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PelicanManners -
Preservation perfectly showcases how to make a proper compilation album. Apart from the first track, all of the songs are straight quality. The whole project has a certain vibe going for it, sort of a light oriental feel. The rappers that are featured here are incredible. If you're a fan of underground hip hop, these features will definitely excite you.

Strong Eight /8

If anyone is interested, I made a list of what I deem essential 2020 hip hop ... read more

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PelicanManners -
Ratking was a New York underground hip hop group, comprised of rappers Wiki, Hak and producer Sporting Life. This is their debut album and what it essentially is, is a lighter version of industrial rap mixed with elements of trap and quite a few dope ideas. Wiki and Hak are on their A game, describing New York in gritty detail. Sporting Life though deserves a lot of credit, the beats here feel experimental, noisy but at the same time smooth. In the end it all came together very well. Shouts to ... read more
PelicanManners -
Brother Ali is a legendary rapper, whose style of conscious hip hop I really appreciate. This didn’t excite me that much though. It’s length is 12 minutes with 11 tracks. The songs end up being quite short, but they’re definitely not underdeveloped. It’s just really forgettable, when your songs are this short you really have to do something to stand out. This wont make you a Brother Ali fan, but if you’re already into him, you might want to check this out. ... read more
PelicanManners -
If you’re a fan of underground hip hop, you have probably heard of Premrock. He’s an artist that has been heavily featured on the Backwoodz studios label (Billy Woods’ label), he is also part of a duo called Shrapknel with Curly Castro. While i liked their last album, i felt like they had a lot of potential to still bank on.

This is his best work yet. The instrumentals are a perfect mix of abstract rap beats with classic boom bap. The features are equally great. With Elucid, ... read more
PelicanManners -
It didn’t move me as much as i would expect, but i still like this a lot. It’s not as abrasive, noisy and experimental as her previous projects, so sonically this is quite a smooth listen. Everything still hasn’t clicked with me, i need more time to process the lyrics. That’s why, my rating might change with more listens. I’ll be sure to update the review if that happens.

Favourite Tracks: Mangrove, Shekere, Made a Circle.

Light Eight /8
PelicanManners -
Al teams up with some of the best names in underground hip hop, it’s just 3 tracks but i really liked all of them, also the cover art is fantastic.
Apparently part 2 is coming soon, so I’m definitely excited for that.

Light Eight /8


Sep 20, 2021
Hi! With pleasure, you're welcome! It's totally deserved, keep it up
Sep 19, 2021
i'm doing great, can't complain. hbu brudda?
Sep 18, 2021
damn ur picture made my day lmfao...i see this 1st time. omg thats the reason why i livin fo...hahahaha.amazing!
Sep 18, 2021
thank you so much!
Sep 15, 2021
i come here every now and then, just not reviewing
Sep 14, 2021
you're welcome!:)
Apr 2, 2021
I wasn't as crazy about the Small Bills album after revisiting it recently, liked it more initially
Jan 30, 2021
definitely not as good as his latest (admittedly i haven't heard his work under milo that's probably even better). i'll say that i still gave it a 70+ because i found it interesting with the spoken word influences
Jan 25, 2021
oh and yeah btw i forgot to tell you, you should check out that mixtape logic dropped this week under the doc d moniker if u haven't already. lots of mf doom vibes with the supervillain persona, i personally didn't like it too much, but a lot of people on the website really enjoyed it so give it a go
Jan 25, 2021
that's a good way of doing things! by the looks of it you mainly review music that you really like, as opposed to me, i'm just reviewing a bunch of random stuff that comes out, some bad, some good, some whatever. so a lot of that stuff doesn't need that time to sit nor does it have that lyrical complexity u mentioned


I specialise in short hip hop reviews. Always relisten an album before reviewing. Everything 75+ is straight quality. Rating distribution is on the higher side, because I tend to review music, i at least somewhat like.
Mostly listen to hip hop and soul.
Explaining my ratings:
0-19 Awful
20-29 Very Bad
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40-49 below average
50-59 average
60-69 solid
70-79 good
80-89 fantastic
90-99 classic
100 masterpiece

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