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AidanJSey_ -
A bold, admirable and electrifying rock debut that sees Black Country, New Road execute cacophonous fury just as well as elegant precision; bringing instrumental density, expressive lyricism and a coalescence of genre.

☆ Standout Track - 'Science Fair'

Favourite Tracks - 'Instrumental', 'Athens, France', 'Sunglasses', 'Track X', 'Opus'

Least Favourite Tracks - n/a
AidanJSey_ -
On his second LP, the enigmatic Burial painted a beautifully sombre display of inner-city life in a work of truly expressive computer music. With placid rainfall, smooth and fluid percussion, haunting vocal samples and wistful synth swells he paints vivid images of a dark London in the pouring rain.
He was taking influences from the styles of electronic music that were heard around him such as garage, house and dubstep, but Burial’s music has a lot more depth and is a lot more desolate ... read more
AidanJSey_ -
At the fifth spot is the cartoon band Gorillaz, an idea masterminded by Damon Albarn that still thrives twenty years later. I think an album from Gorillaz has always given Damon the scope for exploration, with the environmental conceptual themes that ‘Plastic Beach’ dives into or the dazed mood that ‘The Now Now’ captures. And whilst ‘Song Machine, Season One: Strange Timez’ in no way follows along from here, what the album is, is track after track of some of ... read more
AidanJSey_ -
In the next spot is ‘The Common Task’, the third studio album from the Baltimore experimental rock band Horse Lords. Horse Lords are saxophonist and percussionist, Andrew Bernstein, Owen Gardner on guitar, bassist and synthesist Max Eilbacher and Sam Haberman playing drums. They’re a band that have always had an elaborate sound on every release; always bending the principals of what rock music is and how it should be written and played and I really think this album is their ... read more
AidanJSey_ -
Being driven into a national lockdown was definitely a low point for the globe in 2020. Many people were quarantining and our way of life was interrupted. Fresh off of her well-received record ‘Charli’, Charli XCX documented her time spent in quarantine in an experimental pop music masterpiece.
She enlists an array of talented producers, and key names in the leftfield pop movement such as A. G. Cook and Dylan Brady to help craft an energetic and vibrant album, bursting with colour ... read more


May 7, 2021
Check out Crack Cloud’s Pain Olympics!
Feb 20, 2021
I hope you do!
Feb 20, 2021
I didn't actually know about a lot of these side projects, but I'm definitely intrigued now so I'll give them a listen. Thanks for the Playlist 👌
Feb 20, 2021
Wonderful, hope you enjoy it! And thank you very much.
Feb 20, 2021
Hi there!
You have some really good reviews, keep up the good work.
Also, since you are asking for some recommendations, and I've seen you have some interest in electronic music, I'd recommend "Dubnobasswithmyheadman" by Underworld. It's one of my favorite electronic albums of all-time, and probably my favorite techno album. I'm currently working on a review for it :)
Feb 18, 2021
Are you Planning on listening to Black Dresses?


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