AOTY 2023
Third Side of Tape shows not only the creativity but a more darker abrasive side of his work. As this over 2 and half hour long mixtape bends your mind with its surreal atmosphere it slowly shows its darker nature throughout for some of lil ugly mane most raw material to date.

Track Review

twin tip 8.5/10.
use 7/10
wurdemkittykatzat 7.5/10.
rather be broke 9/10
grott 7.5/10.
zlim 8/10
needledrinker 8/10
country crott commercial 7/10
luck and fate 8/10
plauz 8.5/10.
bitrate 7.5/10.
who's ... read more

Mach-Hommy - HBO (Haitian Body Odor)
Mach Hommy has always been an artist which i knew i should check out and finally deciding to give him a listen whilst been very busy has been a pleasure. HBO was the first record i started with given it is one of his highly acclaimed record and I can see why. It is a great Boom Bap abstract hip hop record filled with a lovely lo-fi atmosphere and filled with such a technical display in its production and in Mach Hommy rapping it is a marvel to listen to for an introspective and well thought out ... read more
Muse - Will of the People
Muse returns for the 2020's with Will Of The People and with an unfortunate rocky career within the last 10 years releasing not many good albums although some great songs it seems Muse continues this trend. Although well made with a mix of elements of dance, synth and even metal on paper this album is interesting and stands out but often Muse don't do much for it to be at the level of there earlier records and ultimately just fills like a stadium rock album which fills you with momentary ... read more
black midi - Hellfire
Black midi returns with their 3rd studio album and continue their excellent run of experimental albums with Hellfire a brutal prog classic which stands as one of the most consistent and genre defining album in its genre. on a technical stand point, hellfire is nothing but a marvel to examine and to pick apart. It is so enrich in technical display but yet comes off so sooth for both a chaotic fiery explosion but one which doesn't disconnect the listener but surrounds them in this surreal world ... read more
Protomartyr - Relatives in Descent
Protomartyr magnum opus, Relatives in Descent, a modern post-punk classic. Filled with some brilliant, emotional lyrics filled with such darkness and existential dredge. Alongside brilliant guitar work to build such a anxious atmosphere creates such a cryptic world for a slow burn album which is worth the wait of such an imposing record.

Track Review

A Private Understanding 9.5/10
Here Is The Thing 8.5/10.
My Children 10/10
Caitriona 8/10
The Chuckler 9/10
Windsor Hum 8.5/10.
Don't Go To ... read more

Genesis - Nursery Cryme
Not necessary near my favorite Genesis album but shows signs of pure brilliance and a new direction for the band which they would follow through. With beautiful elements of symphonic prog and story telling for a compelling, complex surreal album filled with wonder and joy.

Track Review

The Musical Box 10/10
For Absent Friends 8/10
The Return of the Giant Hogweed 9/10
Seven Stones 8.5/10.
Harold the Barrel 8/10
Harlequin 7.5/10.
The Fountain of Salmacis 8.5/10.

Average: 8.5/10

Westside Gunn - FLYGOD
Flygod, the debut album of Westside Gunn still stands as one of his best albums and kickstarted an impressive career and a name for underground hip hop till this date. With some of his best lyrics and a slower pace really fitting Westside Gunn style of rapping well makes for rhythmic listen. Alongside a lot of big names in the underground scene all of which bring a lot of variety within the album and great production makes Flygod a fun but real record.

Track Review

Dunks 8.5/10.
Gustavo ... read more

William Basinski - The Disintegration Loops IV
The Dsintegration Loops IV, the conclusion to the impressive and thoughful serious is easily the weakest in my opinion with dlp 6 being too long and the slow fade and destruction of the tape being too unnoticeable in its short time too warrant its length and the other 2 tracks still engaging are not necessary the best tapes to come out of the Disintegration Loops, dlp 1.3 is great but simply put the other albums did a better job overall still these albums are impressive in of ... read more
Foals - Life Is Yours
After the double album, Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost, Foals return with Life is Yours seeing them change their sound into a more Alternative Dance route, and sadly made it simply too safe, There are some decent songs on here but everything feels so dated and stale by the time this released and with more interesting album coming out such as Everything Everything's new album this album feels like it was released 3 years too late and stands nowhere near to their earlier career

Track ... read more

Xiu Xiu - Knife Play
Often overlooked by its precessador, A Promise, Knife Play is the official debut by Xiu Xiu and sets the tone for the band in the most impressive fahsion an experimental rock band seeing them play with elements of synth punk, noise pop and no wave for both an abrasive but gentle record one which feels so cold and distance but close and warms and that emotion and ability to achieve that sets how impressive this band is. It is raw, sad and impactful and although some moments i wish was expanded ... read more
Weatherday - Come In
Weatherday's Come In, is a lo-fi noisy emo filled classic filled with emotional charged lyrics and melodies filled with energy passionate but bittersweetness for a roller coaster of emotion and feelings tightly packed into just over 50 minutes. With some amazing moments such as the opening track and My Sputnik Sweetheart and although the influences are clear, Weatherday manage to navigate and weave their own sound

Track Review

Come in 9/10
Older Than Before (Oswald Made No Way for Himself) ... read more

Flying Lotus - Until the Quiet Comes
It is hard to follow up an album like Cosmogramma, but Flying Lotus did a great job, although not as explosive as Cosmogramma, Until the Quiet Comes sees Flying Lotus go a lot more subtle with his soundscape for some nocturnal psychedelic moods both which slowly absorbs you in its sound and although it doesn't have many standout tracks it remains consistent and engaging throughout.

Track Review

All in 8.5/10.
Getting There 9/10
Until The Colours Come 7.5/10.
Heave(n) 7.5/10.
Tiny Tortures ... read more

Kate Bush - 50 Words for Snow
Kate Bush keeps on track with Aerial new ambient sound with 50 Words for Snow, offering some absolutely beautiful moments wrapped in the cold winter snow and with such interesting stories on each song, 50 Words for Snow is one of Kate Bush's overlooked albums. Although its length is it's biggest downfall with many songs have some dull moments the good outweighs the band and those moments stick with me

Track Review

Snowflake 9/10
Lake Tahoe 7.5/10.
Misty 7/10
Wild Man 8/10
Snowed in At ... read more

Kate Bush - Director's Cut
Director's Cut is what the name suggest in a sense, Kate Bush revisiting her old works and revamping them, in practice. Honestly, a lot of these songs didn't need revisiting and their previous versions are simply better and with it being essentially a cover album it isn't necessary coherent or has much flow to the album, some songs are nice and offer a different approach to the song. However, Kate Bush vocals are still amazing and its gives good songs to listen to but as an album it is quite ... read more
Kate Bush - Aerial
After 12 years since The Red Shoes, Kate Bush finally returns with Aerial, and what a return to form. Taking more elements of ambient pop to her sound for a subtle ethereal experience which although is flawed with many songs being too long and the record itself having 16 tracks and 2 disc although conceptually amazing often doesn't stick the landing but Aerial is definitely a warm welcome back for Kate Bush.

Track Review

King of the Mountain 9.5/10
Pi 8.5/10.
Bertie 9/10
Mrs. Bartolozzi ... read more

Kate Bush - The Red Shoes
With the turn of the 90's, Kate Bush adapts to the new upcoming sound and incorporates it into her style for The Red Shoes and with a strong 80's career of imaginative, innovative and thoughtful albums, The Red Shoes feels often the complete opposite. It is predictable and safe in its sound. I admire how personal and vulnerable Kate Bush is on this record and it saves the record in a sense but I can't deny that this album is one of her weakest projects and simply wasn't focused or thought out ... read more
Kate Bush - Never for Ever
Kate Bush's first steps into true progressive pop and what an explosive album Never for Ever is. Filled with some strong highlights, great consistent and that iconic mellow soundscape and vocals make for an engaging and thoughtful record for a lush and playful experience.

Track Review

Babooshka 10/10
Delius 8.5/10.
Blow Away 8.5/10.
All We Ever Look For 8/10
Egypt 8/10
The Wedding List 8.5/10.
Violin 8/10
The Infant Kiss 8/10
Night Scented Stock 7.5/10.
Army Dreamers 9.5/10
breathing ... read more

Kate Bush - Lionheart
Kate Bush sophomore album, Lionheart, released in the same year as her debut contains impressive songwriting and vocals which given her career is to be expected but still a wonderful sight to behold but for me what makes Lionheart weaker than some of her other albums is how it doesn't strike out and is bold in its nature. There are moments such as Wow but has moments which although good to listen to often fail to be memorable.

Track Review

Symphony in Blue 8.5/10.
In Search of Peter Pan ... read more

Spanish Love Songs - Schmaltz
Although, Brave Faces Everyone, really put Spanish Love Songs to a wider audience showcasing how pop punk is still a relevant genre, Schmaltz, the album before, simply did it better. Filled with self-aware lyrics but yet having that same self-loathing whilst having that catchy and energetic feel for such a well thought out and well put together record.

Track Review

Nuevo 8/10
Sequels, Remakes, & Adaptations 9/10
Bellyache 8.5/10.
Buffalo Buffalo 9.5/10
Otis / Carl 8/10
The Boy ... read more

billy woods - Known Unknowns
Known Unknowns sees Billy Woods and Blockhead collaborate for some of both of their most overlooked work. The production and beats are both clean and impactful and works wonders for Billy Wood's flow and lyrical content for a tight, introspective but yet cryptic listen. Although, the album could be trimmed down a bit but stands with some of Billy Wood's best bodies of work.

Track Review

Bush League 9.5/10
Snake Oil 8.5/10.
Unstuck 8/10
Wonderful 8.5/10.
Superpredator 7.5/10.
Fall Back ... read more

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"@kareenak yh out of all the K-pop band, BTS is the one with the most freedom but I am taking about the genre as a whole and even Jessica Hyun-ju Ho said they are genuine friends but she even stated that many bands in the genre don't like each other and that is the aspect I am talking about. Also, you are trying to say that just because i have this view point that it is xenophobiac when i stated that I like the band Otoboke beaver, and i also like; Akira Yamaoka, BABYMETAL, Run River North and Yuna, music from the other parts of the world in fact has some great stuff out there which i probably haven't heard i, but i don't like restricting people just because their are musicians "
"@dumbmoonlight Eh, I just follow people and that is what great about music in general that we all have different opinions about different music"

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