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Arca - kick iiii
kick iiii
Dec 12
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KicK iii
Dec 11

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TruLad69 -
Really shows how amazing a band Broken Social Scene are that they can put together a record of b-sides that is this good. This even flows like a full studio album.

Aside from Stars and Spit, which is weirdly unnecessary mix of two already great tracks that unfortunately makes a worse track, the majority of this is all killer no filler. This can rarely be said about a b-sides project.

Fav Track: Curse Your Fail
Least Fav Track: Stars And Spit
TruLad69 -
God damn this just gets worse and worse. The Wombats are easily one of the most landfill of all indie landfill.

Fav Track: Method to the Madness
Least Fav Track: Don’t Poke the Bear
TruLad69 -
This is as good as was expecting it to be without really blowing my mind. There’s much more trap influence than previous releases but Earl sounds more than comfortable with this sound, albeit a little generic because of it.

The real standout moments are in the instrumental additions. Those ascending/descending synths and pianos in 2010 and Vision are so fucking cool and some of the best flourishes Earl has put on his tracks to date. My main disappointment is in the Armand Hammer feature ... read more
TruLad69 -
A synth pop juggernaut that’s impressive in both it’s immaculate and enjoyable theming as well as the seeming effortlessness in it’s delivery. There’s certainly a slump in the closing stretch with too many forgettable tracks and an odd and ill-fitting Lil Wayne feature, but on the whole, this is a very good time which I very much dig.

Fav Track: Take My Breath
Least Fav Track: Less Than Zero
TruLad69 -
Hyperdubs schpiel on this was incredibly on the money. This is Burial reduced to vapours. A scrapbook of Burialisms. A Burial collage. Any other way you want to put it.

I quite like to think of this release in the same way as William Basinskis Disintegration Loops. This is Burial completely disintergrated, fragmented and reduced to shadows. The main difference here being there’s nothing looped at all. Tracks fade into silence, new sections appear and leave - never to return. Its ... read more


Nov 3, 2021
Thanks for contributing, just posted the list, here’s the list if u wanna check it out :))
Oct 28, 2021
Hi again! Just noticed no one has done an AOTY’s favourite 00s album community list yet so I’m jumping in this opportunity. If u wanna contribute, shout me your top 10 albums of the 00s (please specify if unranked), I’ll let you know when the list is posted :)
Sep 9, 2021
Sep 8, 2021
nice pick, i'll let u know when i post the list!
Sep 8, 2021
Hi, I’m making a list about album/s that changed AOTY users music tastes, if u have any albums that introduced u to new genres or shook up the music u listen to or something like that, i’d love to know :))
Apr 13, 2021
I did!! thanks a lot
Apr 11, 2021
your page is super good. so much records I never heard of before, I guess that means that now I got a lot more recommendations :D Lots of love from the bottom of my heart!! Have a wonderful Day!!!
Mar 31, 2021
Thanks for the follow! Really solid stuff, glad to have found your page!
Mar 2, 2021
Wow! You definitely described it in a great way, I’m stoked to hear it, definitely will be checking it out soon!
Feb 28, 2021
Hi friend! Thanks for the follow! Let’s connect, what would you consider your favorite album of this year so far? 😁


Not really a TruLad.

Ratings in 10s. I’m no coward.

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