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Mar 27, 2020
I've always kinda ignored Waxahatchee's music but "Fire" got me interested and is easily one of my favorite singles this year. Her vocals are so distinct and fit so well on this alt-country album (surprised she hadn't done one already). Really lovely album. Great writing and lovely production. Healing love songs perfect for spring. The album trails off a bit in the last few songs but still great writing
Faves: Fire, Can't Do Much, Lilacs
Mar 27, 2020
Lavender was one of my favorite albums of 2018 and The Caretaker lives up to the hype as Half Waif's follow up. I love how detailed the production is especially in the first half and her writing is as strong as ever. Really introspective album with a lot of focus on the kind of reflection we go through during isolated periods of time especially winter and aiming to come out of it a better person. great stuff
Faves: In August, Halogen 2, My Best Self
Mar 27, 2020
A really confident follow up to her self titled debut. Dua packs this with 9 lead single worthy tracks filled crazy catchy hooks, slick retro but still modern production and her iconic cool confidence. A great album for these difficult times. For negatives, the last two tracks do feel off but are still pretty good on their own.
Faves: Future Nostalgia, Don't Start Now, Levitating
Mar 21, 2020
Lyrics don't really work for me but the production and vocals are so on point. Definitely enjoyable. Always knew he had a good pop album in him. Just think there's more he could explore in his writing but I'm not complaining too much cuz this album slaps
Faves: Blinding Lights, Hardest to Love, Scared to Live
Mar 21, 2020
Really lovely follow up her ep from last year. Lapsley expands on the ep with amazing production and writing. Very personal writing on this and I just love how she uses water thematically through out the album to tie together her personal growth and feelings from the years since her debut album.
Faves: Our Love Is a Garden, Bonfire, Womxn
Feb 25, 2020
thank you for increasing your score hehe and im glad youre enjoying it more! ^^
Feb 24, 2020
I totally agree with the concept part. The songs on the album don't really relate to the climate per say when glanced at, but once you analyze the song deeper, Grimes uses metaphorical approaches to talk about the environment. e.g. Violence is about the relationship between Earth and humans
Feb 22, 2020
Heyyy I saw your score for miss anthropocene and was just asking if you could it a few more listens? The record really grew on me and got better with each listen especially with the tracks B4 the fever & IDORU

Have a good day 💕
Jan 18, 2020
Hay, my new song is out now. You can listen to it if you want and if you do let my know what do you think about it:D
Sorry for not being that active lately.
Jan 17, 2020
It's so hard to find people that are as passionate as me about the same type of music i like, that's why I followed you then I saw that you followed back and I loooove that so much! I always look for your reviews. Also i fucking STAN Tsareena
Jan 8, 2020
ooo thanks for your suggestions. can't wait to listen to them (i only know of alvvays)
Jan 4, 2020
do you happen to know any albums which are similar to that of Hatchie's "Keepsake"? Thanks!
Dec 2, 2019
Great, I love discovering new music. I still need to listen to so many stuff lol
Nov 30, 2019
Damn, where do you discover all this stuff?
Nov 6, 2019
Hi, I just made a new song and it would be nice if you would listen to it and give me your thoughts about it:D Here is the link
my scores are a permanent work in progress but I generally enjoy pop, rnb and anything else that randomly catches my attention and holds it.
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