dmonty_python -
the main thing i liked about this album is how minimal it sounds. the drums on “he’s the way” were nice af too (my fav song). however, the thing about this album is i wish it didn’t use the same chord progression throughout the entire album. felt very samey after a while

favorite song: he’s the way
dmonty_python -
this is probably one of my most anticipated albums to drop this year. after listening to the album, i can say that i really enjoyed it. i think each song is baseline good, but i wish some songs throughout the album were more fleshed out (scoop, one of me, dolla sign slime, etc.). other than those critiques, i really think this was a well thought out album throughout (marketing, singles, etc.)

favorite songs: montero (call me by your name), dead right now, *industry baby*, scoop, tales of ... read more
dmonty_python -
holy kanye batman! even though this album has *heavy* 808s influence, tmb is still a unique album amongst a lot of monotonous music. baby keem’s artistry is still in its infancy, but this debut is a great intro to what he can truly become

favorite songs: trademark usa, range brothers, issues, *south africa*, lost souls, *family ties*, first order of business
dmonty_python -
this is drake’s best album since iyrtitl. the production on this reminds me of a mix between take care & views. drake himself isn’t doing anything new or special, but he still does his thing on this album.

favorite songs: *champagne poetry*, papi’s home, fair trade, tsu, n 2 deep, knife talk, get along better, the remorse

middle songs: girls want girls, love all, way 2 sexy, pipe down, yebba’s heartbreak, no friends in the industry, 7am on bridle path, race my ... read more
dmonty_python -
is it just me or does jaden sound like swae lee? lmao
dmonty_python -
*throws my phone in the air* goddamn you pink siifu! honestly? this might be his best solo project to date. the fact that he was able to take the smoothness of his album "ensley" and just straight up evolve that sound into this is beyond amazing. he's really starting to build a great catalog under his belt and put his name in the hat of being one of the best underground artists out right now.

favorite songs: gumbo'! 4 tha folks, hold on, *wayans bros*, fk u mean/ hold me dwn, bussin' ... read more
dmonty_python -
definitely feels like a throwaway project, but the songs after "stupid skit" were really good. i just hope the album that fulfills his contract is, at bare minimum, decent.

favorite songs: call me, theme for the people, god might judge, *see you space cowboy...*, untitled

middle songs: vaccine, get up, inside

least favorite songs: my way, flawless
dmonty_python -
five….long….years….and it was all worth it. even though i’m a zay stan, i loved the fuck out of this album regardless man. it really feels like the perfect follow up to the sun’s tirade. he’s even turned up the laidbackness of his delivery, and it somehow fit with the vibe of the album perfectly. my only real gripe is that i feel like the songs could’ve been sequenced better, but other than that? no complaints from me.

favorite songs: darkseid, ... read more
dmonty_python -
favorite songs: *t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l*, gaslight, naïve, lipstick, XTRA, ¡BREAKOUT!

middle songs: don’t SAVE ME, come home, 4ever, G R O W

least favorite songs: f**k you
dmonty_python -
i love the fuck out of this EP. i’ve been waiting for poppy to drop EAT and Say Cheese since she performed them at NXT Takeover. the 3 additional songs are just as amazing as well.

favorite songs: EAT, Say Cheese
dmonty_python -
an absolute classic. most of the songs still hold up till this day and is easily wayne’s best album.

favorite songs: 3peat, mr. carter, *a milli*, got money, comfortable, dr. carter, phone home, tie my hands, mrs. officer, let the beat build, lollipop, la la

middle songs: you ain’t got nuthin, dontgetit

least favorite songs: shoot me down, pussy monster
dmonty_python -
this album was decent enough. the beginning of the album was wayyyy better than the second half (started to taper off once it got to “please”). travis was the only good feature, everybody else was either mid or just not good at all. had there been less songs, then there’d be a higher score.

favorite songs: 2040, hats off, who i want, how it feels
dmonty_python -
absolutely fucking not lmao
dmonty_python -
Aside from Deante's verse, this remix didn't really do anything for me. Everyone else's verses were very below average.

Favorite Verse: Deante' Hitchcock
dmonty_python -
Favorite Songs: Button Masher, Dog At The Door, Holy Waterfall, Flies, Sleeper Car, Attaboy, *Kodokushi*, Side Quest, Marble Cake, The Four Winds

Middle Songs: The Gates, Gauze, Pizza Alley, Crystal Sword, Boot Soup, Coveralls, Jumping Coffin, Fixed and Dilated

Least Favorite Songs: Salt, 1 to 10
dmonty_python -
Gallant proving to us once again why he's the best R&B guy out right now.

Favorite Songs: Chemical Romance., *Dynamite.*, Julie., Scars., No More Tries.

Middle Songs: Comeback., Third Eye Blind., Relapse.

Least Favorite Songs: N/A
dmonty_python -
Holy shit I can’t wait until this new album drops! I’m so fucking excited dude
dmonty_python -
This album is good but without the MLK interlude, the "justice" concept of the album is shittily executed. I feel like it was just tacked on towards the end of making the album solely because of what's going on in the world right now. It's still a good JB album though, regardless of the fact. *Definitely* way better than "Changes" haha.

Favorite Songs: Deserve You, As I Am, *Off My Face*, Hold On, Peaches, Loved By You, Anyone

Middle Songs: 2 Much, Unstable, Die For You, ... read more
dmonty_python -
Nowhere near as good as the first installment of "The Plugs I Met," but it's not a *terrible* EP haha.

Favorite Songs: When Tommy Met Sosa, Live By It, *Talkin' Back*

Middle Songs: Overall, Plug Talk, No Instructions, Survivor's Remorse, Thanksgiving

Least Favorite Songs: Longevity
dmonty_python -
This seems kinda pointless to have dropped but hey we got “worst behavior” and “main thing” out of this lol.

Favorite Songs: worst behavior, main thing

Middle Songs: 34 + 35 Remix

Least Favorite Songs: someone like u, test drive
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