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The Forty-Five
In another world, the ‘Before’ EP would be the soundtrack to nights spent in dark venues and dawn journeys home under the harsh glow of bus lights. Until we get back there, it’s a great reminder of glory days that will find us again one day.

On new EP ‘Before’, he takes this newfound freedom, albatross firmly removed from around his neck, and dives back into his love for club culture, bringing with him everything he’s learned along the way.

Beats Per Minute

Throughout Before, Blake strikes the perfect balance between his production and vocals – neither one overpowers the other and are both equally important in making the record what it is.


A project which doesn’t quite reach the lofty heights of his studio albums, the Before EP nevertheless reaffirms James Blake as one of the most exciting and era-defining artists currently working.

Finally some new James Blake dance material. I've been a fan of this since his debut album. Easily the best EP i've heard this year, i hope he continues in this way. I expected just a bit more from Summer Of Now after the first 30 seconds.

Don't get me wrong, this EP has it's small moments and it's very chill and I sorta like it, but there's really nothing to write home about at all. The songs are solid but nothing much I feel the need to come back to this. It's just, decent, but I am still excited for a new full-length LP from him and have high hopes.
Mesmo que não seja a melhor coisa já feita por James Blake, 'Before' até que rende bons momentos, com destaque para a faixa título e 'Do You Ever' - as quais são bem divertidas para um projeto que parece não ter pretensão alguma.
This is an odd one...on one hand I feel like I could end up getting tired by this EP's sound, or absolutely fall in love with it over the coming weeks. As a massive James Blake fan, I hope it's the latter. But for now it's an excellent little EP.
Whilst there's nothing crazy about the new James Blake EP, it has some beautiful chill moody, vibey tunes to dance to in your room during the lockdown.

Highlight: Before
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Added on: October 10, 2020