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Jan 25

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Quilaiba -
The landmark album for the oversaturation of (and I hate to steal a newly discovered term from an external review) sprechgesang in the British punk scene especially. Perhaps it's just poor timing, with the number of spoken-word post punk albums emanating from the UK reaching breaking point just prior to the release of The Overload, and promptly it suffering as a result. But regardless, it's still clear that this album possesses nothing that it's predecessors in the genre don't already have. ... read more
Quilaiba -
In a word, shit. In more a painful attempt to replicate a number of other rappers and recent trends in hip-hop, resulting in a melting pot of more or less the worst aspects of each, amalgamated into one album. There's a scant number of intriguing production choices on here and Obvious, while wildly out of place, is overall a level above the rest in terms of quality.
Quilaiba -
This new AURORA album is difficult to assess, on one hand it's arguably her least ambitious project to date, a good number of tracks on here are fairly straight forward, accompanied by convential song structures, semi-acoustic instrumentation, or both. But at the same time, it's an upbeat, enjoyable experience that manages to keep you interested throughout. Everything Matters and You Keep Me Crawling are massive earworm tracks. Her vocals, while they have always been pretty assertive, can get a ... read more
Quilaiba -
Never liked this band and this changes nothing. More of the same run-of-the-mill upbeat sounding indie music, with overly pretentious song titles and lyrics, full of shallow references to previous indie-culture and blatantly attempting to imitate The 1975 (why would you even want to?) There's like, two moments where I actually went, "ok this sounds alright". Waiting on the day they'll realise that this songwriting formula doesn't create good music, though I doubt they'd care.
Quilaiba -
Well, finally a record that quite literally impossible to compare to previous discography. Caprisongs as its own entity is a sensual collection of songs dripping with the feels from British urban clublife. It has a true mixtape feel to it, and while that creates patches of uninteresting spoken passages (although sometimes profound) and less significant tracks its cohesive and gets the job done. It lacks that edge though, there's easily still a higher ceiling that a Twigs project of this nature ... read more


Apr 10, 2021
What is your favourite album to listen to when intoxicated (for a list)
Mar 28, 2021
Thanks for the follow! Excellent reviews!
Feb 28, 2021
Hi friend! Thanks for the follow! Let’s connect, what would you consider your favorite album of this year so far? 😁
Dec 2, 2020
Hey there! How are you? I'm making a list and I would like to know: what do you think is a perfect album to listen to in a certain city and which city would that be? Try and choose a city from your country or state/province. If you want to add some on words on why you would choose that album, they will be welcome. Thank you!
Nov 13, 2020
why did you give fastest ascent a 1
Jul 21, 2020
Thank you!!
Jul 19, 2020
Hi, I am working on a list and I would like to have as much views as I can. Here is my question, what are your top 3 albums from the last decade (January 2010 to dec 2019). I am not interest in what critics said or which ones were the most praised albums from that period, I want to know about your personal list. I will really appreciate your help. Cheers mate!
Apr 21, 2020
Ohhh, hi) Good luck with the transfer of your Rate Your Music ratings to this site :)



I'm really here for the percentile system. Will be a great help to my NOW COMPLETED top 1000 of all time list. (Thanks AOTY)

98+ = 10/10
88-97 = 9/10
78-87 = 8/10 etc.

I use this more, but by God do I not want to.


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