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PelicanManners -
Preservation perfectly showcases how to make a proper compilation album. Apart from the first track, all of the songs are straight quality. The whole project has a certain vibe going for it, sort of a light oriental feel. The rappers that are featured here are incredible. If you're a fan of underground hip hop, these features will definitely excite you.

If anyone is interested, I made a list of what I deem essential 2020 hip hop ... read more

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PelicanManners -
There was a time when I used to ignorantly dislike UK rap but now I absolutely adore it. Roots Manuva is legendary when it comes to the UK hip hop scene, this is a good introduction to his music. Really great album, with 10 tracks it clocks in with 41 minutes. It’s a wonderful mix of UK rap, Soul and a bit of experimental rap. I hope more people check this out, really good project!

Fav tracks: Fighting for?, Hard Bastards, Stepping Hard.
PelicanManners -
Oddisee is someone who constantly gets compared to the Likes of J. Cole, but he hasn’t seen the same success as him. He’s someone that’s well respected and known in the more underground world of rap. I’m only mentioning this, because the amount of J. Cole comparisons I have seen is shocking, i don’t think they’re even slightly alike.This is his best album in my opinion. The beats he created here are so smooth and elegant, the perfect basis for his Rhymes. He ... read more
PelicanManners -
With the amount of The Roots music I listen to on a daily basis, it’s kinda weird that i still haven’t reviewed a project by them. This is honestly one of my favourites from them, it’s what I would call a “Comfort Album” meaning it’s one of those albums that I can always return to, even when everything might seem tedious. It’s jam-packed with great features, Big K.R.I.T. here delivers one of his best verses that i have heard to date. I don’t give ... read more
PelicanManners -
Cudi really stays in his comfort zone here, and there isn’t really anything wrong with that. The problem is that a lot of the tracks feel like filler or throwaways. I don’t hate this record, I actually have really fond memories of it. When I remember this album I only remember a select few of tracks that I absolutely adore. As a whole though this isn’t good, it’s an okay release with some amazing songs on it.

The songs that I actually like, really remind me of old Cudi. ... read more
PelicanManners -
I personally feel very neutral to this track, it’s definitely aimed at the mainstream audience. Which is good in a way, I think we all want to see Cane grow bigger and bigger. It’s alright, would have been better if Q wasn’t slacking though.
Jan 30, 2021
definitely not as good as his latest (admittedly i haven't heard his work under milo that's probably even better). i'll say that i still gave it a 70+ because i found it interesting with the spoken word influences
Jan 25, 2021
oh and yeah btw i forgot to tell you, you should check out that mixtape logic dropped this week under the doc d moniker if u haven't already. lots of mf doom vibes with the supervillain persona, i personally didn't like it too much, but a lot of people on the website really enjoyed it so give it a go
Jan 25, 2021
that's a good way of doing things! by the looks of it you mainly review music that you really like, as opposed to me, i'm just reviewing a bunch of random stuff that comes out, some bad, some good, some whatever. so a lot of that stuff doesn't need that time to sit nor does it have that lyrical complexity u mentioned
Jan 25, 2021
rarely do i change my thoughts on something with multiple listens drastically, so i usually write on new releases after 1 listen, especially on stuff i don't like/ am indifferent towards. its kinda of a bad habit and makes for more premature thoughts but i don't want to be spending much time on shit idc abt
Jan 25, 2021
if i understood that correctly, that's how i usually do things as well. even if i'm reviewing something i've listened to plenty of times i give it an extra listen just to collect my thoughts
Jan 25, 2021
thank you! january has been kinda slow too, so you haven't missed much. only big hip hop release so far was rap ferreira, you might like it, it's pretty abstract, more than anything he dropped beforehand
Jan 24, 2021
Jan 24, 2021
also just read your most recent review, sorry for missing that. hope you're doing better, doom's death hit hard for sure
Jan 24, 2021
hey pelican, how you been doing? you seem kinda inactive since the start of the year
Jan 3, 2021
Hi, hope you’ve been doing well! I had a question for you, what’s your least favorite album from your favorite artist? Thanks in advance!
I specialise in short hip hop reviews. Always relisten an album before reviewing. Everything 75+ is straight quality. Rating distribution is on the higher side, because I tend to review music, i at least somewhat like.
Mostly listen to hip hop and soul.
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My favourite songs of the year. In no particular order.
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List of albums that are criminally slept on and underrated. Most of these will be hip hop projects, but I’ll also have some soul albums here and there. Albums won’t be ranked, they’ll be placed ...
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