Japandroids - Post-Nothing
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Based on 16 reviews
2009 Ratings: #32 / 807
Year End Rank: #22
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Based on 110 ratings
2009 Ratings: #42
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Disliking teen-pop gets you cast as some sort of rockist Luddite these days, but beyond the fact that most of it doesn't sound like stuff I'd have wanted to hear as a high schooler, it doesn't feel like music for teens either. (Hell, it's more tween-pop than teen-pop anyway.) But what about the kind of stuff that, say, the "1979" video lionized-- breaking into your folks' liquor cabinet, obliterating the speed limit despite just getting your learner's permit, leaving your hometown for the first time and discovering how small it feels. What about jamming out with your best bud and deciding to call it a band?

Dec 18, 2017
EHHHHHH its okay :$
Dec 19, 2016
sorry i don't listen to black keys clones
Feb 12, 2016
Fav Tracks: Young hearts spark free, Wet Hair
Dec 21, 2015
a little sloppy, but solid overall. sometimes i felt that this album was a bit busy at times, with constant guitar riffs, drumming, and shrill vocals all at once. in addition, there seemed to be some weird muffling of the vocals on some tracks, making them hard to understand. good but not great, basically what i expected for the band's debut. thank god that this led to the amazing album that is celebration rock.
fav tracks: heart sweats
Track List
  1. The Boys Are Leaving Town
  2. Young Hearts Spark Fire
  3. Wet Hair
  4. Rockers East Vancouver
  5. Heart Sweats
  6. Crazy-Forever
  7. Sovereignty
  8. I Quit Girls
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