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James Blake - James Blake
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Based on 28 reviews
2011 Ratings: #41 / 894
Year End Rank: #8
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2011 Ratings: #14
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Tiny Mix Tapes

It’s a desperately lonely set of songs that will certainly take time to settle, but there could be no better time to start doing so than the dead of winter.

A.V. Club

Though it’s a walking contradiction—the living embodiment of less-is-more, born of the Information Age—James Blake somehow makes perfect sense.

Consequence of Sound

James Blake is an essential for anybody interested in witnessing how pop music can and will continue to change, progress, and grow into something new with time.


Horgeous, indelible tunes that are as generous in content as they are restrained in delivery.

No Ripcord

James Blake is an astonishing record, an early contender for album of the year and could well change the face of popular music.


This understated flow may wrong-foot hype seekers, but just permit the beautiful structures to bubble over your ears as his warbled, testing vocals chase silence around.

Beats Per Minute

He achieves a lot with a little. He never gives us filler. He continues to innovate. He has provided us with a great album, one that is a sure sign his velocity has not been slowed.


This album will inevitably disappoint those who had their hopes pinned on Blake producing the definitive instrumental dubstep masterpiece.


It’s every bit as challenging, forward-thinking, and interesting as those previous EPs.


The rest of the tracks are more like exercises in sound manipulation and reduction than songs. The approach is no fault, but Blake pares it down to such an extent that the material occasionally sounds not just tentative but feeble, fatigued.


Elsewhere Blake’s silences don’t weigh as heavy as he thinks they do, and 'James Blake' is too calculated an act of daring to really shine.


Blake's voice and poetry strain to take us anywhere we haven't already been with more experienced inner-space travelers at the helm. Furthermore, his music has become inexplicably ponderous and static, at times seeming to stop dead in its tracks and not move forward at all.

Drowned in Sound

Boldness, you realise, is not the same thing as greatness, and James Blake is not a great album.

Aug 18, 2017
James Blake is one of those rare musicians that can harness repetition in the instrumentals and sometimes lyrics, and build on it in a way that's slow but can still be captivating throughout a whole track. Also super atmospheric and melancholy, with in general a super chill vibe that's perfect for studying/drawing/doing work. As far as singing goes this dude can SING really fuckin well, and knows when to use a bit (or a lot) of tasteful auto-tune.
Nov 5, 2017
In a ideal world this stunning debut would be handled with the proper care because its emotional fragility and its late night beauty incarnate the faithfull companion who is never there when you need him.
May 9, 2016
i don't know about my memes
i don't know about my memeing anymore
all that i know is i'm falling
might as well fall in
May 15, 2015*
Very quiet, but ambitious debut LP from James Blake. Here we see him stand up and take the mic, putting himself up front in these overall small compositions, that may eventually feel like sketches and loose ideas instead of full songs. Even so, the amount of emotion and detail put in these tracks is undeniable, as Blake uses all sorts of sounds and effects to build this experience. The music in this album is genuinely difficult to categorize, but "post-dubstep" is oftenly used, as ... read more
Apr 18, 2014
The sound, the consistency YET uniqueness is mind-blowing. His voice and pitch is spot on and creates an amazing atmosphere when listening. Such an amazing artist
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