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By any measure, The Big Day is a watershed moment—not just because Chance has so adeptly turned an industry on its head, but because it’s the zenith of an entire career spent demonstrating that when Chance raps, he raps from the heart.

Entertainment Weekly
A master lyricist, a musical omnivore, Chance and his family of producers and instrumentalists channel all the big emotions of the big day in a swirl of bliss, marital and otherwise.

Unlike other lengthy recent rap albums (*cough* Scorpion), The Big Day has enough ideas, sounds and flows to justify its vast breath. What's more: it finally gives us a glimpse at Chance's multitudes, letting us accompany him to the altar and the confessional, instead of restricting him to the pulpit.

The Line of Best Fit

It’s an introspective body of work, delivered by an extrospective figure who always has something to say about the state of the world we live in.


Occasional nearsighted lyrical perspectives and three or four excellent but inessential tracks keep The Big Day from quite reaching masterpiece status, but it's still the most grown up (and the most polished) rendering of Chance's eternally bright spirit in his catalog.

The Guardian

There’ll be some who listen to this debut album (whatever that term means any more) and hope for more invention and variation in his next steps, when the star’s til-death-do-us-part commitment to cheery, church-rap cutesiness begins to tire. For fans though, The Big Day will endure well past any seven-year itches.

Spectrum Culture

Not quite a classic, it’s nonetheless a welcome statement from one of the decade’s most important hip-hop artists.


It’s inconsistent and far from the perfection Chance probably has in him, and which the world somewhat unfairly expected from a first album.


Chance’s sprawling, 77-minute “debut” is an exuberant and often wonderful celebration of love and family that struggles to bring depth to his newlywed dad-raps.


Even with all its bright spots ... The Big Day still doesn’t do all that much, especially in the shadow of classics like Acid Rap and Coloring Book. The Big Day is one neverending dad joke.

Northern Transmissions

While the album definitely has some real high points, the whole endeavour may come off like a mixed bag depending on how much of a Chance fan you are.

NOW Magazine
On his first for-sale album, the Chicago rapper presents a bigger and slicker version of his nostalgic gospel-rap sound but buries it in excess

Stuffed with superfluous features, the Chicago rapper's 22-track debut studio album sags somewhat, but is almost saved by his infectiously optimistic outlook.

There are strong highlights across the set, despite this, the failure to be concise forms part of the force's biggest downfalls.
The Independent

The Big Day is like a lot of weddings: too long and occasionally a little dull – with one or two unforgettable moments.

Rolling Stone

The Big Day contains about as much tonal variation as a leather-bound wedding photo album.

Consequence of Sound

In addition to the album’s subjects being alienating, it also just ends up feeling resoundingly empty.


Even with its focus on beautiful life placeholders, musically it misses the mark to a great degree and fails to engage the listener across the whole of its offering.


If this is the big day Chance The Rapper has been waiting for, he's been saving up filler for years.


The Big Day will go down as one of the biggest disappointments in rap in recent memory, in no small part because Coloring Book was so great.


Some dude said this is the audio equivalent of walking thru a city and getting asked for a cig every 10 steps. That's really all that's needed to say.

UPDATE: Chance's singing and songwriting are actually album-ruining. This is terrible and gets even worse overtime.

The Big Day? More like the 🅱️ig Gay

Dude waited 5 full years since his XXL cover to release such a fucking garbage, uninteresting, boring to tears, patronising, cursed debut owbum.
Forget Baroness, this is THE disturbingly ... read more


EDIT 2 (original score 48): Holy fucking shit dude. This gets worse with every listen. Literally the only thing keeping me from deleting the first review and just writing a new one is that it’s my most liked review to date by a baker’s mile. So I guess I’ll just write it here to block it out and give you the revised version.

At first, I thought this album had ups and downs. Then I thought it was flat out boring. Now I think it’s one of the biggest drops in quality from ... read more


The Big Day is a painfully uninteresting project with some highlights (Do You Remember comes to mind) but, in the end, nothing here really does anything for me. It ranges from horrible (Hot Shower is SO SO SO BAD) to straight up decent, nothing really impressive but some likeable moments, which usually tend to be the most frenetic ones. I have to say the most uninteresting part of the project is Chance himself since his delivery in most of the tracks is so boring. Rarely I was entertained by ... read more


it was not his big day


I love my wife the album. Anyways, I forgot how many features were on here. Damn near every song has a feature, and it’s still not enough to save a single song. Everything about this was awful.


Fuck no.

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Added on: July 17, 2019