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UltimateSniper6 -
A man with an obnoxious accent talks for 46 minutes while generic unrelated house music beats in the background.
Why are the critics eating this up?
UltimateSniper6 -
What a great cover- honestly one of my favorites ever.
The album matches the art extremely well, though the sound doesn't quite keep up in quality. It's a good album, don't get me wrong, though I was expecting a much stronger unit after such a great introduction.
The song "PV" which begins the second half of the album is one of my favorite songs ever made. It's a perfect track, and I just wish the rest of the record could have matched. There is a lot of potential with this sound but ... read more
UltimateSniper6 -
One of Richard's more consistent releases, the "Come To Daddy" EP helped launch him into the popularity he deserved of the late 90s. Largely due to the opening & title track, which is easily one of his most memorable, interesting, and intriguing tracks of all-time. Every song afterwards is fantastic, but none quite live up to the first until the song "IZ-US" which is also one of his best. It's a very psychedelic and brain-melting experience. In this relatively short EP, ... read more
UltimateSniper6 -
Thom Yorke's best solo project, by a landslide.
Anima contains some of his most impressive atmospheres and electronic melodies, with matching vocals and dark introspective lyrics. One of my personal most listened records of all-time, as each listen I find myself discovering some new little detail or perspective that allows for a slightly different experience.
Some of the tracks here are incredibly depressing, some are uplifting, some introspective and some utterly uncomfortable. Though the ... read more
UltimateSniper6 -
Were you all really expecting any sort of change?
Any sort of left turn?
It's the same as it always is. Mediocre pop music with little to no interest. And it always will be.
This is the reason I find it so difficult to listen to much of modern mainstream music. Though, I suppose mainstream music has always been a bit repetitive. Just feels as though it has gotten worse.
Terrible cover.
Why the MLK interlude? Really? Tasteless


Mar 25, 2021
Hey dude, list has finally been posted, go and check it out, and thank you for participating :)
Mar 21, 2021
Hey, I’m glad that’s the case! I try to be as genuine on here as I can. I know that’s not really the standard.
I appreciate that too! I have been inching closer for awhile now.
Mar 21, 2021
That makes more than enough sense to me. You're by no means incorrect that many readers quickly skip to the score and don't actually take in the information, so I can very much see why you'd take that direction. I tend to look at my account on here as a personal journal of what I'm listening to and think less about how much people read what I write (given how ridiculously long my reviews tend to be, I expect most people don't read a lot to begin with) so that tends to be why I still include the rating. But I can totally respect the approach you take and definitely like the ethos of focusing on the writing aspect of what you're doing.

You're welcome, though! It definitely caught my eye and seemed worth understanding more. I appreciate the kind words as well, I've been floating around the site for a few years now so it's easy to eventually build up a pretty massive catalog of music I've dug into.
Mar 21, 2021
Any particular reason that you choose not to rate albums and focus on reviewing? I think it's a totally valid thing to do, mind you, just curious what the mindset is.
Mar 21, 2021
Hey! Thank you so much for your kind words, I really appreciate it!
Mar 20, 2021
its always nice to see a fellow sniper in these trying times :)
Mar 20, 2021
hi! hope ur having a great spring break!

im making a community list, and the main idea is "if albums were to be personified as people, which one would you most want to be friends with and why?" Thank You :)!
Mar 20, 2021
Thanks, I appreciate it :)
Mar 19, 2021
Thanks for following! Glad to have found your reviews, keep it up!
Mar 8, 2021
Hehe thanks.


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