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Cordae - From a Birds Eye View
Picture the whole hip hop genre as a successful restaurant with a wide variety of dishes of all cuisines. I’m talking Italian, Indian, Korean, Croatian… They have it all. Imagine now you’re going into the restaurant you can order whatever you want. You could go with the classic “Illmatic” Lasagna or maybe some “Madvillainy” Chicken Tikka Masala. But no for some reason you’re ordering unseasoned chicken with a side of mayonnaise “From a ... read more

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Open Mike Eagle - Component System with the Auto Reverse
This is exactly what I wanted from Mike. While his last album was mostly a dive into a terrible period of his life, that he presented in a sarcastic way. This is a more well rounded look at him, where he still explores personal topics in his signature comedic manner. One thing i always loved about him, was how easily relatable he is. For me, this was already apparent in the first song, where he casually throws out “Listening to Popeye by Quelle Chris”. Now this was one of my most ... read more
Freddie Gibbs - $oul $old $eparately
Thanks to the homies @DonCorleone and @Z.Younk for mitigating my expectations. If i went into this record blind, i think i’d be pretty disappointed. I’d probably expect a hardcore Gibbs album, or the soulful gangsta style that we got from his Madlib collaborations. Needless to say this is completely different, it’s his excursion into the mainstream. For what it is, it actually isn’t bad. Sure Freddie's performances aren't always the best, sometimes he stumbles over his ... read more
billy woods & Messiah Musik - Church
Legend has it, I come back to the site whenever Billy drops a new album. It’s crazy that this is even better than “Aethiopes”. While that record was more experimental, having an eerie and a subtle sound to it. This one is comfortable with being a more straightforward beats and bars showcase. It’s building on the style from his Kenny Segal and Blockhead collaborations. In all honesty, this feels like a spiritual successor to “Hiding Places”. I always respected ... read more
Roc Marciano & The Alchemist - The Elephant Man's Bones
A couple of years ago, I would’ve hesitated to call The Alchemist one of the greatest producers of all time. But time after the time again he exceeds himself, to the point where you can’t deny it anymore. Instrumentation wise, this record is on par with “The Price of Tea in China” and “HARAM”, which I see as some of his strongest work. It’s that silky smooth, mafioso sound he does so well. Roc Marci for the most part takes full advantage of these ... read more
JID - The Forever Story
I actually didn’t plan on checking this album out. But seeing the positive reception it got, and all the hype surrounding it. I kinda had to. I used to be big on his last album, “DiCaprio 2”, but it seriously wore off me in recent years. The main problem I had with it, was that JID wasn’t saying anything at all. Sure, he was showing off his technical ability, but what good is that if the album lacks substance. 

This record sees JID improve in that aspect. He does ... read more


I hope you can win it man
I need new reviews from you bud šŸ˜”
I was looking at your profile and misclicked the following button šŸ’€
Yo, wha'd you think of new Woods?
As far as fiction goes, Clockwork Orange and Catcher in the Rye were always my favourites. But tbh I don't really read fiction anymore. I only tend to read for my philosophy course.
Thanks for the follow dude! Yeah, I'm slowly hearing to Boldy and I'm impressed
My bad lmao. I was gonna say I wish I had enough self-discipline to stop myself listening to singles. Damn, I didn't know you fucked with the album that much. Tbf, Make a Poet Black is one of the best hip-hop songs of 2021 in my eyes. Maybe I'll give the whole record another spin.
yeah lol i was expecting mid-low reviews but hot damn lmao
I feel ya man. In terms of hip-hop, apart from billy woods, I'm only really looking forward to the new McKinley Dixon album. Have you checked out the singles? I definitely recommend them if you haven't. The production is so grand and lush that it kinda reminds me of Inflo's production on SIMBI at points.


Hip-hop head by heart, but iā€™m also venturing into some other genres. Always relisten an album before reviewing. Everything 70+ is quality. Recommendations are always welcome!

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