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I think internet music reviewers have a tendency to take stock in their ability to hold "edgy" opinions. It's hip and cool to say that the Beatles are overrated because it makes you sound like you have unique and interesting takes but, in my opinion, there's often a good reason why a certain band or record achieves acclaim, it's usually much deserved. And so, it's more honest to just join the choir of voices singing praises than to be a miserly asshole shitting on a fantastic record ... read more
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So is "Van Weezer" going to be Weezer's equivalent of Brian Wilson's infamous "Smile" or what?

In order to properly understand Weezer as a group, one must necessarily look back at Pinkerton. Pinkerton is, of course, the cult classic Weezer foray into emo which was critically panned upon it's release and later came to be known as one of the finest emo albums ever made. Since then, Weezer really has not recovered and they are, it seems, a perfect example of a band getting ... read more
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I'm a defender of early Beach Boys but I can recognize that there's a distinct moment when the Beach Boys finally broke the mold and started masterfully creating flawless pop masterpieces in a seemingly effortless style. That moment, of course, is The Beach Boys Today!

But unlike previous records, this is where we really see the genius of Brian Wilson start to shine through. On tracks like "When I Grow Up" we see the Boys start to experiment with different sound pallets and while it ... read more
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Shame's record is clearly the darkest album that dropped this week, but following that is the album which opens thusly: "I want to be right where I’m supposed to be
I want to kill everyone close to me
I want to wreck everything and then say that it’s mine
That’ll be fine"

But in order to grasp just how grim this record sounds, one must actually listen to it. Knox's vocals can be compared favorably to Scott Walker and his general sound can be compared to the likes of ... read more
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Shame's frustrated and angst-driven post-punk in many ways seems to best represent the times we're living in. "Drunk Tank Pink" plays like the releasing of all of the pent up rage that's built up in the almost year since the Covid crisis began. The breakneck speed of the progressions on tracks like "Born in Luton" "March Day" and "6/1" give the record a cathartic feel which pairs well with the lyrics which hold back nothing. The album is brutal, grim ... read more
Jan 17, 2021
Gotta love the Diogenes pfp
Jan 14, 2021
welcome to the website friend, great reviews!
Hello! I am a Physics teacher and general nerd from the great state of New Jersey.

I listen to a good amount of music and I'm deluded enough to think people care about my opinions. Anyhow, I hope you do. I tend to write long winded explanations which may contain personal anecdotes, strange comparisons and references to whatever I feel is relevant in the moment. Enjoy, and I look forward to dialoguing with you about music!
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