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TruLad69 -
Bubblegum industrial nu-metal?? I’m game.

Yeah, this thing is a pretty wild ride. I wasn’t overly high on last years ‘peaceful as hell’ but I’m really enjoying this. The move to a generally heavier and more abrasive sound is welcomed and I think balances out the more twee poppy elements of their sound which I’m not quite as into. There’s so much going on in this record that I’m still finding new things to enjoy 10+ listens in.

Lyrically, this ... read more
TruLad69 -
Some solid ambient stuff in here.

If you’re familiar with Christian’s previous stuff they’ll be no surprises and you’ll likely enjoy it if you’re already a fan. The ‘parallels’ idea to rework some of the classical greats is very nicely done and makes for an interesting narrative to enjoy the album through. I will say though that it’s always been quite clear the Christian has always taken a lot of inspiration from classical composers so I ... read more
TruLad69 -
Argggh. This is a disappointment.

I’m a big Cloud Nothings fan but this isn’t doing anything for me. Aside from one or two nice hooks/chorus’ peppered throughout the track listing this is a pretty dull affair. We still get some classic Cloud Nothings style and energy in the performance (particularly the drums) but most of the songs are really quite unmemorable and sound like a band going through the motions.

Even the more enjoyable tracks on here would sound pretty weak on ... read more
TruLad69 -
“Harmony is obtained by disharmony and melody by dissonances”

Fucking right on. This thing is insane.

Have to say I was a little put out by the production and mix of this at first. It’s not beefed up like most metal records and is very natural and weirdly clean sounding. The guitars are obviously loud and crushing - but oddly not overly distorted. You can hear all the little nuances between each instrument. There are even moments when you can actually hear the bass rattle ... read more
TruLad69 -
Conflicted on this one. There’s so much variety in here and I would usually see as a sign of strength. Unfortunately in this case I find myself really enjoying half of the songs and feeling pretty meh about the rest. ‘Michelangelo’ is a really good opener, ‘Hard Drive’ is one of the most interesting Indie tracks I’ve heard this year and “The Ramble” is an amazing closer. I just don’t have much to say about the rest.

Not fully for me but I ... read more
Mar 2, 2021
Wow! You definitely described it in a great way, I’m stoked to hear it, definitely will be checking it out soon!
Feb 28, 2021
Hi friend! Thanks for the follow! Let’s connect, what would you consider your favorite album of this year so far? 😁
Feb 6, 2021
Thanks for following!!!!
Feb 1, 2021
Hello, I love your album reviews.
My new EP, a very short one has just released. Will be grateful if you listen and review it. I need honest review, it could be harsh but I want to know what people thinks and how can I improve. There's is some Hindi Lyrics (very few) but the 90% of the album is English. Attaching the AOTY and Spotify link. Will be grateful forever if you respond. 🙏🙏


Personal project.

Gonna try to listen to and review as much new music as I can this year.

Working on a simple 1 - 10 scale.

100 - Five Star Frog Splash ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
90 - Amazing
80 - Great
70 - Good
60 - Solid
50 - Indifference/Fine, but not my jam
40 - Mainly bad with some redeeming qualities
30 - Bad
20 - Can only reasonably manage x1 full listen bad
10 - Insultingly bad

Hit me up with recs - big fan of anything gloomy, dark and foreboding.
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