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Sep 29, 2017*
XTC may not be very well known but it is surely highly influential to the shaping of psychedelic pop sub-genre and development of new wave up to a point.
In Skylarking the band takes on a vertigo that delves into the recollection of common milestones in life - like the joys of being in love, the troubles of growing up, the wedding day, having a family and provide for her, illness and death.
Much of this is powered and devised by the geniality of the two songwriters, Colin Moulding and Andy ... read more
Apr 11, 2018
Mar 9, 2016*
On Skylarking, XTC puts together a mix of sunshine pop tunes and underwhelming Beach Boys impressions that, as a whole, don't go over too well. It's not bad for a track or three, but the childish lyrics, whimsical string arrangements, and run-of-the-mill '80s production are just too overloaded with cheese for me to enjoy a full 50 minutes of it.

Loved: Summer's Cauldron, Grass, The Meeting Place, Mermaid Sailed
Liked: Ballet For A Rainy Day, Big Day, The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul, Dying, ... read more
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Track List
  1. Summer's Cauldron
  2. Grass
  3. The Meeting Place
  4. That's Really Super, Supergirl
  5. Ballet for a Rainy Day
  6. 1000 Umbrellas
  7. Season Cycle
  8. Earn Enough for Us
  9. Big Day
  10. Another Satellite
  11. Mermaid Smiled
  12. The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul
  13. Dying
  14. Sacrificial Bonfire 
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