two components, rap and indie rock. I was a pretty casual music listener but had found a couple niches through my own personal music interests, such as my discovery of Zach Hill when I was in eighth grade and my subsequent intense Death Grips phase in 2014. One day during sophomore year, I was studying in my high school cafeteria before a jazz ... read more
se101 -
“Cause I’ve been livin’ on the outskirts of society my whole life”

It wasn’t hard to find a lyric from “Welfare Jazz” that I thought encompassed the album as a whole. In fact, it was much harder to take all of those lyrics and find one single faux-badass lyric that I thought conveyed how corny this album was better than all the rest. Certainly Viagra Boys must be so fully submerged in this belief of themselves to be outlaws living on the outskirts of ... read more
se101 -
“Love is 4 walls
너로 채운 Mirror mirror”

K-Pop as an industry is not often prone to accepting and encouraging experimentation within the typical synth- and dance-pop stylizations that dominate the genre. However, there are groups that push those boundaries, creating uniquely addicting music. Most prominent and influential of those groups is the second generation girl group f(x) that debuted in 2009 with their first single “LA chA TA,” an enjoyable electro/dance-pop ... read more
Jan 16, 2021
Solid pick that. Thank you for participating, and here's the link for the list, feel free to check it out!
Jan 16, 2021
Hello Simo! What is an album that you've given a 100 score, and why so?

Simple explanations are fine enough, but detailed reasoning is of course welcome. If you have multiple 100s, then just pick one of them as your answer. It's for a list by the way. Thanks in advance, and have a great day!
Jan 3, 2021
Hi, hope you’ve been doing well! I had a question for you, what’s your least favorite album from your favorite artist? Thanks in advance!
Jan 3, 2021
Thanks for the addition!
Dec 31, 2020
Thank you so much for responding! The list is out now if you want to check it out:

Have a great night/day, and happy new years! <3
Dec 30, 2020
2020 has been a huge roadblock, a year that a lot of people would want to forget. Filled with hardships and pain. As this year is coming to a close, I wanted to ask a question for a list. What song would you listen to, to end the year off entirely? It can either be a send-off song, or a song that you would listen to in high hopes for 2021. Hope I'm not bothering, and if you respond, thanks for the help!
Dec 29, 2020
Also, what's your favourite Radiohead song? It's for a list btw


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30 = Indifferent/Inconsistent
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The point of my rating scale is to space out the albums I listen to since I enjoy a vast majority of them. This way I can better visualize how I feel about albums by having more ratings indicate positive scores. It;s also helpful to better separate albums I really love from albums I casually enjoy.
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