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Various Artists - Barbie The Album
This was honestly a much more fun listen than I thought. I'm sure that was bolstered by the movie, which is awesome, but overall it's still a great time. Mostly fun, a decent amount of mid and a couple terrible ones. I don't normally go track by track but since they're literally all by different artists and vary so much in quality I'm gonna speed through em. Let's go!

Pink- Definitely funnier in the context of the film, but still ok on it's own. Nothing crazy. Meh

Dance The Night- Sounds a ... read more

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Mitski - The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We
Like Hozier and Phoebe Bridgers, Mitski is one of those artists that it seems like all of my friends listen to, and yet I'd never really given the time of day to until recently.

I need to listen to the music my friends recommend more, apparently.

This is one of those albums I can put on and just drift away to. The instrumentals and vocals are so pretty, the production is great, and I generally like the lyrics, too. I don't think every song on here is amazing, but it's just a really comforting ... read more

Snow Strippers have an immersive sound, great production, and an ear for sticky melodies. That said, I really wasn't grabbed by this. I liked a fair amount of songs here- "Under Your Spell", "Lacerate" and "Fake Smile" come to mind- but I don't really enjoy listening to this whole thing in one sitting.

Don't get me wrong, if I were in a club and this was playing it would go crazy (not that I go to clubs, but still). I like the general sound, but I just feel like ... read more

Periphery - Periphery V: Djent is Not a Genre
Fantastic production, and lots of individual moments that are actually amazing, but as a whole I'm really not too intrigued by it. "Wildfire" and 'Wax Wings" are really the only ones I enjoyed all the way through, the rest of the album is sort of just like "oh, cool riff", "oh, interesting progression", and "wow, that sounded difficult to play". I'm a bit more lenient on djent than I think most people on this site are, but I still think it gets ... read more
Death Cab for Cutie - Something About Airplanes
I've listened to Death Cab For Cutie's entire studio discography, but so far I've only reviewed their unparalleled masterpiece, Transatlanticism. And while I do think that record is far and above their best, Death Cab is a pretty consistent band with a great catalog. At their worst, they can be a bit bland, but on average they make really heartfelt music that is a comfort to hear. All this is to say, I went back and relistened to their studio debut (I know that You Can Play These Songs With ... read more
Johnny Booth - Moments Elsewhere
Using this site has made me a lot pickier about my metalcore. I've noticed that albums that I previously would have adored are just decent to me now. That's the case with this Johnny Booth album. Good production, good performances, good riffs, but nothing special. Probably won't return to this.


Hey PoisonBow, the list is out! Now you are able to add more albums if you'd like, HOWEVER, there is a catch to that! There are extra rules to adding more if you'd like, but regardless, thank you for your contribution!
TYSM ^^ I will definitely give it a spin whenever I can, it sounds pretty interesting!
Hey PoisonBow, I guess I’m doing a community list now for 100 follows :P
Basically what I’m looking for is whatever you think is an underrated, underappreciated, or hidden gem album!

There are rules, however…
1. Must have less than 500 user ratings.
2. Singles, including singles EPs, do not count.
3. You are allowed to submit your own album if it follows the previous rules!
4. You are only allowed one choice and one choice only… for now…

More info on the list will come with its release. But for now, just lemme know the album, it’s genres and possible tags (is it a concept album, gives a mood, ect.), a one-sentence tagline to the album, and a good 3-5 sentences that will really get someone interested in hearing it! Looking forward to seeing your choice! ^^
Thanks for following


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100: Perfect album
90: Amazing album
80: Fantastic album
70: Really good album
60: Decent album with flaws
50: Mid/Mediocre album
40; Subpar/not great album
30: Unenjoyable album with some redeeming qualities
20: Bad album
10: Terrible album
0: Garbage

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