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Apr 15, 2019
In all honesty this album is probably closer to a 6 by itself but in comparison with the latest albums In Flames has been releasing, it earns bonus points for going into the right direction. FINALLY moving away from the Hard Rock edgy nonsense that the last few albums were: In Flames has returned with a surprisingly well mixed and well written album that even contain a few songs that I would consider stand out hits for Modern Melodic Death. The first few songs are fantastic and almost sound ... read more
Apr 12, 2019
A fun, welcoming album into the mainstream of the EDM community with some actually impressive standalone songs like Summer. This album has beats and an aesthetic that is reminiscent of the "Happy Trap" genre, and almost feels like it was inspired by other in the genre like Wave Racer or Vindata. Vibrant, near irridescent visuals combined with the happy go luck vibe that Marshmello was presenting made this album release and tour an enjoyable experience for me.
Apr 12, 2019
Commercial success usually doesn't affect the sound of artists as rapidly and as harshly as it did to Marshmello; what was once a breath of fresh air into the edm community has now become a bastardized sound of overly produced soulless pop hits. This album would have been a zero had it not been for a few songs that carried some traits from the last album.
Apr 12, 2019
Much like Citadel, it appears that Ne Obliviscaris are choosing to keep their music towards a large partially segmented movement of music that can really be viewed as a 1 hour near operatic musical piece rather than 6 individual tracks. Within this album the bandmates show that they are capable of enhancing their sound and were really able to fine tune each portion of their sound to be what i consider a very successful iteration over their past album. A heavier focus on the heavy aspects and ... read more
Apr 12, 2019
A welcome evolution to the symphonic progressive sound that Ne Obliviscaris created in their first album with a focus on creating almost classical-esque partitioning turning their albums into more of a singular movement of music, ebbing and flowing throughout the tracklisting to create a beautiful medley of ambient movements with soft instrumentation that transitions into harsh progressions with the incredible riffs created by Benjamin Baret and Matt Klavins and Xenoyr still remains one of the ... read more
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2.)The album's quality in comparison with other albums from the artist and the genre
3.)The technicality, mixing and any other features that stand out
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