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Sh5 -
I prefer this tyler compared to the new tyler. I can see the slim shady and relapse influence most of the tracks. Love the creepy shock/horrorcore lyrics.
Sh5 -
Decent album . Grew on me after a few listens.

I absolutely love intro track and I think

Earth quake and running out of time is pretty good too. The rest of it is ok to mediocre. A few lazy lyrics .

This album is a Mixed bag for me .

Edit - it got worse
Sh5 -
I tried to like this album but just couldn't . The beats are boring and some of the hooks are cringe ( see you again ) . I like his subject matter and rapping though . Nothing personal to Tyler fans but it just isn't for me .

Only song I like was glitter. The rest of it ranges from ok to boring.

Not going to score it lower then 40 because I have to praise his subject matter and his lyrics.
Sh5 -
Dam this album is fire. Eminem is corny has fuck sometimes and talks about his privates too much and haters will pick on this and roast him for it but if you break down the wordplay and metaphors, it is very impressive. Some of the weird lines are funny as fuck and I get good comedy out of it because I'm laughing my ass off lol. Go to steve Knight on youtube to see what im talking about in terms of the genius wordplay .

People hating on this come in 3 categories

1- toxic trolls and ... read more
Dec 20, 2020
yeah at first it was a 6/10 but it’s getting better, the b-sides are pretty much the same for me. i’ll try Kamikaze today and see if it changes
Oct 29, 2020
From 2010 to 2019, Eminem was the primary artist on 6 albums. In six albums, Eminem focused to be a technically gifted rapper in the vein of Pharoah Monche or Vast Aire, opting to push his lyricism into places lyricism have never gone before. He prioritized originality and difficulty of delivery over everything else. But, in going all-in on this idea, he ignored a lot of things that made his previous work so good.

His voice has turned to dogshit - the yelling style is so hard to enjoy on a front-to-end listen, it's grating and irritable. If that wasn't bad enough, he's decided to make every decision regarding his music in an attempt to piss off rap fans - P!nk choruses, a serious lack of help from substantive MC's, and some downright *AWFUL* samples of dime-a-dozen classic rock hits. Man beefed with MGK - that's your GOAT? Dude who'll pick on a cheap boy toy to stay relevant? Yeah, okay. Just know his stuff from Infinite has more swagger and style then anything he's making nowadays.
Jul 25, 2020
I must admit, for It's a bit cringy at times; although im pretty sure I would have loved it when I was a bit younger, I still really enjoy relapse. But I love the beats and enjoy most of the lyrical themes. Basically I ENJOY what I enjoy and don't rate shit low to be a contrarian.
Jun 14, 2020
A mixed bag to me can still be good, just not great. Some songs on there are great, some are decent, some are bad, and they're all over the place stylistically too. I think Hollywood's Bleeding is a perfect example of a mixed bag.
Feb 22, 2020
Each to their own, we just have to respect that everyone has their own opinion. he cant be losing if his selling millions and going to number 1. Critics have given his new album either a 4,68 ir 10 out of 10.mixed bag i know but alot of youtube reveiwers have rated it high and on metacritic user score is at 8.5. I think his still very lyrically and new album is fire
Feb 22, 2020
No, Eminem is not very good anymore. He has been on a losing streak for like 3 years now.
Jan 20, 2020
Jan 19, 2020
a quote from AOTY user Sh5: “ Ahh shut up bitch . 10 rating is retarded , go back to school. By the way I have University degree , I doubt you have one judging by your comment ... :)”
Jan 19, 2020
Oh shut up . Algebra must be a weak point based on your rating of this album . What a joke. Lol stop talking to me please lol 😂 your rating is so immature . Even some albums I don't like I have rated 40 or 50 because I give points for energy , beat and lyrics. If you don't know how to review stick to sucking dick lol
Jan 19, 2020
It’s also immature and naive to think that if an album grew on YOU, it MUST grow on EVERYONE ELSE. If you wanna troll, go on 4chan. Let real discussion happen on this website.
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